Best High Chairs of 2024

Best High Chairs of 2024

A high chair may not be high on the priority list of expecting parents, however, it’s a good idea to research them before the baby comes because many can be used from birth with attachments! Plus, before you know it, you’re little one will be ready to start their feeding journey!

A high chair not only provides a safe and comfortable space for your child to enjoy meals, but also fosters independence and promotes healthy eating habits. Plus, it includes them in mealtime (even if they're not quite ready to eat yet!). 

In this article we will look at some of the most popular high chairs on the market:

Also, be sure to check out our YouTube video to get an up close view of all of these options!


Stokke Tripp Trapp

In 1972, Stokke launched the Tripp Trapp, its first and best-selling high chair that supports your child properly as they grow—while also bringing tasteful style to your well-decorated home. Since then, Stokke has sold more than 11 million chairs worldwide!

The wooden high chair fits both your child and your decor, bringing baby to the dining table to enjoy their first meals alongside the rest of the family.

Adjust the height of the chair's seat and foot plates to provide proper ergonomics, and adapt the chair to your child's needs as she grows. Start using the chair with an infant by attaching the Newborn Set (sold separately) before converting the Tripp Trapp to a high chair with optional tray, harness (“baby set”), and cushion if desired. When your child no longer needs the harness, the Tripp Trapp becomes a regular wooden chair that can even support a grown adult, holding up to 242 pounds!

Tripp Trapp different phases

Stokke Tripp Trapp Specifications

  • Product weight: 15.4 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 19.3"L x 18.11"W x 31.1"H
  • Materials: Wood
  • Warranty: 7 years on wooden components

 Tripp Trapp baby getting fed

Stokke Tripp Trapp Colors

The Stokke Tripp Trapp comes in a wide array of colors to match your home decor and style! Plus, the cushions have fun prints you can add as well!

For current colors of the Tripp Trapp, click here.

For current colors / prints of the Tripp Trapp cushion, click here.

Tripp Trapp colors


Stokke Tripp Trapp Price

You can purchase the Stokke Tripp Trapp in a bundle with the baby set, cushion, and tray, by itself, or add accessories a la carte - whatever fits the age and needs of your child.

For current pricing of the Tripp Trapp in all different set ups, click here.

For current pricing of the Tripp Trapp Newborn Set, click here. 

Stokke Tripp Trapp Benefits 

  • Adjustable seat and foot plate provide proper ergonomics and promotes better digestion and safety when eating
  • Able to support a 242-pound adult
  • Looks like a regular dining chair that can be used at your table for years to come
  • Has a wide range of color and accessory options to suit your style and needs
  • Can be used with an infant by attaching the Newborn Set, sold separately
  • Made of high-quality European beech wood with 7-year warranty

Stokke Tripp Trapp Drawbacks

  • Requires assembly with provided tools
  • Baby set is smaller than other Stokke high chairs (Steps or Clikk)
  • Does not adjust to counter height 

Stokke Clikk

The Stokke Clikk brings Scandinavian design to a chair that's easy to clean, quick to assemble and more affordable than Stokke's other high chairs.

Weighing only 8 pounds, the Clikk simplifies travel and installation, offering a tools-free assembly that involves only a few simple clicks. While the Clikk can't be used for a newborn or an adult like Stokke's other chairs, it can be used with or without the Baby Set support and tray from baby's first meal through toddlerhood. 

Stokke Clikk high chair with baby getting fed 

Stokke Clikk Specifications

  • Product weight: 8.3 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 27.2”L x 32.5”H x 22.1”W
  • Suitable for age: 6 months - 3 years
  • Suitable for weight: 15 pounds - 33 pounds

Stokke Clikk Colors

The Stokke Clikk comes in beautiful colors to match your home decor!

For current colors of the Clikk, click here.

For current colors of the Clikk optional cushion, click here.

 Showing 4 different Stokke Clikk colors

Stokke Clikk Price

The Stokke Clikk comes with everything you need to use it with your 6 month old baby - the harness and tray included! However, you can also purchase an optional cushion to make it even comfier!

For current pricing of the Clikk, click here. 

Stokke Clikk Benefits 

  • Most affordable Stokke high chair
  • Can be assembled in three simple clicks, without the use of tools
  • Clikk is lighter than other high chairs and can be disassembled for storage and travel
  • Chair purchase includes tray and baby set

Stokke Clikk Drawbacks

  • Has the shortest lifespan of Stokke high chairs, with use up to around age 3 (or 33 pounds)
  • Does not have options for use with newborns or older kids
  • Fewer color and accessory options than other Stokke chairs
  • Seat height is not adjustable like Tripp Trapp 

Stokke Steps

The Stokke Steps adapts to your child's needs along the many steps of her development.

Attach the Steps Bouncer (sold separately) to the chair to bring a newborn to the table, or use the bouncer independently to rock baby on the floor. Once your child is ready for a high chair, the Steps includes an adjustable foot plate and an adjustable backrest with two depth options for support through toddlerhood. Remove the Baby Set and optional tray for a step stool like chair that your child can use for years to come! It can hold up to 180 pounds! You can customize your Steps by choosing the seat color, chair legs, cushion, and tray. 

Two children in Stokke Steps chairs around a table 

Stokke Steps Specifications

  • Product weight: 10.1 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 24" L x 16.9" W x 27.9" H
  • Suitable for age: 6 months to 3 years with Baby Set (up to 180 pounds without)
  • Warranty: 3 years

Stokke Steps Colors

The Stokke Steps comes in beautiful neutral colors to match your style and home.

For current colors of the Steps, click here.

For current colors of the Steps optional cushion, click here. 

Stokke Steps Price

You can purchase the Stokke Steps in a bundle with the baby set and tray, by itself, or add accessories a la carte - whatever fits the age and needs of your child.

For current pricing of the Steps in all different set ups, click here.

For current pricing of the Steps Bouncer, suitable for newborns both on the ground and in the chair, click here.

All the different phases of the Stokke Steps High Chair

Stokke Steps Benefits 

  • Offers three stages of use: with a bouncer for a newborn, as a high chair and as a stepstool-like chair for an older child
  • Steps Bouncer can attach to chair or be used on the floor independently
  • Baby set has two depth options to provide more space as your child grows
  • Foot plate is adjustable to properly support your child as she grows
  • Customizable color options for the seat, chair legs, cushion and tray

Stokke Clikk Drawbacks

  • Most expensive of Stokke’s high chair options
  • Seat height is not adjustable like Tripp Trapp or others
  • Chair has smaller seat and lower weight limit than Tripp Trapp

Stokke Nomi

Designed by world-renowned designer Peter Opsvik - the same designer that designed the Stokke Tripp Trapp - the Nomi by Stokke has beautiful rounded organic contours, influenced by Scandinavian design. The Nomi is designed for children approximately 6-24 months old, that seamlessly adjusts without tools, and easily transforms to the Nomi Chair to grow with your child through toddlerhood, the teenage years and beyond. It can hold an adult up to 330 pounds!

The Nomi High Chair is easy to clean, one of the top requirements many parents have when looking for a high chair! Its sleek design doesn’t trap food and Nomi is very lightweight, making cleanup a breeze - you can even hang it on the table edge to clean underneath!

Much like a protective arm around your child, the Stokke Nomi Baby Set offers your baby comfort and support as they’re learning to sit while still allowing them freedom of movement. When your child outgrows the High Chair, simply remove the restraint and harness and you have the Nomi Chair so your child is always in the most comfortable & ergoNOMIc position until they’re big enough to fit properly in an adult chair.

Grandma with child in Nomi high chair 

Stokke Nomi Specifications

  • Product weight: 13 pounds
  • Dimensions: 26" x 21" x 33”
  • Weight capacity: 330 pounds

Stokke Nomi Colors

The Stokke Nomi comes in a wide array of colors to match your decor!

For current colors of the Nomi, click here.

For current colors of the optional Nomi Newborn Set that attaches to the chair, click here. 

Stokke Nomi Price

For current pricing of the Stokke Nomi with optional accessories, click here.

For current pricing of the Stokke Nomi Newborn Set, click here.

Two children on Nomi high chairs

Stokke Nomi Benefits 

  • Lightweight and designed to limit trapping food
  • Easy to clean
  • The seat and footrest seamlessly adjust as your child grows, with no tools required
  • Once your child has outgrown the high chair, the restraint and harness easily remove so your child can continue using the chair
  • Has an optional Newborn Set for use from birth

Stokke Nomi Drawbacks

  • Does not adjust to counter height
  • Requires assembly with provided tools 


The Nuna ZAAZ high chair is one of the easiest high chairs to clean thanks to its chic yet durable design. It is designed without crevices to repel crumbs and disassembles for easy dishwasher cleaning. The ZAAZ can even be hosed down after mealtime!

Even with the chair’s minimalist design, the Nuna ZAAZ offers a padded, comfortable seat for your child. A lift mechanism raises the chair so that your little one can join the rest of the family at the table. The ZAAZ can support up to 220 pounds, and grows with your child throughout their entire childhood!

Baby being fed in the Nuna ZAAZ 

Nuna ZAAZ Specifications

  • Product weight: 23 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 34.25"H x 17.75"W x 25.75”L
  • Weight Limit: when child can sit up unaided to 220 pounds
  • Tray height: 26 to 29 inches

Nuna ZAAZ Colors

The Nuna ZAAZ high chair comes in neutral colors that can compliment almost any decor style!

For current colors of the ZAAZ, click here.

Nuna ZAAZ Price

For current pricing of the Nuna ZAAZ, click here.

Baby eating watermelon in her Nuna ZAAZ

Nuna ZAAZ Benefits 

  • Extremely easy to clean; can even hose it off
  • No-crevice design to repel crumbs
  • Features MagneTech Secure Snap, a self-guiding magnetic buckle that automatically locks into place - the three or five-point harness is removable
  • Extra roomy tray
  • Evolves from high chair for baby to big-kid chair
  • Removable plastic components are dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a comfortable cushion

Nuna ZAAZ Drawbacks

  • No optional newborn attachment
  • On the heavier side for high chairs
  • Cannot adjust to counter height
  • Cannot adjust foot plate


Peg Perego Siesta

The popular Peg Perego Siesta high chair is ultra-portable, adjustable, and reclinable - allowing your child to sit upright for mealtime and recline comfortably for a “siesta.” It’s made in Italy with soft Prima Classe (or first class) fabric that wipes clean with a damp cloth.

The Siesta grows with your child from birth thru toddlerhood with its five seat recline positions, nine height positions, and three footrest positions. The Siesta is one of the only high chairs you can use from birth without any additional purchase!

Another great feature of the Siesta is that it does sit higher than other high chairs and can sit closer to counter height. It also features floor-friendly caster wheels and a compact fold that allows for easy roll-away storage when not in use!

Mom feeding baby in the Siesta high chair

Peg Perego Siesta Specifications

  • Product Dimensions (Folded): 11.66” x 33.66”
  • Product Dimensions (Unfolded): 29.16” x 23.5” x 41.16”
  • Product Weight: 23 pounds
  • Weight Limit: 45 pounds

Peg Perego Siesta Colors

The Peg Perego Siesta comes in neutral colors or choose to add a pop of color with one of their fun color options!

For current colors of the Siesta, click here

Peg Perego Siesta Price

The Peg Perego Siesta comes with everything you need to use from birth thru toddlerhood.

For current pricing of the Peg Perego Siesta, click here.

 Family gathered around baby eating in Siesta high chair

Peg Perego Siesta Benefits 

  • Five reclining positions provide ultimate comfort and make it suitable for newborn, baby and toddler
  • Nine different height positions keeps your child comfortable as she grows
  • Three-position adjustable footrest
  • Folds compactly for easy storage when not in use
  • Practical rubber storage net on the seat back to keep bibs, utensils, and toys within reach
  • Stain resistant, durable, wipeable, and easy to remove upholstery
  • Includes dishwasher-safe tray liner
  • Wheels allow you to easily move the high chair between rooms
  • Sits higher for closer to counter height tables

Peg Perego Siesta Drawbacks

  • Lower weight limit of 45 pounds
  • Cannot turn into a chair after like some of the other high chairs 

Cybex LEMO 2

The Cybex LEMO 2 3-in-1 High Chair features intuitive design with clean and minimalist lines - a beautiful, long-lasting furniture piece that also meets all of your child’s needs. The LEMO 2 offers a versatile choice that grows with your baby and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

From birth, your baby can enjoy the LEMO 2 Bouncer (additional purchase) on the floor or elevated off the ground on top of the LEMO 2. At 6 months, your baby can use the Baby Set and Snack Tray to make mealtime a breeze. As your child grows through toddlerhood, simply remove the accessories to transform the Cybex LEMO into an everyday chair that can be enjoyed from ages 3 to 99! The LEMO holds up to 209 pounds!

Three kids in different stages in their Cybex LEMO chairs

Cybex LEMO 2 Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 22” D x 21.5” W x 32.1” H
  • Product Weight: 20.5 pounds
  • Weight Limit: 208 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years 

Cybex LEMO 2 Colors

The Cybex LEMO 2 comes in beautiful colors to fit into your home decor and style!

For current colors of the LEMO 2, click here.

Cybex LEMO 2 Price

The Cybex LEMO 2 is offered as a set with the baby set and snack tray or by itself.

For current pricing of the Cybex LEMO 2 High Chair 3-in-1, click here.

For current pricing of the Cybex LEMO 2 Bouncer for newborns, click here.

 Three kids in the kitchen and two are in the Cybex LEMO chairs

Cybex LEMO 2 Benefits 

  • Anti-tip wheels stabilize seat and provides portability
  • Easily adjust the seat in seconds using one hand
  • A timeless chair that grows with your child up to 209 pounds
  • Multiple seating and foot plate positions making it comfortable as your child grows 
  • Newborn option available for purchase

Cybex LEMO 2 Drawbacks

  • Requires (simple) assembly with provided screws
  • Less color options than some other high chairs
  • Does not adjust to counter height

Bugaboo Giraffe

With five seating solutions in one, the Bugaboo Giraffe high chair combines sustainable, quality materials with expert Dutch craftsmanship to create a durable chair for all ages. The Giraffe can be wiped down with a cloth, while the tray is dishwasher safe and the fabrics are machine washable.

The Bugaboo Giraffe grows with your baby from birth with the optional Newborn Set that can be used on the Rocker attachment on the floor or clipped directly onto the Giraffe. Once your baby is ready for the high chair, you can use the baby set with optional tray. Once your child is around 3 and can sit on their own, you can use the Giraffe as a place to sit up to 220 pounds!

Built with eco-friendly materials, the Bugaboo Giraffe is crafted from European beechwood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainability, while all plastic parts are made from ISCC certified bio-based materials. This means the Bugaboo Giraffe’s CO2 footprint is 61% lower than if it was made using conventional plastics.

 Child in the Bugaboo Giraffe high chair surrounded by parents at the table

Bugaboo Giraffe Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 23.2” L x 21.1” W x 30.1” H
  • Product Weight: 14 pounds
  • Weight Limit: 220 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years

Bugaboo Giraffe Colors

The Bugaboo Giraffe comes in pleasing neutral colors to fit into any home!

For current colors of the Bugaboo Giraffe, click here.

Bugaboo Giraffe Price

The Bugaboo Giraffe is offered as a complete set with baby set and tray, and you can choose to add additional accessories.

For current pricing of the Bugaboo Giraffe, click here.

For current pricing of the Bugaboo Giraffe Newborn Set, click here.

 Baby eating in Bugaboo Giraffe

Bugaboo Giraffe Benefits 

  • Adaptable to every age and stage of your child’s growth
  • Both the seat and footrest are easily adjustable in one second
  • Weight capacity of 220 pounds
  • A very eco-friendly choice
  • Lightweight

Bugaboo Giraffe Drawbacks

  • Less color options compared to other high chairs
  • Does not adjust to counter height 

guzzie+Guss Perch

The amazingly portable guzzie+Guss Perch hanging high chair is quite different than all the rest. It weighs only 5 pounds and provides a seat at just about any table, anywhere! It’s a space saver at home and yet folds up easily for travel, restaurants, or storage. A handy bag is also included with purchase making travel or storage a breeze.

The guzzie+Guss Perch has an extremely high comfortable backrest (14”) that provides support to your baby as they grow. You can use the Perch from around 4-6 months until your child reaches the 37 pound weight capacity. The best part - a dining table isn’t even needed, as it’s super to easy to use on your countertop or island bar!

 baby in guzzie+Guss Perch high chair

guzzie+Guss Perch Specifications

  • Child age: 4 months +
  • Weight capacity: 37 pounds
  • Seat dimensions: 14" H x 8.5" D x 11" W
  • Highchair weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Materials used: steel frame, machine washable 300 D polyester fabric
  • Maximum opening: 3.75 in
  • Minimum opening: 0.6 in

guzzie+Guss Perch Colors

The Perch comes in neutrals and fun pops of color!

For current colors of the guzzie+Guss Perch, click here.

guzzie+Guss Perch Price

The Perch is the most affordable option of this list!

For current pricing of the Perch, click here.

baby in guzzie+Gus Perch high chair

guzzie+Guss Perch Benefits 

  • Less than 5 pounds
  • Great for minimal spaces, travel, and restaurants
  • Perfect for families who use the kitchen island or bar for mealtime
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Tall backrest for padded comfort and support
  • 5-point harness keeps your escape artist secure
  • Bumper pad keeps child away from table edges and helps keep food off the floor
  • Hidden seat pocket keeps harness straps out of the way when lowering your child into the seat
  • Very affordable

guzzie+Guss Perch Drawbacks

  • May not fit all tables
  • Maxes out at 37 pounds (roughly 3 years old)
  • No tray option
  • No newborn option



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