Nuna Convertible Car Seat Comparison: Nuna RAVA vs. REVV vs. EXEC

Nuna Convertible Car Seat Comparison: Nuna RAVA vs. REVV vs. EXEC

If your baby is graduating from an infant car seat—or you’re looking for a seat to grow with your newborn through the years ahead—Nuna now offers three convertible car seat options, each with their own distinctive benefits.

You could choose the RAVA, the original Nuna convertible car seat that parents love for its ease of use, safety and style.

If convenience is your top priority, you might like the REVV, Nuna’s newest convertible car seat that rotates 360 degrees—swiveling toward your vehicle door for easier ins and outs.

Or, if you want your car seat to last as long as possible, you might prefer the Nuna EXEC, an all-in-one car seat that transitions into a booster seat for an older child.

The three car seats share much in common, like an all-steel frame for maximum strength, a quick-and-easy installation, and convenient features like a no-rethread harness, a wide range of recline angles, and dual cupholders.

But because the RAVA, REVV and EXEC differ in their features, price and specifications, the choice between them depends on your family’s needs and your top priorities in a car seat.

We’ll compare the Nuna RAVA, Nuna REVV and Nuna EXEC in this in-depth comparison.

Nuna Convertible Car Seat Comparison Video: RAVA vs. REVV vs. EXEC

See the video below to compare the features of Nuna's three convertible car seats: RAVA, REVV and EXEC.

Watch the video below if you want to compare buying the Nuna EXEC as your all-in-one car seat, versus purchasing a Nuna RAVA now and a Nuna AACE booster later. (This video was filmed prior to the release of the REVV).

Differences between Nuna RAVA, REVV and EXEC

The biggest differences between Nuna’s three convertible car seats: The RAVA is Nuna’s original convertible model, and the REVV adds 360-degree rotation. The EXEC doesn’t rotate, but unlike the RAVA or REVV, it can turn into a booster seat.

The three seats also differ in several other ways, including:

  • Longevity: The REVV has the lowest capacity, up to 40 pounds, while the EXEC can be used in booster mode up to 120 pounds.
  • Anti-rebound bar: The REVV and EXEC have an anti-rebound panel that inhibits movement of the seat in a crash, while the RAVA does not.
  • Harness buckle holders: Magnets on the REVV and EXEC keep the harness buckles out of your way, while the buckles slide into tabs on the RAVA.
  • Calf support: The EXEC has an 8” leg rest that can be extended both up and out to provide more comfort, while the RAVA has a one-position calf support that adds 2” of leg room. The REVV has no calf support feature.
  • What’s included: The REVV and EXEC include a spare set of infant inserts, and the EXEC includes a slipcover for the bottom and footwell of the seat.

See the chart below for a basic overview of the three seats.

Car Seat Model


Weight/Height Limit

Anti-Rebound Bar

Magnetic Buckle Holders

Calf Support

What's Included



Rear-facing: 5-50 lbs., 49" or less; forward-facing: 25-65 lbs., 49" or less



Flip-out extension adds 2"

One set of infant inserts

Nuna REVV $650 Rear-facing and forward-facing: 5-40 lbs., 43" or less Yes Yes No Two sets of infant inserts



Rear-facing: 5-50 lbs., 49" or less; forward-facing: 25-65 lbs.; booster: 40-120 lbs., 38-57", 4+ years



8" leg rest can be extended by 1.5"

Two sets of infant inserts, seat slipcover


Now, let’s take a look at each car seat and their differences in more detail.


While the REVV and EXEC build on the features of the RAVA, Nuna’s original convertible car seat offers everything many parents are looking for—and at a lower price.

The RAVA offers top safety features, installs in a matter of seconds, is simple to use, and looks nice in your car, too. Its bamboo fabrics are breathable and fire-resistant without relying on chemical additives. A pop-out footrest adds two inches of extra leg room, helping your child stay comfortable until reaching the seat’s limits of 65 pounds or 49” in height.

Consumer Reports ranks the RAVA among its top convertible car seats (the newer REVV and EXEC hadn’t been evaluated at the time of this comparison).

nuna rava vs revv vs exec


The REVV adds a convenient new twist to Nuna convertible car seats, rotating toward your car door so that you can help your child in and out without hurting your back.

Because the REVV swivels 360 degrees—from rear-facing to forward-facing and back—you may only need to install it a single time as the seat grows with your child from birth to 40 pounds.

The REVV features an anti-rebound panel that stabilizes the seat in a crash, which includes a leatherette carry handle to use when traveling or switching cars.

nuna rava vs revv vs exec


Most kids will know three car seats in their lifetime: the infant car seat that carries them home from the hospital, the convertible car seat that takes them from rear-facing to forward-facing, and the booster seat that allows them to start wearing the vehicle seat belt. 

The Nuna EXEC acts as all three, transitioning from a convertible car seat to a seatbelt-positioning booster (with harness easily tucked away).

With a booster weight limit of 120 pounds, the EXEC can accommodate your child from their first ride in a car seat to their last. Car seat laws vary by state, but many states require a child to sit in a car seat until they reach age 8 and/or 57 inches (4'9").

Among the EXEC’s unique features: an extendable leg rest that doubles as an anti-rebound panel and an included slipcover to protect the seat from dirty shoes.

nuna rava vs revv vs exec

Nuna RAVA vs. REVV vs. EXEC Price

At $550, the RAVA is Nuna’s lowest-priced convertible car seat, with the extra features of the REVV adding $100 and the longevity of the EXEC adding another $100.

At $750, the Nuna EXEC is priced at the top of the car seat market. But compared with the total cost of buying a trio of Nuna car seats over the years, the EXEC actually offers a significant cost savings.

You could spend $1,130 to $1,450 if you purchased a Nuna PIPA series infant car seat ($330-$550), a Nuna RAVA or REVV convertible car seat ($550-$650) and Nuna AACE booster car seat ($249).

  • EXEC: $750
  • REVV: $650
  • RAVA: $550 

Nuna RAVA vs. REVV vs. EXEC Weight and Height Limits

All three Nuna car seats can be used throughout your child’s first few years, starting with their debut car ride.

But the Nuna RAVA and EXEC have greater longevity than the REVV. To maximize its swiveling functionality, the REVV tops out at 40 pounds (whether rear-facing or forward-facing) or 43” in height. Most kids reach that size around age 4, when they’re able to climb in and out of the seat independently—making the rotation feature less of a necessity.

Compared with the REVV, Nuna’s other convertible seats may buy you another couple of years before your child moves into a booster seat. The Nuna EXEC (when used as a convertible car seat) and Nuna RAVA have a height limit of 49” and forward-facing weight limit of 65 pounds, which kids typically reach around age 6 or 7.

The EXEC surpasses those limits when you stow away the harness inside the seat, converting the convertible seat into a booster for kids over 40 pounds and 38" in height. To start using the booster, your child should be at least age 4 and meet both the height and weight limits. In booster form, the EXEC can fit kids up to 57" or a whopping 120 pounds.

Nuna RAVA Height and Weight Limits

  • Rear-facing: 5-50 pounds, 49" or less
  • Forward-facing: 25-65 pounds, 49" or less, age 2+

Nuna REVV Height and Weight Limits

  • Rear-facing: 5-40 pounds, 43” or less
  • Forward-facing: 25-40 pounds, 43” or less, age 2+

Nuna EXEC Height and Weight Limits

  • Rear-facing convertible: 5-50 pounds, 49” or less
  • Forward-facing convertible: 25-65 pounds, 49” or less
  • Belt-positioning booster: 40-120 pounds, 38-57", 4+ years

Nuna RAVA vs. REVV vs. EXEC Specifications

Because of the rotation mechanism, the REVV is about 5 pounds heavier than the RAVA or EXEC. But if you’re traveling or moving the seat into a different vehicle, the REVV has a built-in leatherette handle to make it easier to lift and carry.

All three seats offer a wide range of adjustments to fit a growing child and a variety of vehicles. Because it converts to a booster, the EXEC has two more head support positions, but the RAVA and REVV offer two additional recline positions.

With their 10-year expiration, all three seats can be used for the same length of time.

Product Weight

  • RAVA: 27.2 pounds
  • REVV: 32 pounds for Hazelwood and 29.7 pounds for Ocean and Caviar
  • EXEC: 26.6 pounds

Product Dimensions

  • RAVA: 16"L x 19"W x 25"H
  • REVV: 31-34”L x 18.5”W x 19.5-22”H (rear-facing); 21.5-22.5”L x 19.5”W x 22.5-29.5”H (forward-facing)
  • EXEC: 22.5"L x 18.5"W x 26-33"H

Head Support Positions

  • RAVA: 10 positions
  • REVV: 10 positions
  • EXEC: 12 positions

Recline Positions

  • RAVA: 10 positions (5 rear facing, 5 forward facing)
  • REVV: 10 positions (5 rear facing, 5 forward facing)
  • EXEC: 8 positions (4 rear facing, 4 forward facing)

Crotch Strap Positions

  • RAVA: 2 positions
  • REVV: 2 positions
  • EXEC: 2 positions

Car Seat Expiration

  • RAVA: 10 years
  • REVV: 10 years
  • EXEC: 10 years

nuna rava vs revv vs exec

Nuna EXEC vs. Nuna RAVA Safety and Installation

Nuna car seats are made of steel—literally.

The Nuna EXEC, REVV and RAVA all feature an all-steel frame, offering heavy-duty protection compared with the plastic shells of most car seats. Plus, all three seats are equipped with side-impact protection pods that absorb energy in the event of a crash.

The REVV and EXEC have one safety feature not seen on the RAVA: an anti-rebound panel, which inhibits the car seat's motion in a crash and aids in the tightness of the installation.

On the EXEC, the anti-rebound panel doubles as a leg rest in both rear-facing and forward-facing positions, helping to keep your child comfortable (and protecting your vehicle seat from dirty shoes.)

The installation process for the RAVA, REVV and EXEC is similar (and similarly simple).

For all three seats, Nuna recommends using the vehicle seat belt rather than the LATCH system because it eliminates confusion later on. Eventually, the combined weight of any car seat and your child will exceed the 65-pound limitation of your car's LATCH system, requiring a switch to the seatbelt, anyway.

Besides, seatbelt installation is as simple as threading the belt through Nuna's True Tension doors, closing the doors and buckling.

The proper recline angles for rear-facing and forward-facing are built into each seat, eliminating the need to measure angles using the bubble level indicator seen on most seats. The REVV is built so that the seat locks out incorrect positions, making it impossible to use the seat at an unsafe angle.

Nuna EXEC vs. Nuna RAVA Car Seat Comparison

Nuna EXEC vs. Nuna RAVA Colors and Fabrics

The Nuna RAVA, REVV and EXEC are among the only car seats on the market that are free of added fire-retardant chemicals. 

Their bamboo-blend fabrics, in addition to being naturally fire-resistant, are also more breathable, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic compared with the synthetic fabrics on most car seats.

While the RAVA comes with a single set of infant head and body inserts, the REVV and EXEC include two sets (one merino wool, one organic cotton) so you’ll have a spare set when the originals are in the wash.

On all three car seats, the seat fabrics are removable and machine-washable.

The RAVAREVV and EXEC all offer several color options to fit a wide range of tastes and car interiors. 

You can view all current color options on each product page by clicking the name of the model you're wanting to look at above!   


Nuna RAVA vs. REVV vs. EXEC Benefits and Drawbacks

So which is better: choosing the all-in-one Nuna EXEC or purchasing one of Nuna’s convertible car seats, the original Nuna RAVA or the rotating Nuna REVV?

The decision depends on your family's unique needs, like your lifestyle, budget and the age of your children.

While the Nuna EXEC can be the only car seat you'll ever have, you may determine it's better to purchase the car seat you need right now.

Most families start with an infant car seat like the Nuna PIPA, which is specifically designed to support a newborn and offers the convenience of portability and attachment to a stroller. 

Around your child's first birthday, you can transition to the RAVA or REVV, which will grow with your child from rear-facing to forward-facing for at least the following few years.

Anyone who’s spent time hauling a heavy toddler would probably agree that the REVV’s 360-degree rotation is a nice-to-have feature. But is swiveling a must-have?

That’s debatable, especially as your child gets older and can climb into the seat without your help. Only you can decide whether the swiveling convenience is worth an extra $100 and a decrease in longevity, compared with the RAVA.

While the RAVA doesn’t rotate, you may be able to use the seat for an additional couple of years—potentially delaying the switch to a booster seat and keeping your child in a harnessed seat for longer.

The Nuna EXEC is an all-in-one car seat that could save you hundreds of dollars on car seat spending in the long run. The EXEC may best fit your needs if you have a tall kid or an older toddler who will need a booster sooner than later, or if you're looking for a one-and-done option to keep in a second vehicle or in a grandparent's car for years to come.

But other families may hesitate on the $750 price tag of the EXEC, along with the feasibility (and cleanliness) of using the same car seat every day for 8 years.

With either the RAVA, REVV or the EXEC, you're investing in one of the safest and highest-quality car seats that your family can use for years to come.

nuna rava vs revv vs exec


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