Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex e-Priam

Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex e-Priam2

Cybex ushers in the future of baby gear, offering today's families a blend of trendy equipment, contemporary design elements, and advanced technological integration. This article will provide a comparison of the latest iterations of Cybex's most reliable and trusted stroller, the Priam. Introducing the newest and most advanced Priam models, namely the Priam4 and e-Priam2.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic "Eames Chair," the Cybex Priam was first launched in 2016, aiming to encapsulate luxury, premium quality, and outstanding performance. Swiftly gaining popularity among new and soon-to-be parents, the Cybex Priam not only earned acclaim for its dependable maneuverability but also emerged as a favored choice for fashion-forward parents. This acclaim is further solidified through Cybex's collaborations with renowned artists and designers, exemplified by unique and stylish offerings like the Jeremy Scott collection.

Cybex Priam4 by Jeremy Scott

Why do parents love the Cybex Priam?

Families with a keen eye for detail appreciate the diverse styling options provided by Cybex. Every component of the Priam4 and e-Priam2 strollers comes in a range of colors, including a uniquely offered rose gold frame. Additional Seat Packs are available for separate purchase, allowing for effortless stroller updates and refreshes over years of use.

 Cybex Priam4


The Cybex Priam not only boasts beauty but also exceptional functionality. Equipped with all-terrain wheels and comprehensive all-wheel suspension, Priam strollers are designed to accompany families wherever the journey leads. The reversible stroller seat, with a weight limit of 55lbs surpassing that of comparable strollers, adds to its practicality. Featuring an extra-large storage basket that expands for increased capacity, Priam models cater to versatile needs. The XXL expandable sun canopy, offering UPF50+ protection, shields against both sun and rain. Moreover, all Priam models facilitate a one-handed fold, ensuring swift and effortless transitions from vehicle to the road.

Can the Cybex Priam be used from birth?

Both the Cybex Priam4 and Cybex e-Priam2 offer complete customization, allowing you to craft your ideal system. Personalize your setup by combining the Priam4 or e-Priam2 frame with the corresponding Seat Pack, Cot, or a Cybex infant car seat. While all options are suitable for use from birth, each component serves a distinct purpose, making the Priam4 and e-Priam2 perfectly adaptable for all stages of your child's development, from infancy to a weight limit of 55lbs. 

Cybex Priam4 with Cot, Seat and Infant Car Seat

The Seat Pack provides a near-flat recline, but the Priam4/e-Priam2 Cot stands out as the optimal environment for a newborn. This Cot offers maximum convenience for parents, enabling the seamless removal of baby from the system while still nestled in a cozy space. This eliminates the need to disturb a peacefully napping baby who was strolled to sleep. Additionally, both the Priam4 and the e-Priam2 come equipped with car seat adapters, facilitating easy pairing with Cybex infant car seats to create a cohesive travel system. This ensures smooth transitions on-the-go for both suburban and city families. 

Cybex Priam4 with Cloud Q Infant Car Seat


For a full list of Cybex Priam infant car seat compatibility refer to >>this guide


Can the Cybex Priam4 or e-Priam2 be used as a double stroller?

The Priam4 and e-Priam2 are designed as single strollers and cannot be converted to accommodate two seated children. However, for families with older siblings, Cybex provides a Kid Board that can be easily attached to the rear axle of the Priam4, allowing them to hitch a ride. Unfortunately, this ride on board is not compatible with the e-Priam models. 

What's the difference between the Cybex Priam4 and Cybex e-Priam2?

While the Priam4 and e-Priam2 share similar design elements, the key distinction lies in the technological integration of the e-Priam2 frame. As suggested by its name, the e-Priam2 is an electronic stroller. In contrast to the Priam4's traditional push, the e-Priam2 is equipped with a battery-powered motor. The e-Priam2 incorporates sensors into its handlebar that monitor the effort exerted by the pusher. When increased effort is detected, such as on rough terrain or uphill climbs, the motor is automatically engaged to alleviate the strain and assist parents in navigating challenging paths during their stroll.

Cybex e-Priam2

Remarkably, the e-Priam2 is also app-controlled through smartphones and includes a rocking function designed to gently lull babies to sleep. This blend of technology and thoughtful features enhances the overall experience for both parents and little ones.

Features: Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex e-Priam2

As mentioned earlier, both the Priam4 and e-Priam2 are fully customizable,  despite having distinct frames they do share the same Seat Pack and Cot options. Let's delve into the features of each component that collectively contribute to the functionality and versatility of both strollers.

Cybex Priam4/e-Priam2 Seat Pack Features:

  • XXL extendable canopy with UPF50+ protection
  • breathable mesh window in canopy for premium airflow
  • Backrest storage pocket
  • padded seat inlay
  • padded harness with one-pull fit adjustment
  • removable, machine washable fabrics
  • seat pack is reversible for parent or world facing orientations
  • suitable for use from birth to 55lbs
  • one-handle recline offering multiple positions

Cybex Priam4 Seat

Cybex Priam4/e-Priam2 Cot Features:

  • sun canopy with integrated visor and UPF50+ protection
  • Panorama view and sky view windows
  • carrying handle integrated into the canopy for perfectly balanced carrying
  • breathable cushion
  • front zippered pocket for extra storage
  • memory buttons
  • removable, machine washable fabrics 
  • suitable for use from birth to 20lbs (6 months)
  • weighs 10.8lbs

Cybex Priam4/e-Priam2 Cot

Cybex Praim4 Frame Features:

  • all-wheel suspension
  • all-terrain, never-flat foam filled rubber wheels
  • lockable swivel wheels
  • height adjustable, leather-like handlebar
  • Convenient two-wheel mode for strolling up staircases
  • adjustable footrest with deep foot-well
  • removable bumper bar
  • XL storage basket with magnetic closure 
  • one-handed fold, self standing fold

Cybex Priam4 folded

Cybex e-Priam2 Frame Features:

The e-Priam2 frame includes all of the same features as the Priam4 frame list above and these additional features:

  • battery pack built into rear axle
  • battery chargeable on or off the stroller 
  • integrated sensors in handlebar to detect inclines and descents
  • smart hill support
  • uneven surface support
  • automatically adjust power to accommodate pushing efforts
  • rocking mode
  • App-controllable
  • battery run time between 5 and 28 miles, depending on conditions
  • 6 hour battery charging time
  • Maximum speed 3.7 miles per hour

Cybex e-Priam2


What accessories are available for the Cybex Priam?

Cybex provides an extensive range of accessories to enhance the functionality of both the Priam4 and e-Priam2, and it's noteworthy that they share the same accessory options.

Cybex Kid Board (not compatible with the e-Priam2)

Cybex Priam Skis 

Cybex Priam4/e-Priam2 Cot

Cybex Priam4/e-Priam2 Seat Pack

Cybex Insect Net


What's in the box? What comes included with the Cybex Priam4 and Cybex e-Priam2?

Both the Cybex Priam4 and the e-Priam2 comes with a rain cover, cup holder, bumper bar and Cybex infant car seat adapters.

Additionally the e-Priam2 comes with its motor, battery pack and charger.


Comparing Dimensions and Specs: Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex e-Priam2




Folded Dimensions:








Should I purchase a Cybex Priam4 or e-Priam2?

Cybex Priam4 vs. Cybex e-Priam2

For families that thrive on advanced technology, the e-Priam2 stands out as the perfect companion! The e-Priam2 is particularly beneficial for parents navigating hilly neighborhoods or rough terrain frequently. The inclusion of a hands-free rocking feature might just be the extra touch that leaves parents enamored with the e-Priam2.

If a more traditional approach is preferred and app-controlled features aren't a priority, the Priam4 still impresses and is more than capable of accompanying parents wherever they need to go. Additionally, it's the preferable choice for parents with an older child eager to hitch a ride on a ride-on board while out for a stroll with their younger sibling.

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