Best of 2024

Every baby gear product is the best choice for someone—but not everyone. The best stroller for your globetrotting friend may not be the right fit for your suburban neighborhood, just like a car seat that works well in a minivan isn't likely to be suitable for the back of a sports car.

In these guides, Strolleria takes a look at the best strollers, best infant car seats and best convertible car seats in several categories, helping you find the options best-suited for your family's unique needs.

Best Strollers for this year 

Picking a stroller for the first time can be one of the hardest baby gear purchases you will make! With so many options out there, how do you choose? Click to read about our top strollers we recommend for parents who are new, traveling, or looking for something larger to expand your family!


Best Single to Double Strollers for this year 

For parents that love to plan ahead, a convertible stroller may be perfect for you! These strollers easily transform from single to double and back again as your needs change or family grows. Click to read about the top single to double strollers we recommend! 


Best travel strollers for the year 

Traveling with a baby is hard enough! These strollers make it a bit easier to navigate busy airports, public transportation, and tight spaces. Plus many of them fit in overhead bins so damaged strollers is a thing of the past. Click to read about our favorite travel strollers that will make your life easier! 


Best Jogging Strollers for the year 

Strollers designed for jogging make for a fantastic investment for parents leading an active lifestyle and seeking to involve their little ones in outdoor adventures! Consider these as your go-to adventure strollers! Click to read about our top jogging strollers!


Best Infant Car Seats for this year 

Selecting an infant car seat is one of the most important decisions you'll make prior to baby's arrival. We're here to help you through the process! Infant car seats are made to attach to strollers to create a travel system, and are portable and convenient to move from car to car. Click to read about the best infant car seats on the market!


Best Convertible Car Seats for the year 

After the infant car seat, your baby will graduate to their big kid car seat - the convertible car seat! Convertible car seats are larger and heavier than infant car seats and do not attach to strollers, but they will last your child a lot longer! Click to read about what convertible car seat may be the best fit for your car and your child! 


Best high chairs for the year

Meal times just got a lot more fun! Many high chairs can be used from birth (with attachments) so it's never too early to consider what high chair fits your needs as well as your home, best! Click to read about our best high chairs, many of which can grow with your child for many years.