Can I Use an UPPAbaby Stroller for Jogging and Running?

 UPPAbaby Ridge jogging stroller with toddler in it

Yes, the UPPAbaby Ridge jogging stroller is meant for jogging and running. The Ridge offers features like responsive suspension, a disc brake system and a one-handed fold. And unlike other jogging strollers, the tires on the Ridge never need to be pumped up when you're on the go. Made by Kenda, a manufacturer of car tires, the rubber wheels on the Ridge are filled with EVA foam that provides durability and shock absorption without the need for inflation.

However, the Ridge is the only UPPAbaby stroller that can be used for jogging or running. The other UPPAbaby strollers, such as the popular Vista V2 and Cruz V2 are not designed or recommended for jogging or running. These strollers are more suitable for everyday use, such as walking, shopping, and maneuvering through urban environments.

UPPAbaby Ridge with a family sitting together

If you're interested in jogging or running with a stroller, it's advisable to choose a stroller specifically designed for that purpose like the Ridge. Jogging strollers typically have features such as a fixed front wheel (for stability at higher speeds), a suspension system and hand brake, and larger air-filled tires to provide a smoother ride during jogging or running activities. These features contribute to the safety and comfort of both the child and the person pushing the stroller during more active strolls.

Using a stroller for activities it's not designed for can compromise safety of your child, and may affect the stroller's performance.

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