Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex Priam3 Stroller Comparison

Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex Priam3 Stroller Comparison

The Cybex Priam is equal parts functional and fashionable, thanks to its superior maneuverability and a luxe look that's ready for the runway.

Originally inspired by the modern design of Charles and Ray Eames, the Priam now takes fashion cues from the likes of designer Jeremy Scott, supermodel Karolina Kurkova and even musician-turned-stroller aficionado DJ Khaled (and it counts plenty of celebrities among its users, too).

New for 2022, the Priam4 offers similar style and functionality with new features—like a redesigned seat with a unique one-pull harness system—that make the stroller easier to use.

Cybex is introducing the same updates for the electric version of the stroller, now the e-Priam 2.

We'll compare the new models, the Priam4 and e-Priam2, with the previous Priam3 and e-Priam versions.

Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex Priam3 Stroller Comparison

Cybex Priam4 Video

See what's new for the Priam4 model in our video that goes over the latest features, how to fold, car seat and carry cot compatibility, and more:

Cybex Priam4 and e-Priam2 Release Date

Pre-order the Cybex Priam4 and e-Priam2 exclusively at select retailers like Strolleria! 

Limited quantities of the Cybex Priam4 and e-Priam2 are expected to ship in late April to May 2022, with availability varying by color.

Cybex Priam4 vs. Priam3 Price

The Cybex Priam4 costs slightly more than the previous version, with a price starting at $1,099.95. The rose gold frame adds $100 to the cost, while special-edition versions are priced $70 to $500 higher, depending on the model.

Equipped with a battery for a supercharged ride over hills or rough terrain, the Cybex e-Priam2 costs at least $300 more, at $1,399.95.

While inventory lasts, the previous Cybex Priam3 is $250 off at Strolleria.

Each component of the Cybex Priam4 or e-Priam can be purchased separately, allowing you to start using a car seat or bassinet on the frame before upgrading to the "seat pack" fabrics.

Complete Stroller with Frame and Seat Pack

  • Priam4: $1,099.95 to $1,699.95
  • e-Priam2: $1,399.95
  • Priam3: $999.95 to $1,099.95 ($250 off at Strolleria while inventory lasts)

Cybex Priam4 vs. Priam3 Weight and Dimensions

The weight and dimensions aren't changing with the launch of the Priam4 and e-Priam2, compared with the previous models.

The Priam4 and e-Priam2 are the same size, but the e-Priam2 weighs about 5 pounds more because of the battery integrated into the rear axle.

Weight Capacity

  • Stroller: Birth to 55 pounds
  • Carrycot: Birth to 20 pounds

Stroller Weight

  • Priam: 28.1 pounds
  • e-Priam: 33.7 pounds


  • Open: 32.5-36.4"L x 23.6"W x 38-42.1"H
  • Folded: 37.4"L x 23.6"W x 14.5"H

Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex Priam3 Stroller Comparison

Cybex Priam4 vs. Priam3 Seat and Harness

The main differences between the Cybex Priam4 and Priam3 lie within the stroller seat. The Priam4 has a unique one-pull harness system—similar to those seen on car seats—and the redesigned seat fabrics are also easier to assemble.

Most strollers, including the Priam3, require the shoulder and crotch harness straps to be adjusted individually. The straps on the Priam4 tighten in tandem with one hand and one pull, allowing for faster and easier adjustments as your child grows.

The Priam4 seat also requires about half the setup time as the previous version. Setting up the Priam3 required installing tight-fitting fabrics onto the frame, a task that involved many pulls, snaps and zips (and frustration). The Priam4 seat fabrics slide onto the seat frame like a T-shirt to simplify the process.

Because of the design change, the Priam4 seat pack is not compatible with Priam3 stroller frames and vice versa.

Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex Priam3 Stroller Comparison

Cybex Priam4 vs. Priam3 Bassinet

With the Priam4, Cybex is also relaunching its bassinet (or "carrycot") with new aesthetic and functional details.

The Priam4 carrycot sits nearly 5 inches higher on the frame, bringing your baby closer to you, and it's also a half-pound lighter.

A new zippered pocket on the exterior foot of the bassinet provides storage space, while the panorama view window in the back of the bassinet can be stored more neatly than before. Added breathability in the base of the carrycot helps keep your baby comfortable.

The Priam4 carrycot has a streamlined design and is available in the full range of colors to complement your stroller. Aside from the fashion editions, the Priam3 carrycot is only available in black.

Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex Priam3 Stroller Comparison

Cybex Priam4 vs. Priam3 Colors

The Priam4 introduces bold new fashions to the lineup, while Cybex is also continuing classic seat pack colors like black and gray. New for the Priam4, the canopy has a lighter interior for a color-blocked look.

The frame colors for the Priam4 and e-Priam2 are unchanged from previous versions:

  • Black with black leatherette
  • Rose gold with brown leatherette
  • Chrome with brown leatherette
  • Chrome with black leatherette

The Priam4 seat pack colors, most of which are new, include:

  • Deep Black
  • Khaki Green
  • Nautical Blue
  • Autumn Gold
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Mountain Blue
  • Soho Grey

Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex Priam3 Stroller Comparison

The same fashion editions of the Priam3 are continuing for the Priam4. Special-editions include:

  • Jeremy Scott Wings
  • Jeremy Scott Petticoat
  • DJ Khaled We the Best
  • Karolina Kurkova One Love
  • Jewels of Nature
  • Koi
  • Simply Flowers
  • Spring Blossom

Cybex Priam4 vs. Priam3 Compatibility

Because of the redesigned seat, the seat packs for the Priam4/e-Priam2 and Priam3/e-Priam are not interchangeable.

You'll need to use the new seat pack on the Priam4 or e-Priam2 frame, while the previous Priam3 and e-Priam frames fit only the older seat packs.

The Priam4 and Priam3 carrycots fit on either frame, and all versions of the stroller are compatible with any Cybex infant car seats using adapters included with purchase.

cybex priam4 vs priam3


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