Peg-Perego and Agio Infant Car Seat Comparison: Primo Viaggio 4-35 vs. Nido vs. Lounge

Peg-Perego and Agio Infant Car Seat Comparison: Primo Viaggio 4-35 vs. Nido vs. Lounge

Peg-Perego is one of the most trusted names in baby gear: The Italian company is one of the only brands that manufactures products in Europe, not China—just as they’ve done since 1949, when Giuseppe Perego made a baby carriage for his son, Lucio (now the company president).

The present-day company offers a multitude of products that fall under two brands: Peg-Perego and Agio.

The Peg-Perego line has also evolved to include five versions of baby’s “first ride,” the Primo Viaggio infant car seat:

While every Peg-Perego car seat offers top safety and comfort features, the three models differ in their bases, price and functionality.

The Nido car seats build on the Primo Viaggio by adding a load leg, a feature in the base that stabilizes the seat in a crash. The Lounge versions introduce another feature: a recline function that allows your baby to lie flat when you’re using the car seat on a stroller.

We’ll compare the Peg-Perego and Agio car seat models in-depth in this comparison.

Peg-Perego and Agio Infant Car Seat Comparison


A $50 price difference separates each car seat model, with some colors of the Nido priced $50 to $100 higher because of their more premium fabrics. That gives the Peg-Perego line a price range of $299.99 to $449.99.

The Peg-Perego and Agio versions of the Nido and Lounge car seats are the same price, making Agio versions a better value considering their upgraded fabrics and longer warranty (5 years, compared to 2 years for Peg-Perego). 

Peg-Perego and Agio Infant Car Seat Comparison


All Peg-Perego and Agio infant car seats can be used from 4 to 35 pounds (hence the 4-35 in each model’s name). Typically, though, your baby will outgrow the car seat once he reaches 32 inches in height, around age 1. 

The Lounge car seats are slightly larger and about 2 pounds heavier than the Primo Viaggio and Nido because of the mechanism that allows the car seat to recline.


  • All models: 4-35 pounds or up to 32” in height

Car Seat Weight

  • Primo Viaggio: 9.5 pounds
  • Nido: 10 pounds
  • Lounge: 12 pounds

Car Seat Dimensions (on Base)

  • Primo Viaggio: 29" x 17.25" x 25.25"
  • Nido: 28.5" x 17" x 26.5"
  • Lounge: 31" x 17" x 27"

Peg-Perego and Agio Infant Car Seat Comparison: Primo Viaggio 4-35 vs. Nido vs. Lounge 


All three models have the same core features:

  • An anti-rebound bar, which stabilizes the base and prevents the seat from moving in a collision
  • The Right Tight system, a dial in the base that locks it in place using either LATCH or a vehicle seatbelt
  • EPS and EPP foam throughout the shell and headrest
  • Side-impact protection that adjusts to six positions
  • No-rethread harness
  • A dual-stage cushion system with removable head support and body support
  • Ability to be installed with a base or with only the vehicle seatbelt

Each model varies by the car seat base, the canopy and the recline feature.





Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 Anti-rebound bar Standard No
Peg-Perego or Agio Nido Anti-rebound bar and load leg Pagoda No
Peg-Perego or Agio Lounge Anti-rebound bar and load leg Pagoda Yes


    Let's take a closer look at the features that vary by model.

    Base Features

    The Nido and Lounge models also add a load leg, a steel bar that extends from the base to the floor of your car.

    Working in tandem with the anti-rebound bar, the load leg keeps the car seat anchored and prevents rotating or rebounding in a collision. A study by Consumer Reports found that load legs can reduce the risk of head and neck injury by up to 46 percent.

    Most car seats on the market don’t have a load leg or an anti-rebound bar, and some have either one or the other. The Peg-Perego Nido and Lounge car seats are some of the only seats that include both for an additional measure of safety.

    peg perego and agio car seat comparison


    While the canopy of the Primo Viaggio is a standard length, the Nido and Lounge feature an extendable Pagoda canopy that zips out for complete coverage. The sides of the canopy are also ventilated to keep your baby comfortable in warm weather.

    peg perego agio infant car seat comparison

    Recline Feature

    The Peg-Perego Lounge and Agio Lounge stand out as two of the only car seats on the market (in addition to the Cybex Cloud Q) that can recline when used on a stroller.

    A typical car seat positions baby to be slightly upright, which isn’t the safest or most ergonomic position for an infant’s developing head and neck. The baby’s airways are slightly compressed in a car seat, so it’s not recommended to leave her in a car seat for long periods of time. 

    The Lounge functions like a typical car seat in your vehicle (for safety reasons, it shouldn’t be reclined while driving). But once you attach the car seat to your stroller, it acts more like a flat stroller seat or bassinet when adjusted to one of three recline positions—making it a safer and more comfortable place for your baby to rest while strolling.

    Peg-Perego Lounge Motion in Action


    All versions of Peg-Perego and Agio car seats are compatible with the same range of strollers, both from the Peg-Perego family and from other popular brands like UPPAbaby and Baby Jogger.

    Car seat adapters are either included or not required when using a Peg-Perego stroller and car seat together. Strollers like the Peg-Perego Booklet have adapters built into the stroller seat, while the Agio Z4 and Peg-Perego YPSI come with a set of adapter “links” that remain attached to the car seat for easy connections between stroller and car seat.

    Using adapters sold separately, here are the strollers compatible with the Agio and Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio, Nido and Lounge car seats:

    Peg-Perego and Agio Infant Car Seat Comparison: Primo Viaggio 4-35 vs. Nido vs. Lounge


    You have plenty of color choices in Peg-Perego and Agio car seats, which are designed to match the Peg-Perego YPSI and Agio Z4 strollers. (See our comparison of the two strollers, which are the same in functionality).

    The Peg-Perego version of the Nido car seat also offers choices in fabrics: The Licorice and Ice Gray versions have leatherette trim around the canopy and sides of the seat (a $50 upgrade), while the Merino Wool version ($100 more) is made with a soft, breathable fabric that's hypoallergenic and naturally fire-resistant.

    Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 Colors

    • Atmosphere Gray
    • Onyx Black

    Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido

    • Atmosphere Grey
    • Onyx Black
    • Mon Amour (pink and beige)
    • Licorice Black Leather
    • Merino Grey

    Agio Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido

    • Agio Grey
    • Agio Mirage (blue)
    • Agio Black
    • Black Pearl

    Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 Lounge

    • Atmosphere Grey
    • Onyx Black
    • Mon Amour
    • Graphic Gold
    • City Grey
    • New Life

    Agio Primo Viaggio 4-35 Lounge

    • Agio Grey
    • Agio Lounge
    • Black Pearl


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