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Many strollers are stylish, but only Cybex strollers might be considered runway-worthy.

In collaborating with designers like Jeremy Scott, Cybex has adorned its strollers with gold wings, space rockets, a bedazzled "Oops!" and even cherubs turned rappers.

Now, for 2019, the German manufacturer is bringing more of its trademark fashion to the regular version of its best-selling Priam stroller.

The Cybex Priam3 stroller, now available at Strolleria, features eye-catching new colors (think hot pink) against four choices of stylish frames, including a new Rose Gold chassis.

Functionally, the Priam3 offers similar features to the previous model, including sturdy wheels with all-wheel suspension, a one-handed fold, and easy compatibility with the innovative Cybex line of infant car seats.

The new Priam3 also includes a few changes, like new fabrics, new wheels and a redesigned bassinet.

But, while inventory lasts, the 2018 Cybex Priam is 20% off at Strolleria—and it offers a few different features than the new version, such as a lie-flat seat suitable for newborns and more neutral colors.

So which Priam is right for you? We'll review the differences in this 2019 Cybex Priam3 vs. 2018 Cybex Priam comparison.

2019 Cybex Priam3 vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Stroller Comparison


2019 Cybex Priam3 vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Colors and Fabrics 

The previous model of the Cybex Priam features mostly neutral colors like Manhattan Gray and Cashmere Beige with a textured denim fabric. 2018 stroller frames are available in either Matte Black or Chrome, both of which have a black leatherette handlebar and bumper bar.

2019 Cybex Priam3 vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Stroller Comparison

With the new Priam3, Cybex introduces bolder colors, new fabrics and a wider range of frame choices.

Four frame choices are available for the Priam3: Rose Gold with brown leatherette details, Matte Black with black leatherette details, and Chrome with a choice of either black or brown leatherette details.

2019 Cybex Priam3 vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Stroller Comparison

The Priam3 also offers five new choices of seat colors: bright hues True Red and Fancy Pink and neutral choices Premium Black, Manhattan Gray and True Blue.

Compared with the denim-like fabric of the previous model, the Cybex Priam3 seat and canopy fabrics have a smoother look and feel.

2019 Cybex Priam3 vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Stroller Comparison

2019 Cybex Priam3 vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Stroller Comparison

Additionally, the Cybex Priam3 features more premium details than the previous model, like stitched leather and metallic accents on the frame and seat buckle. 

The 2019 Priam3 also includes a storage pocket on the back of the seat, an addition not seen on the previous model. And one more bonus: The cup holder, previously sold separately, is included with the 2019 stroller.

2019 Cybex Priam3 vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Stroller Comparison

2019 Cybex Priam3 Wheels vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Wheels

Trekking or terrain? Families purchasing the previous model of the Cybex Priam were faced with two choices of wheel types: a lighter trekking wheel for variable terrain or a chunkier all-terrain wheel for rough surfaces.

The Priam3 simplifies the decision by offering only one type of wheel. The "terrain" wheel is lighter than the previous all-terrain wheel, yet heartier than the previous trekking wheel—achieving the compromise most families are seeking in an everyday stroller.

2019 Cybex Priam3 vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Stroller Comparison

2019 Cybex Priam3 Price vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Price

You'll save $200 by purchasing the 2018 Cybex Priam—it's on sale for 20% off, or $799.92, at Strolleria while supplies last.

The price of the Cybex Priam3 is $999.95, with the exception of the new Rose Gold frame is priced $50 higher, at $1,049.95.

2019 Cybex Priam3 Recline vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Recline

The 2018 Cybex Priam offers four recline angles, including a lie-flat position that makes the stroller suitable for newborns and comfortable for napping children of all ages.

The 2019 Priam3 is different due to changing stroller regulations: The 2019 stroller now has three recline positions, with the most flat position offering a 150-degree angle. Because the recline is no longer flat, the Priam3 cannot be used with newborns unless an infant car seat or carrycot is added to the stroller.

2019 Cybex Priam3 vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Stroller Comparison

2019 Cybex Priam3 Bassinet vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Bassinet

With the launch of the Priam3, Cybex is also introducing a new Lux bassinet.

The Lux bassinet features an extra-large ventilation panel not seen on the previous model. The mesh panel spans the back of the bassinet and canopy, helping to keep your baby cool and comfortable during your strolls.

Also adding to your baby's comfort: The interior of the 2019 bassinet is now 15 percent larger than the previous model.

While the previous Priam bassinet is available in colors that match the stroller seat, the 2019 version is only available in black.

2019 Cybex Priam3 vs. 2018 Cybex Priam Stroller Comparison

Will the old Priam seat fit on the 2019 Priam frame?

If you love the new Priam3 frame but want to use an older seat: Sorry, parts for the two models are not interchangeable.

That means the 2019 Priam3 seat cannot be used on an older-model frame, and the 2019 Priam3 frame cannot be used with an older-model seat.

Both Priam models are compatible with the Cybex Cloud Q and Aton series of car seats using the adapters included with the stroller purchase.

Cybex plans new colors for its infant car seat line in May/June of 2019.


With the Priam3, Cybex strollers are becoming even more fashionable. The Priam3 features new fabrics, wheels and colors for both the frame and seat, along with an updated bassinet that includes a generous amount of ventilation.

But there's still good reason to choose the 2018 Priam: Last year's model is 20% off at Strolleria while inventory lasts.


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