Mom pushing child in Nuna TRVL lx and mom pushing child in Nuna TRIV Next

Nuna TRVL Series vs. Nuna TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

If you've narrowed the field from hundreds of models to a lightweight Nuna stroller, you've made a good decision—but you still have multiple choices to consider.

Nuna offers three lightweight strollers—the ultra-compact Nuna TRVL, the Nuna TRVL lx that combines features you would find on a full-size option, yet with the same compact fold of the TRVL, and the full-featured Nuna TRIV Next—all of which weigh under 19 pounds.

The Nuna TRVL series and TRIV Next make for a close comparison: At first glance, they look similar and even sound similar. And both are marketed for travel, with Nuna calling the TRIV Next an "everyday travel companion," while the TRVL is, well, literally named for "travel."

But look more closely, and many differences emerge: The TRIV Next offers more features for everyday use, like a reversible seat and bassinet option, while the lighter and more compact TRVL models are truly designed primarily for trips and errands.

We'll review all the differences between the Nuna TRVL Series and Nuna TRIV Next in this comparison.

Product pages of TRVL lx, TRVL, and TRIV Next

Nuna TRVL vs. TRIV Video

This video compares the original TRIV model, not the TRIV Next, with the TRVL. The TRIV Next is 18.5 pounds versus the TRIV 19.4 pounds, and has significant improvement to the frame and wheels for better maneuverability. Plus it has a magnetic buckle now. Let's take a look at the original TRIV versus TRVL. It's still useful to see the differences as these differences still exist:

Nuna TRVL Series

True to its name, Nuna's lightest and most compact stroller is specifically designed for life on the go. The TRVL weighs less than 14 pounds (TRVL lx is 14.6 pounds), fits all Nuna infant car seats without the need for adapters, and even folds automatically with the press of a button—because when you're traveling with a baby, you need all the help you can get.

See the TRVL and TRVL lx in the video below.

Nuna TRIV Next

As an "everyday travel companion," the Nuna TRIV Next may not be as compact as other travel strollers. But it's still much smaller and lighter than most full-sized strollers—with most of the same features, like a reversible seat, one-handed fold and compatibility with a bassinet.

Meet the TRIV Next in the video below.

Nuna TRVL Series vs. Nuna TRIV Next Price 

With its extra features like a reversible seat, the Nuna TRIV Next costs more than the TRVL models.

The TRVL models come with a carry bag, while the TRIV Next includes a car seat adapter (which isn't needed for the TRVL models) and and a rain cover (sold separately for the TRVL models).

For current pricing, please visit the product pages:

Man carrying TRVL with luggage and woman walking down stairs with TRIV Next

Nuna TRVL Series vs. Nuna TRIV Next Weight and Dimensions 

The Nuna TRVL / TRVL lx and TRIV Next are about the same size—until you fold them or lift them. 

The TRVL models are at least 4 pounds lighter than the TRIV Next, as well as a smaller package, making it a more convenient option for carrying up stairs or stashing in the trunk of your car.

Neither the TRIV Next nor TRVL series are compact enough to meet most airline carry-on standards, but the TRVL models are designed for gate-checking, as they comes with a protective carry bag. And they may fit in some overhead bins on larger airplanes. We recommend always checking with your airline before travel.

The TRIV Next has a longer footwell and seatback than the TRVL models, helping to accommodate an older child, although the TRVL strollers have a few extra inches between the seatback and top of the canopy.

The seats for both the TRVL models and TRIV Next can be used for the same length of time, from 6 months until your child reaches approximately 50 pounds.

Recommended Use

  • Nuna TRVL Series: 6 months to 45" in height or 50 pounds (from birth with car seat)
  • Nuna TRIV Next: 6 months to 45" in height or 50 pounds (from birth with car seat or bassinet)

Stroller Weight

Nuna weighs both strollers without the inclusion of the canopy or bumper bar. You'll need the bumper bar when attaching a car seat to the TRVL series.

  • Nuna TRVL: 13.6 pounds
  • Nuna TRVL lx: 14.6 pounds
  • Nuna TRIV Next: 18.5 pounds


    • Nuna TRVL: 32.5"L x 20.25"W x 44"H
    • Nuna TRVL lx: 32" L x 21" W x 45.5" H
    • Nuna TRIV Next: 37"L x 22.5"W x 42-43.5"H

    Folded Dimensions

    • Nuna TRVL: 11"L x 20.25"W x 24"H
    • Nuna TRVL lx: 13"L x 21"W x 28"H 
    • Nuna TRIV Next: 24"L x 22.5"W x 15"H

    Seat Size

    • Nuna TRVL: 16.5" from seat to top of backrest, 15" from seat to footrest
    • Nuna TRVL lx: 16.5" from seat to top of backrest, 15" from seat to footrest
    • Nuna TRIV Next: 20.5" from seat to top of backrest, 17" from seat to footrest

    Wheel Size

    • Nuna TRVL: 6" front wheels, 6.5" rear wheels
    • Nuna TRVL lx: 6.5" front wheels, 8.5" rear wheels
    • Nuna TRIV Next: 7" front wheels, 9" rear wheels

    Basket Weight Capacity

    • Nuna TRVL: 10 pounds
    • Nuna TRVL lx: 10 pounds
    • Nuna TRIV: 10 pounds

    Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRIV Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRVL Series vs. Nuna TRIV Next Features and Configurations

    The Nuna TRIV Next has more features and configurations than the Nuna TRVL Series, offering the functionality of a full-sized stroller at a reduced size.

    The seat on the TRIV Next is reversible, allowing your baby to face you when you'd like to keep an eye on her and face forward when she's older and ready to explore.

    You can't reverse the seat on the TRVL, so your child will always face forward. And you also can't remove the seat, so you'll need to attach your infant car seat on top of the stroller seat.

    Because the TRIV Next seat is removable, you can attach your car seat directly to the frame for a cleaner look and less bulkiness. 

    Nuna also offers a TRIV bassinet that's overnight-safe and allows your infant to lie flat—an option that's not available for the TRVL models.

    Both strollers also share a number of features, including:

    • An adjustable calf support that allows your child to stretch their legs 
    • A no-rethread harness that helps with easier adjustments as your child grows
    • A magnetic buckle that makes it a snap to harness your child
    • An extendable canopy for full sun coverage with ventilated peek-a-boo window
    Couple at airport with child in TRVL and woman loading car seat onto TRIV Next outside a car

    How to Fold Nuna TRVL Series vs. Nuna TRIV Next

    You can fold both strollers with one hand while you hold your baby, and both stand when folded so you don't have to reach to the ground when lifting.

    The TRVL Series wins for easiest fold—it actually folds by itself when you press and slide a button on the handlebar. When you release the button, the stroller completes the fold automatically. You can carry the TRVL by its bumper bar.

    The TRIV Next contains an elastic strap that serves as both the folding mechanism and carry strap. If the seat is attached, you'll need to fold it down before lifting up on the strap to fold the frame. The car seat adapter also folds with the stroller.


    nuna triv vs trvl

    Car Seats Compatible with Nuna TRVL Series and Nuna TRIV Next

    Both the Nuna TRIV Next and Nuna TRVL Series are among the easiest strollers to use with an infant car seat, but the seats attach in different ways.

    The TRVL models do not require adapters, as the car seat fits on top of the seat, locking against the bumper bar.

    While the TRIV Next needs an adapter, which is included with purchase of the stroller, it's almost as easy to use as a travel system. The adapter is ring-shaped, allowing you to drop the car seat on top for an instant connection. 

    Both strollers are only compatible with Nuna's PIPA series of infant car seats and won't fit any other brands. See the differences between Nuna PIPA models in this comparison.

    Because the TRIV Next seat is removable, you can attach the car seat directly to the frame for a cleaner look. The TRVL models come with seat fabrics and canopy attached, so you'll have to attach the car seat on top or disassemble the fabrics.

    Car Seats Compatible with Nuna TRVL Series

    • Nuna PIPA series (no adapters required)

    Car Seats Compatible with Nuna TRIV Next

    • Nuna PIPA series (with included adapter)
    Nuna TRVL lx with a PIPA on top and Nuna TRIV Next with a PIPA on top

    Nuna TRVL Series vs. Nuna TRIV Next Accessories

    Nuna offers a few accessories for both stroller models and includes some with purchase, too. 

    The TRIV Next comes with a rain cover, while the TRVL Series comes with a carry bag to protect your stroller at the airport or on a road trip.

    Nuna TRVL Series Accessories

    Nuna TRIV Next Accessories

    Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRIV Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRVL Series vs. Nuna TRIV Next Colors and Materials

    The high-quality materials on both the TRVL Series and TRIV Next are similar, with a couple of differences.

    While both strollers have a ventilated peek-a-boo window in the canopy, only the TRIV Next offers ventilation in the seat back when you remove an optional seat insert. The TRVL's seatback isn't ventilated, but it has a ventilation panel between the canopy and seat.

    Both strollers come with leatherette handlebars and bumper bars and are offered in two colors, in keeping with Nuna's neutral-focused line.

    For color options visit the product pages:

    TRVL Series

    TRIV Next 

    Nuna TRVL Series vs. Nuna TRIV Next Pros and Cons

    So which stroller is better: the Nuna TRVL Series or the Nuna TRIV Next? Only you can decide which is best for your family, but here are the benefits and drawbacks we see.

    Nuna TRVL Series


    • Folds by itself with one-handed motion 
    • Costs less than the TRIV Next
    • Weighs at least 4 pounds less than TRIV Next and folds more compactly for trips and trunks
    • Does not require adapters to attach Nuna infant car seats


    • Does not have reversible or removable seat
    • Does not have bassinet option
    • Does not have ventilated seat back like TRIV Next

    Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRIV Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV Next


    • Reversible seat allows child to face forward or face parent
    • Removable seat can be replaced with bassinet or car seat
    • Bassinet, sold separately, can be used for overnight sleeping
    • Seat insert can be removed for mesh seatback on warm days


    • Costs more than the TRVL models
    • Requires adapters to attach infant car seat
    • Weighs 4+ pounds more than TRVL, with a larger footprint
    Basket of TRIV Next


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