Is the Nuna REVV FAA approved?

Is the Nuna REVV FAA approved?

Despite its convenient, true 360 degree rotating design that's ergonomic for daily use, the REVV rotating convertible car seat is not FAA approved.

Since you won't be able to bring the REVV with you on the plane for the next flight with baby, does that mean you shouldn't travel with the Nuna REVV?

Not at all! Convertible car seats are typically much larger and heavier than the more portable infant car seat you may have brought on a plane with you before. Larger convertible and all-in-one car seats can be a hassle to carry down narrow airplane aisles or install once you get to your seats.

To bring your beloved convertible car seat along, check your Nuna REVV car seat before boarding the plane, and consider alternative options to keep your child comfortable on the flight - such as a compact travel car seat like the WAYB Pico or the Stokke JetKids BedBox that turns the airplane seat into a comfy place to rest.

See more information here about FAA recommendations when flying with children.

You'll want to purchase a protective, luggage-style travel bag for your valuable gear to keep it safe and clean in transit.

Are Nuna car seats FAA approved

Yes, Nuna makes several car seat models that are FAA approved, including the RAVA convertible car seat and EXEC convertible-to-booster car seat. The Nuna REVV is Nuna's only rotating car seat, no other convertible or infant car seat models can swivel like the REVV.

The following Nuna car seat models are FAA approved:

What is the lightest weight toddler car seat

The 8 pound, forward-facing WAYB Pico car seat is ideal for travel, with a compact, foldable design that supports children as young as 1 year old - though it is recommended from 2 years old up to 50 pounds or 45 inches tall.

Nuna's lightest weight convertible car seat for toddlers is the RAVA at 27.2 pounds, which is nearly 5 pounds lighter than the 32 pound REVV.

Read more about how the Nuna REVV, RAVA, and EXEC compare in this article, or watch the video comparison below:

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