Nuna PIPA Series Infant Car Seats: PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

Nuna PIPA Series Comparison: PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA RX vs. PIPA urbn | Infant Car Seat Review

Selecting the best and safest infant car seat for your newborn is a significant decision. Given the multitude of available options, this can be an overwhelming task especially for first-time parents. However, Nuna emerges as an industry leader in the realm of infant car seats. Parents seek specific features in their infant car seats, and Nuna delivers on all fronts: top-notch safety, lightweight design, flexible stroller compatibility, and free of chemical flame retardants. It's not surprising to see so many parents looking to Nuna for their infant car seat needs. While opting for Nuna may be a straightforward decision, determining the most suitable model among the three available may pose a challenge. Continue reading for a comprehensive comparison of Nuna's three infant car seat options to discern which one is the right fit for your newborn!

Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

The PIPA RX and PIPA aire RX come with the RELX base (pronounced like “relax”) included. The Relx base provides simple and swift installation along with best-in-class safety features. The RELX base offers four recline positions to customize the fit for both your baby and your vehicle. 

The PIPA aire RX, the top-of-the-line model, combines the best aspects of all (past and present) Nuna infant car seats: a light weight, RELX base, SKY Drape and European belt path for baseless installation. The PIPA aire RX also adds exclusive features like magnetic harness buckle holders.

Nuna PIPA aire RX

The Nuna PIPA urbn is the first baseless infant car seat model to have integrated rigid LATCH connectors that are ultra-sturdy with steel reinforcement. This model does not attach to an infant car seat base in the vehicle, and is only sold as a travel system with Nuna's most popular stroller models.

Nuna PIPA urbn


All three Nuna infant car seats offer leading safety technology, high-quality materials and compatibility with a wide range of strollers. Each model differs in its features, weight, price and installation options


Nuna PIPA Series Infant Car Seat Comparison Videos:



What are the differences between all of the Nuna PIPA models? Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn:

In this post, we’ll cover all the features of the Nuna PIPA car seats in detail. The chart below lays out the similarities and difference among the current models.

* Note that Nuna takes weight measurements without the canopy or infant insert, components that add about 1.5 pounds depending on the model.

Nuna Pipa Series Infant Car Seat Comparison Chart

*Nuna PIPA urbn is only available for purchase in a prepackaged Travel System with the Nuna MIXX Next, TRIV Next, and TRVL strollers. This model is not sold separately and prices vary between travel systems.

Installation differences: Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

Most infant car seats come with a base that stays in your vehicle, which allows you to simply click the car seat in and out. Both the Nuna PIPA RX and Nuna PIPA aire RX fall into this traditional infant car seat category. In contrast, the PIPA urbn is a baseless infant car seat. It does not come with a base included and is not compatible with any base.

Which Nuna PIPA infant car seats can be installed without the base? Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

The Nuna PIPA RX, PIPA aire RX, and PIPA urbn can all be installed with just the carrier and a seat belt using the European-style seatbelt installation. The option for a baseless install adds convenience for city families using public transportation and frequent travelers. All seats are FAA approved using this installation method.

If you live in an urban area, and solely rely on public transit, the PIPA urbn is the best baseless choice, as you have extra security with the pipaFIX anchors. 


Nuna PIPA with European Belt Path



 Nuna PIPA urbn installation:

The PIPA urbn uniquely features built-in, steel reinforced rigid LATCH connectors so you never need a base. Trying to install it somewhere without LATCH anchor points? No worries! You can also secure it with your vehicle seatbelt and use the European belt path as an alternative installation method.

Nuna PIPA Urbn

The Relx Base:

Both the Nuna PIPA RX and Nuna PIPA aire RX come with the RELX base included and therefore are installed the same way.

See the RELX base in the video below.



The RELX base installs in seconds, and includes the leading safety features in infant car seats: a steel load leg that stabilizes the seat in a collision, an anti-rebound plate, and rigid LATCH. 

It also offers features that help parents troubleshoot common installation problems while adding comfort for the baby, too. The side of the RELX base includes a button that reclines the seat to four different angles. Angles are labeled and color-coded: The first two positions are safe for a baby between 4-20 pounds, while the third and fourth positions can be used from 21-32 pounds, when your child has gained more head and neck strength.

The recline options serve two purposes: As your baby grows, they can sit slightly more upright, which may be more comfortable (especially for babies with issues like acid reflux). The adjustable recline also facilitates the perfect fit in any vehicle regardless of the slop of the vehicle seat. All recline positions have been crash-tested to ensure safety. 

Nuna PIPA Series Comparison: PIPA, PIPA RX, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R and PIPA Lite LX

Nuna PIPA Series Safety: Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

All Nuna PIPA series infant car seats are among the safest infant car seat models available in the US.

Nuna uses a steel-reinforced base that includes a load leg—a steel anchor that extends from the base of the car seat to the floor of your vehicle for additional stability.

Most of the infant car seats with load legs on the market are all rated "best" in crash protection by Consumer Reports. The organization found that a load leg reduces the risk of head injury by 46 percent, while Nuna says its steel load leg minimizes forward rotation during a crash impact by up to 90 percent.

Additionally, the Nuna Relx base and the PIPA urbn both include rigid (steel) LATCH connectors, which Nuna says is 50 percent stronger than the plastic LATCH connectors seen on most infant car seats.

Each Nuna model differs in the materials used to create the protective shell of the car seat. Like most infant car seats, the PIPA RX is made with EPS foam, which is not flexible.

The PIPA aire RX is made with a newer type of proprietary, lightweight foam called Aeroflex, a flexible EPP foam that compresses to absorb and diffuse energy away from the baby. While most car seats consist of the non-flexible foam inside a thick plastic shell, the thin plastic walls of the PIPA aire RX have been fused with foam to create a one-of-a-kind seat that's light yet strong. In this case a lighter weight does not result in any sacrifice of safety!

What Nuna PIPA infant car seat is the lightest? Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

If a new parent's No. 1 question about infant car seats is "Which is the safest?", then the No. 2 question is "Which is the lightest?"

The PIPA aire RX —can claim both titles.


Nuna PIPA aire RX


How much does each version of the Nuna PIPA weigh? Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

First, let's cover the disclaimer: The advertised weight of Nuna PIPA infant car seats does not include the canopy or infant insert. For all models, those components add about 1.5 pounds to the advertised weight

Here are the weights for each car seat:

Nuna PIPA RX vs. Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. Nuna PIPA urbn 

Which Nuna PIPA infant car seats feature the Sky Drape? Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

One signature element of  Nuna PIPA Series infant car seats is the Sky Drape, a piece of stretchy fabric that is integrated within the car seat canopy and stored away in a zipper pouch. When parents desire full coverage for their baby they can unzip to reveal the SKY DRAP which attaches to the end of the seat with magnets to provide sun protection and privacy. The Sky Drape also features ventilation panels and can be stored away when not in use. All three Pipa Series infant car seats feature the Sky Drape!

    Nuna PIPA vs. Nuna PIPA Lite vs. PIPA Lite LX Infant Car Seat Comparison


    Nuna PIPA Series Fabrics and Materials: Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

    All Nuna PIPA Series infant car seats are made with high-quality fabrics that are free of flame-retardant and PFAS chemicals. Models differ slightly based on their materials, and infant inserts.

     Nuna PIPA aire RX

    Do Nuna PIPA Series infant car seats come with an infant insert? Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

    Each Nuna infant car seat includes a removable infant insert that adds support for your newborn’s head, neck and body, but the materials used differ by model.

    The PIPA RX insert is made with an organic jersey fabric.

    The inserts on the PIPA aire RX and PIPA urbn have added benefits because they consist of merino wool TENCEL lyocell fiber blend fabric. In addition to being soft and environmentally-friendly, merino wool naturally helps regulate your baby's body temperature, keeping your baby warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather.

    Unique to the PIPA urbn model, the infant head support includes a 2-layer soft surround to accommodate smaller babies.

    The PIPA aire RX includes a second set of organic cotton inserts to use while the first set is in the wash.

    • PIPA RX: Organic jersey knit
    • PIPA aire RX: One merino wool/TENCEL set, one organic cotton set (2 sets)
    • PIPA urbn: One merino wool/TENCEL set, head support includes a 2-layer soft surround to accommodate smaller babies

    Do Nuna PIPA infant car seats contain flame retardant chemicals? Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

    All models in the Nuna PIPA series infant car seats are made with naturally fire-resistant materials that are GREENGUARD Gold certified.

    Nuna is GreenGuard Gold Certified with all their infant car seats

    The nonprofit Ecology Center's Healthy Stuff program found in a 2018 study that 80 percent of the car seats tested contained chemical additives that have been associated with a range of health effects and environmental concerns.

    While exposure to flame retardants has not been directly correlated with health conditions, some experts are concerned that chemicals in car seats can break down and allow children to touch or inhale harmful toxins. 

    What colors do Nuna PIPA series infant car seats come in? Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

    The Nuna PIPA Series comes in several (mostly) neutral colors that vary slightly by model. For current color choices, please visit the product pages:

    What strollers are compatible with Nuna PIPA series infant car seats? Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

    Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seats with Nuna Strollers

    All Nuna infant car seats are compatible with all Nuna strollers, as well as strollers from many other brands. 

    For Nuna strollers, car seat adapters are either included with your purchase, or in the case of the TAVO and TRVL, Nuna PIPA infant car seats are directly compatible and not needed. To connect a Nuna car seat to another brand's stroller, a car seat adapter must be purchased.

    *All discontinued models of Nuna PIPA infant car seats will also work with all Nuna strollers and adapters made for Nuna car seats.

     For a full list of strollers compatible with Nuna PIPA Series infant car seats refer >>>here 


    Nuna PIPA Series Past Models

    The original Nuna PIPA, Nuna PIPA Lite, Nuna PIPA Lite LX,  PIPA Lite R, and PIPA Lite RX models have been discontinued, however, these seats will still work with all Nuna strollers and with the same Nuna adapters for other brand strollers. They will also work with both the original PIPA base and the RELX base. Note that the PIPA Lite R and PIPA Lite LX cannot be installed without the base so they may not be ideal for travel or city dwellers who need to use ride shares often. 


    What is the Nuna PIPA Aire?

    As of May 2024, Nuna introduced a new addition to its infant car seat lineup: the Nuna PIPA Aire. Weighing in at a mere 6lbs, or 7.8lbs with the canopy and insert included, it currently stands as Nuna's lightest car seat. Crafted with Nuna's Aeroflex lightweight foam, the PIPA Aire boasts a SKY Drape and European belt path for enhanced convenience.

    However, unlike its counterparts, the PIPA Aire comes bundled with the original PIPA base rather than the newer RELX base. While the PIPA Aire base features a rigid latch installation and stability leg, it lacks the anti-rebound panel found in the RELX base. The upgraded RELX base offers multiple recline positions, ensuring a secure installation in any vehicle—a feature absent in the PIPA Aire base, potentially posing installation challenges in seats that aren't completely flat.

    For families prioritizing weight, the PIPA Aire presents an enticing option. The RELX base is available separately and compatible with the PIPA Aire, purchasing it offers the optimal blend of safety and ease of use.

    Which Nuna PIPA model is the best? Nuna PIPA RX vs. PIPA aire RX vs. PIPA urbn

    Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seats with Nuna Strollers

    Choosing the right car seat from the Nuna PIPA series involves considering several factors: weight, price, base or baseless.

    For parents in the suburbs, mainly in and out of their own vehicles, the conventional "click and go" method provided by the PIPA RX and PIPA aire RX with Relx base may be preferred. For families on-the-go navigating city life, the baseless PIPA urbn offers a quick baseless installation without sacrificing safety.

    Choosing between the PIPA RX or the lighter PIPA aire RX model comes down to weight. Does the weight really matter? Every parent may have a different answer- but with the added weight of baby, every ounce counts!

     No matter which of the PIPA version you choose, you'll be purchasing one of the safest, most innovative and most stylish infant car seats available.


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