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At first glance, the Agio Z4 and Peg-Perego YPSI strollers appear identical—and they nearly are!

Functionally, the Z4 and YPSI are the same: They're made in Italy by the same parent company, Peg-Perego, and offer the same features, like a lightweight, standing fold and the ability to convert to a double stroller.

But the Agio Z4, which is exclusive to specialty stores like Strolleria, includes some key differences, like a longer warranty, more premium fabrics, and more customizable travel system options.

In this comparison, we'll help you determine which of these similar strollers will be best for your family.


Made in Italy by Peg-Perego—a manufacturer of high-quality baby products since 1949—the Agio Z4 stroller is exclusive to independent retailers like Strolleria. The Agio collection features premium fabrics, brown leatherette details and an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

The Z4 can be paired with a matching Agio Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido or Agio Primo Viaggio 4-35 Lounge infant car seat. Parents can also use adapters to attach a car seat from Nuna, Cybex, Maxi-Cosi or Clek for a more customized travel system.



Functionally, the Peg-Perego YPSI is the same as the Agio Z4, although it has a shorter warranty (2 years vs. 5 years).

Aesthetically, it looks a bit different: It has black leatherette instead of brown, and the fabrics aren't as soft or textured.


Agio Z4 vs. Peg-Perego YPSI Features

Functionally, the Z4 and YPSI strollers are the identical, and both have the ability to expand to a double stroller.

Both feature a lightweight, narrow frame (that's only 20" wide!) with durable, all-terrain tires, a removable and reversible toddler seat, the option to attach an infant car seat or bassinet. and the ability to expand from a single to a double stroller for two!

The toddler seat on both models can be removed and reversed to face parents or face forward, and it features a large, expandable canopy with UPF 50+ sun protection. For smaller kids, the integrated pop-out footrest can be raised to provide more support and lowered as they get older. The seat folds compactly with the rest of the stroller frame, which can stand on its own when folded.

Using the double adapters, you can turn any Z4 or YPSI stroller into a double. This set of upper and lower adapter pieces allow you to add a Companion Seat, sold separately, or an infant car seat or bassinet.

One set of car seat adapters for Peg-Perego infant car seats (called "links") are included with your stroller purchase. The links fit Primo Viaggio 4-35 and Nido car seats manufactured in January 2018 or later; older car seats aren't compatible.

Both strollers can also be used for twins. You can purchase a second set of Primo Viaggio links for twins, or purchase adapters to attach an infant car seat from select other brands. See here for a list of infant car seats compatible with the Agio Z4 and Peg-Perego YPSI strollers.

The YPSI and Z4 are also compatible with the same accessories, including a wheeled travel bag, bassinet stand, baby stage pad for the toddler seat, and a ride-along board for an older toddler. For taller parents, extend the handlebar an additional 5.75 inches with the handle extensions.

Agio Z4 vs. Peg-Perego YPSI Colors

Choose from three sophisticated fashions for the Agio Z4, all of which feature premium fabrics and eco-leather details on the handlebar, bumper bar and piping.

The Agio Grey stroller includes saddle brown eco-leather, while Mirage has black eco-leather, and the Black Pearl has silver eco-leather details.

  • Agio Grey
  • Agio Mirage
  • Black Pearl

Agio Z4 vs. Peg-Perego YPSI Stroller Comparison

The Peg-Perego YPSI comes in six colors:

  • Mon Amour
  • Atmosphere Grey
  • Onyx Black
  • City Grey
  • Graphic Gold
  • New Life

Mon Amour is the most similar to the Agio collection, featuring more premium fabrics on the canopy and seat, along with a chic rose gold frame and leatherette details.

All colors of the YPSI come with eco leather handlebar and bumper bar for a sleek, modern look and comfortable grip.

Agio Z4 vs. Peg-Perego YPSI Colors

Agio Z4 vs. Peg-Perego YPSI Warranty

Apart from packaging and fabric choices, perhaps the biggest difference between the Peg-Perego YPSI and Agio Z4 is the warranty.

Peg-Perego includes a 2-year manufacturer's warranty with the YPSI stroller, but the Agio collection is covered under an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Manufacturer's warranty covers any defect during that period starting from the date of purchase, so you will have three additional years of warranty coverage on the Z4 compared to the YPSI.

With a stroller that can grow with your family to accommodate baby #2, or even #3 (by adding the ride-along toddler board accessory), those additional three years could make a difference in the longevity of your stroller.

Agio Z4 vs. Peg-Perego YPSI Price

You'll spend $100 less if you buy the Agio Z4 or some colors of the Peg-Perego YPSI as a travel system.

Here are the prices for each combination.

Single Stroller

  • Z4 single stroller: $649.99
  • YPSI single stroller: $599.99

Double Stroller

  • Z4 double stroller: $959.97
  • YPSI double stroller: $909.97

Travel System

  • Z4 travel system with Agio Nido: $999.98
  • Z4 travel system with Agio Lounge: $949.98
  • YPSI travel system with Peg-Perego Nido: $849.99 (for Onyx or Atmosphere)


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Sarah Koehler
Sarah Koehler