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The  UPPAbaby VISTA and the UPPAbaby CRUZ are two of the most popular strollers on the market. And because they're made by the same great brand, they share a similar appearance and functionality—while having a few major differences, too.

If you're deciding between the two, here's the most important question to ask: Do you want your stroller to grow with your family? As a convertible stroller, the VISTA has the ability to convert from a single stroller to a double when a second child comes along. Meanwhile, the CRUZ can seat only one child.

Another notable difference: While both strollers can be used with a bassinet, one is included in your VISTA purchase. For the CRUZ, the bassinet is an optional accessory.

Overall, the VISTA is bigger in almost every way: It has a bigger frame, bigger basket, and bigger wheels, with the ability to accommodate a second child. That's why some parents prefer the VISTA—and it's also why others prefer the CRUZ.

So which one is right for your needs? Read on to learn more in this UPPAbaby VISTA vs. UPPAbaby CRUZ comparison. We'll cover the benefits and drawbacks of each stroller, as well as the differences between the two dimensions, foldability, and car seat compatibility.

First, let's take a look at each stroller.



The  UPPAbaby VISTA offers plenty of flexibility. With a dozen configurations, you can use it with up to two stroller seats, two infant car seats or two bassinets (one bassinet is included with your purchase of the single stroller). Among the stroller's features are an all-wheel suspension, a flat seat recline and an oversized storage basket accommodating up to 30 pounds.



The compact and easy-to-fold UPPAbaby CRUZ is an ideal companion for exploring the city—or anywhere else you find yourself cruising. Though lightweight, the CRUZ offers plenty of features, like an extra-large storage basket and all-wheel suspension. In the removable, reversible seat, your child can face you as a baby and, when she's older, face forward to see where you're heading. 




Single stroller price

The VISTA costs about $340 more than the CRUZ but includes the bassinet that's approved for overnight use. For both strollers, prices vary based on color, as some colors feature leather handlebars and bumper bars that increase the price.

These prices are for the 2017 models. The 2016 models are 20% off at Strolleria while inventory lasts.

  • VISTA: $839.99-$899.99 (includes stroller frame, seat, bumper bar, rain cover and bug cover; bassinet, bassinet bug cover, and bassinet storage bag)
  • CRUZ: $499.99-$529.99 (includes stroller frame and seat)


    Product weight

    • VISTA: 27.5 pounds
    • CRUZ: 21.5 pounds


    Weight capacity 

    • VISTA: 50 pounds
    • CRUZ: 50 pounds


    Open dimensions

    • VISTA: 37"L x 26.5"W x 39.5"H
    • CRUZ: 37"L x 22.25"W x 39.5"H


    Closed dimensions

    • VISTA: 14"L x 26.5"W x 33"H
    • CRUZ: 14"L x 22"W x 37"H



    • VISTA: Foot brake
    • CRUZ: Foot brake



    Enhanced all-wheel suspension gives the VISTA an edge in maneuverability.

    • VISTA: 8" foam-filled tires; 11.5" foam-filled rear tires; enhanced all-wheel suspension
    • CRUZ: 6.4" foam-filled tires; 8.5" foam-filled rear tires; front-wheel suspension



    • VISTA: 3 years (with product registration)
    • CRUZ: 3 years (with product registration)


    How It Folds

    Both the VISTA and CRUZ fold similarly and stand on their own when folded to prevent the stroller from getting dirty. For the VISTA, the second seat should be removed before folding. Watch the videos to see how it's done.


    UPPAbaby VISTA

    UPPABaby CRUZ 


    Configurations and Car Seat Compatibility

    Both the VISTA and CRUZ have removable seats that can be reversed so the baby faces you or faces the world, and both are compatible with infant car seats and the UPPAbaby bassinet.

    The UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat attaches directly to the frame of both the VISTA and CRUZ strollers without the need for car seat adapters, With adapters, both strollers are compatible with several other car seats.


    UPPAbaby VISTA


    UPPAbaby CRUZ

    Pros and Cons

    Still don't know which stroller you like better? Let's highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each.


    UPPAbaby VISTA

    If you prefer a stroller that will have the longevity for two children, then the VISTA may be your best option. The drawbacks of the VISTA are its larger size and higher price tag.

    uppababy vista vs uppababy cruz



    • Longevity: use when a second child comes along instead of buying a separate double stroller. 
    • Allows for multiple seating configurations using up to two UPPAbaby MESA infant car seats, two bassinets or two stroller seats
    • Included bassinet with perforated, removable mattress pad and vented base is safe for overnight use
    • More storage space than most strollers on the market—take everything you need
    • Enhanced all-wheel suspension



    • More expensive than CRUZ
    • Bulky, heavy for lifting in and out of car
    • May not require so much space if not going to use for two kids
    • Includes bassinet, but some parents choose not to use


    UPPAbaby CRUZ

    The UPPAbaby CRUZ is the younger sibling of the VISTA. With its compact and streamlined design, the CRUZ is ideal for families who only intend on using it with one child and prefer a lighter stroller for city living.

    UPPAbaby VISTA vs. UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller Comparison


    • Lighter weight than the VISTA
    • Smaller size than the VISTA, which makes it more easily maneuverable
    • Less expensive than CRUZ
    • If you're having a second child, you can use the glider board



    • Wheels aren't as big or sturdy as VISTA, not as capable of going over curbs and rough terrain
    • Can't expand to accommodate two kids
    • Bassinet is not included


    uppababy vista vs. uppababy cruz stroller comparison   uppababy vista and uppababy cruz stroller comparison



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