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The new Nuna TRIV offers similar features to the best-selling Nuna MIXX—at a fraction of the size.

Like the MIXX, the TRIV has a reversible seat, ample storage space and easy car seat compatibility using Nuna's innovative ring adapter. Yet it manages to be 7 pounds lighter and significantly more compact than the MIXX, making it easier to carry and stash in your trunk.

But bigger is better in some ways: The MIXX is more versatile, offering more seating options and larger wheels for a smoother ride over any type of terrain.

Both strollers are available now at Strolleria, and the price difference between them is just $50.

So which is better: the Nuna TRIV or the Nuna MIXX? We'll review the differences between the two strollers, along with their pros and cons, in this comparison.

Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison

Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Video

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Debuting in October 2019, the TRIV is Nuna's lightest and most compact stroller to date—weighing less than 20 pounds, or just 14.6 pounds when using only the frame and car seat.

You'll only need one hand to fold the TRIV or to quickly attach a Nuna infant car seat using the included ring adapter (which folds in half, too).

The TRIV offers comfort features like an adjustable footrest and handlebar, a three-position recline, and a breathable merino wool insert that can be removed to reveal a mesh seatback.


A top seller for several years, the Nuna MIXX is a stylish yet sturdy stroller for all your outings, whether you're headed on an all-terrain adventure or just a stroll around the block.

Tough foam-filled wheels with all-wheel suspension allow the MIXX to tackle any terrain, while features like a five-position recline, adjustable handlebar and ventilated seatback add comfort for both parent and child.

The Nuna MIXX is simple to fold with the seat facing either direction and fabric protected. When folded, the stroller locks automatically and can be trolleyed for easy transport. 

Create a travel system by attaching an Nuna infant car seat using the included ring adapter, or create a comfy newborn stroller adding the MIXX bassinet, which is approved safe for overnight sleeping.

Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Price

The Nuna TRIV costs $50 more than the Nuna MIXX. Both strollers include the ring adapter, but the TRIV also includes a rain cover, which is sold separately for the MIXX for $39.95.

  • Nuna Triv: $699.95
  • Nuna MIXX: $649.95

Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Weight and Dimensions

The Nuna TRIV is more than 7 pounds lighter than the MIXX, thanks to its smaller, lighter wheels and reduced footprint.

The TRIV is also more compact for navigating tight spaces, with its reduced width of 3.5 inches and reduced length of 2.5 inches.

But the size difference is most noticeable when the two strollers are folded. The folded TRIV takes nearly 9 inches off the length of the folded MIXX—a big help for fitting the stroller into your trunk.

Stroller Weight

Note that product weights provided by Nuna do not include all components of the stroller. Excluded parts are listed below.

  • TRIV: 19.4 pounds (does not include seat insert, bumper bar or canopy)
  • MIXX: 27 pounds (does not include seat insert or bumper bar)

Weight Capacity

  • TRIV: 50 pounds
  • MIXX: 50 pounds


  • TRIV: 30.5-34.5"L x 20"W x 42-43.5"H
  • MIXX: 37"L x 23.5"W x 44"H

Folded Dimensions

  • TRIV: 25.3"L x 21"W x 17.5"H
  • MIXX: 34"L x 23.5"W x 18"H

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Wheels and Maneuverability

    If you're looking for a stroller to tackle tough terrain, the Nuna MIXX is your best bet. The MIXX has chunky wheels with all-wheel suspension, which help the stroller push through grass, gravel and snow.

    The TRIV also has all-wheel suspension as well as spring suspension underneath the seat to help absorb shock, but the rear wheels are significantly smaller than those on the MIXX. As a result, the TRIV is best-suited for neighborhood walks and errands rather than all-terrain uses.

    Both strollers feature foam-filled wheels. All wheels for the TRIV have a rubber exterior, while the MIXX has plastic wheels in the front and rubber rear wheels.

    Wheel Size

    • TRIV: 7" front wheels, 7.5" rear wheels 
    • MIXX: 7.5" front wheels, 11" rear wheels 

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Seat

    Like the MIXX and all other Nuna strollers, the TRIV seat features a removable seat insert that can be removed in warm weather to reveal a mesh back.

    Plus, the TRIV seat insert is made with merino wool, a natural fabric that helps to keep your child stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Merino wool also has bonus properties, like being soft, hypoallergenic and environmentally-friendly.

    Both strollers have a no-rethread harness that slides up and down, making adjustments fast and easy as your child grows taller.

    The TRIV seat is about 2 inches taller than the MIXX, providing a little extra headroom for a growing toddler, while the TRIV sits lower to the ground than the MIXX.

    Seat Size

    • TRIV: 21" from seat to canopy, 17" from seat to footrest
    • MIXX: 19" from seat to canopy, 17" from seat to footrest

    Seat Height

    • TRIV: 20" from floor to seat
    • MIXX: 22" from floor to seat

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Configurations

    Both the TRIV and MIXX have a reversible seat, which folds with the stroller regardless of the direction it's facing.

    The MIXX offers an additional option of attaching a bassinet, which can also be used inside your home (with or without the bassinet stand). No bassinets will fit the TRIV.

    Unlike car seats, which aren't safe for extended naps, the MIXX bassinet is approved for overnight sleeping, so it can be used at your bedside or weekend trips away. Plus, the bassinet offers more space and ventilation than a car seat, which tend to make babies hot.

    And while the TRIV offers three recline positions, the MIXX has five positions to help your child find a comfortable angle whether she's napping or exploring the world.

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison

    How to Fold Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX

    With the Nuna TRIV, you can use one hand to fold the stroller and the other to hold your baby. Folding the MIXX is simple, but you'll need both hands.

    How to Fold Nuna TRIV

    To fold the Nuna TRIV, first push the small button within the recline lever, then pull the lever to fold the seat into the frame.

    Simply pull up on the strap integrated into the frame, and the stroller instantly collapses.

    The TRIV ring adapter folds in half alongside the stroller, a feature not seen on any other Nuna strollers.

    Plus, the TRIV stands when folded so it's easier to pick up or lift into the car without bending over.

    How to Fold Nuna MIXX

    To fold the Nuna MIXX, first pull the lever on the back of the seat to fold it into the frame. Then pull the triggers on both side of the frame to lower it into place.

    The MIXX trolleys like a suitcase when folded. To unfold the MIXX, undo the lock and lift it back into place.

    The ring adapter also folds with the MIXX, but unlike the TRIV, the adapter itself does not fold.

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison

    Car Seats Compatible with Nuna TRIV and Nuna MIXX

    Both the Nuna TRIV and Nuna MIXX are compatible with Nuna's PIPA series of infant car seats using the ring adapter included with purchase.

    Learn about the differences between the three models in this Nuna PIPA vs. Nuna PIPA Lite vs. Nuna PIPA Lite LX comparison.

    With both the TRIV and MIXX, attaching a car seat to the stroller doesn't get much easier. You'll need only one hand to snap the car seat into the ring adapter and one hand to release the car seat by pressing a large button on the back.

    The ring adapter design is unique to Nuna, so neither the MIXX nor TRIV can be used with other brands of car seats.

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Colors and Fabrics

    Both strollers are made with soft fabrics and offer plenty of ventilation to keep kids comfortable in warm weather.

    In addition to ventilated seats (see Seats section above), both strollers offer additional ventilation on the sides of the canopy, as well as in a peek-a-boo window. The Nuna MIXX has an additional ventilated window that spans the back of the canopy.

    Both strollers are available in neutral colors to fit any palette. While both strollers are available in Caviar, the color is a solid black for the MIXX and a dark gray for the TRIV.

    The Nuna TRIV is available in these colors:

    • Caviar
    • Frost

    The Nuna MIXX comes in these colors:

    • Caviar 
    • Granite
    • Birch

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Accessories

    Accessories help customize your stroller for the weather or the age of your child. Currently, Nuna offers far more accessories for the MIXX than the TRIV (we'll update this post if new accessories become available).

    The TRIV comes with a rain cover to protect your child from the elements. Otherwise, the only TRIV accessory is the universal travel bag that fits all Nuna strollers. 

    More accessories are available for the Nuna MIXX, including:

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Benefits and Drawbacks

    So which is better: the Nuna TRIV or the Nuna MIXX? Only you can decide which stroller is best for your family, but here are the benefits and drawbacks we see.

    Nuna TRIV


    • Weighs 7+ pounds less than MIXX and has a smaller footprint
    • Reduced length of 9" when folded is easier to store than MIXX
    • Fast fold with one hand, compared to two hands for MIXX
    • Stroller stands when folded and has leather carry handle for easier carrying and lifting into the car
    • Ring adapter also folds in half like the stroller does
    • Seat insert is merino wool for added breathability


    • Smaller wheels are more difficult to maneuver over uneven surfaces
    • Costs $50 more than MIXX
    • Does not offer bassinet option
    • Offers three recline positions, compared to five for MIXX
    • Lacks accessories like cup holder and snack tray
    • Narrow width in the rear of the stroller may impede the stride of taller parents

    Nuna MIXX


    • Larger, tougher wheels with all-wheel suspension provide a smoother, easier push over rough terrain
    • Storage basket offers more space for diaper bag and necessities
    • Can be used with a bassinet that's also safe for overnight sleeping and travel
    • Offers five recline positions, compared to three for TRIV
    • Offers more color choices and accessories
    • Costs $50 less than the TRIV
    • Can be trolleyed when folded


    • Weighs 7 pounds more than TRIV and is longer and wider, especially when folded
    • Requires bending to the ground to pick up
    • Does not stand when folded and does not have carry handle
    • Requires two hands to fold
    • Ring adapter folds while attached to the stroller but does not fold in half


    The choice between the Nuna TRIV and the Nuna MIXX may be one between convenience and versatility.

    The TRIV is more convenient because it's lighter and more compact than the MIXX. If you're always on the go, you'll value the TRIV for its one-handed fold and easier carrying. And if your strolls are typically limited to errands and neighborhood walks, you may not mind that the TRIV wheels are small and not as rugged than those on the MIXX.

    The MIXX is the better choice for families who often embark on long walks or encounter rough terrain, like grass, gravel, sand and snow. The MIXX provides a smoother ride, thanks to its larger, tougher wheels. Plus, the stroller offers more storage and more seating options with its bassinet compatibility and added recline positions.


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