Which Nuna stroller is best for me?

Which Nuna stroller is best for me?

Nuna offers a variety of stroller models designed to fit your family's unique needs; there are six models currently available, the PEPP Next, TRVLTAVO Next, MIXX Next, TRIV, and Demi Grow.

Although Nuna originally only offered single strollers intended for one young child, starting with the compact PEPP and now including the TAVO, MIXX, TRIV, and TRVL, in 2018 Nuna introduced the convertible Demi Grow model as a flexible option for growing families! The best stroller (or strollers) for you will depend on factors like where you live, where you'll be taking the stroller, and your plans in the coming years. Read more about the benefits of each below, as well as popular product comparisons.

Nuna Stroller Series Comparison Video

Watch this video to see how each Nuna stroller compares in features, pricing, configurations, and more.

Nuna PEPP Next

Which Nuna stroller is best for me

Nuna's original stroller model, the PEPP Next is the best value if you are looking for a stroller compatible with the Nuna PIPA that is both affordable and functional. Just under $350, the PEPP Next includes car seat adapters needed to attach a Nuna PIPA series infant car seat, as well as a snack tray accessory as your child grows. It folds compactly and is lightweight at 21 pounds, but can still support a toddler up to 50 pounds!

Thanks to its durable and premium design, the PEPP Next can function well as your primary or secondary stroller. Key features include an adjustable-height handlebar with leatherette grip, an accessible storage basket, built-in suspension, an all-weather mesh seat back with seat liner, and three recline settings for the seat.

Unlike Nuna's larger, more full-featured strollers, the PEPP Next has a relatively small storage basket, small, forward-facing only toddler seat, and small wheels. In some situations you may prefer a stroller with heartier wheels, a taller toddler seat, and roomier storage space in stead of - or in addition to - the PEPP Next.

If you like the PEPP Next but want more versatility for a tall toddler or bumpy terrain, you may like the Nuna TAVO, and for an even lighter and more compact travel stroller, see the Nuna TRVL!


Which Nuna stroller is best for me?

Nuna's lightest weight and most compact fold yet, the TRVL lightweight travel stroller is still packed with features!

The TRVL may be best for you if you need a very lightweight stroller. Ideal for frequent travel, ease of carrying - like to and from your fifth floor walk up - or for saving trunk space, the TRVL weighs less than 14 pounds, and folds nearly as small as your carry on luggage with just the press of a button.

For use from birth, the TRVL is compatible with all of the Nuna PIPA series infant car seats without need for an adapter. Simply set the car seat overtop the stroller seat, and it locks onto the bumper bar.

If you love the no-adapter-needed car seat compatibility plus the one-handed fold of the TRVL, but need more storage space and all-terrain wheels, the TAVO Next may be just what you're looking for! If you love the lightweight style of the TRVL but wish the stroller seat were reversible or that you had the option to add a bassinet, consider the TRIV.

This video compares the Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRIV strollers:

Nuna TAVO Next

Which Nuna stroller is best for me

Similar to the PEPP Next, Nuna's TAVO Next model is a lightweight stroller designed for one child, and has a forward-facing only toddler seat. It can be used as a travel system with any Nuna PIPA series infant car seat without use of adapters by attaching the car seat over the included bumper bar, and the footrest can be raised to create an enclosed space while your child is napping.

Fold the stroller in one step, add a Nuna PIPA to make a travel system in just one click, and take advantages the roomy toddler seat has to offer, like a mesh all-season seat back, zip-out canopy extension for additional sun protection, and generous mesh canopy windows for ventilation. Weighing less than 24 pounds, the TAVO Next combines convenience with durability using all-wheel suspension, and sturdy, all-terrain tires made with foam-filled rubber.

The TAVO Next is ideal if you want a stroller with generous storage space for all your necessities, wheels equipped to handle a wide range of places you'll go from nature trails to city streets, and a stroller seat that can accommodate your child from birth until they no longer want to use a stroller! It's a great price point and has more storage space plus a larger toddler seat compared to the TRVL and PEPP Next, but does not have a reversible seat or bassinet option like Nuna's larger MIXX and Demi Grow stroller models.

Nuna MIXX Next

Which Nuna stroller is best for me

Sleek and sturdy, the Nuna MIXX Next is a full-featured stroller that is user-friendly, durable, and stylish, ready to transport your child from birth to toddlerhood and wherever your day takes you!

The Nuna MIXX Next is equipped to smoothly stroll over many types of terrain thanks to large, foam-filled tires, all-wheel suspension with a sturdy seat that supports up to 50 pounds, and lockable front wheels when you're on sand and other uneven surfaces. You and your baby will stroll in comfort, thanks to premium fabrics, leatherette handle and bumper bars, a mesh-back all weather seat with removable (and washable!) seat liner, a ventilated and expandable UPF 50+ sun canopy, and generous storage space under the seat, as well as a small storage pocket at the back of the stroller seat for keys or a phone.

Newborn ready, the MIXX Next can be used as a travel system with any Nuna PIPA series infant car seat using the ring adapter included with purchase of the stroller (also sold separately if misplaced). If you'll be using the MIXX Next with a newborn for longer outings, use the MIXX Series Bassinet on the stroller (or in the home, since it is approved for overnight sleeping). Before your infant becomes more mobile (can push up on hands and knees or crawl out), you can also use the reversible stroller seat for an infant by fully reclining the seat, and enclosing the footrest like so:

Which Nuna stroller is best for me?

As Nuna's most full-featured and versatile single stroller, the MIXX Next is an excellent choice for new parents, but it cannot turn into a double stroller or otherwise accomodate two children. For a growing family or for twins, see the convertible Nuna Demi Grow stroller! For a full-featured stroller that is also lightweight and compact, the Nuna TRIV is an excellent choice.


Which Nuna stroller is best for me

Nuna's lightest weight stroller model that still features a reversible seat and compatible bassinet, the Nuna TRIV is ready to stroll wherever you go, and boasts ultra-convenient features including a one-handed fold, innovative folding car seat or bassinet adapter, and one-handed attachment of any Nuna PIPA infant car seat to create an instant travel system.

Despite its travel-friendly features, the TRIV still looks and feels like a full-featured stroller, thanks to a reversible toddler seat with an adjustable calf support and one-handed recline, height-adjustable handlebar with leatherette grips, and a large storage basket. Like Nuna's other strollers, the TRIV toddler seat has a mesh seat back for warm weather, plus a seat liner with a plush twist - it's made with merino wool fabric that is breathable in hot and cold climates.

Ideal for city and suburban living where space and convenience is key, the TRIV is designed to help you transport your in comfort without sacrificing valuable space. If you often walk on bumpy terrain, the Nuna MIXX Next may be a better fit, and if you would prefer a stroller that grows as your family does, the Demi Grow is a great option to consider!

Nuna Demi Grow

Which Nuna stroller is best for me

Perfect for a growing family or parents expecting twins, the Nuna Demi Grow stroller is Nuna's only convertible, single-to-double stroller. Its smart design is ergonomic whether strolling with one or two children from the city to the suburbs and beyond!

With twenty-three possible configurations involving one or two stroller seats, infant car seats, or bassinets, the Demi Grow can be arranged in just the right way for your children. Since the main toddler seat and the second seat are identical and support up to 50 pounds, your older child can sit in either seat. If you use the stroller for your first child and baby number two comes along, you can also use the Demi Grow as a double stroller with an infant and toddler right out of the box without buying a second seat for a little while, by simply attaching a Nuna PIPA car seat in one position, with a toddler seat in the other.

The Demi Grow double stroller is a great option for twins since the stroller seats are identical (unlike many other tandem double strollers that have a smaller second seat), and it can accommodate two infant car seats and two bassinets for use with twins from birth.

By stacking the stroller seats so their weight is positioned over the rear axle of the stroller, the Demi Grow's design makes it ultra maneuverable, handy for getting over curbs and making quick turns. Sturdy, foam-filled tires plus adjustable suspension makes the Demi Grow Nuna's best all-terrain stroller. Unique features in the toddler seat include an extendable Sky Drape with ventilation for sun protection, a zip-away winter seat with mesh seat back behind, and a standing fold with leatherette covered grip for comfort when lifting the stroller.

The Nuna line of strollers is versatile enough to meet the needs of most families, and there are many similarities shared by all of Nuna's strollers, including premium fabrics, large sun canopies, mesh seat backs, and car seat compatibility. If you would like to compare one of Nuna's strollers with another model, our blog has several comparisons that are frequently requested.










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