Nuna PEPP Next with Nuna PIPA Car Seats

Nuna PEPP Next with Nuna PIPA Car Seats

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    The Nuna PEPP Next can be paired with any Nuna PIPA series of car seats as your travel system.

    Use the PEPP Next as an easy stroller frame during baby's first days, as a secondary travel stroller, or as your everyday ride if you're looking for a compact and lightweight stroller. You can simply open it with one hand and fold it flat for easy storage in your trunk.

    There are now five Nuna PIPA car seat models to choose from; the PIPA, the PIPA RXPIPA LitePIPA Lite R, and the PIPA Lite LX.

    Please note, when you're traveling with your PEPP Next or using it as your primary city-living stroller, the PIPA or PIPA RX may be a better travel system choice because both can be installed in a vehicle with using only a seat belt. The lite versions of the PIPA all require installation with a car seat base, so you will have to bring the base along with you.

    See this post for an in-depth look at the differences between Nuna PIPA models, or watch our video review below.

    How to use the Nuna PIPA on the PEPP Next stroller

    Secure your Nuna PIPA Series infant car seat onto the PEPP Next stroller by using the included post adapters. To attach these adapters, simply line them up with the gray line marks on each side of the stroller frame. Fasten each adapter around the frame and snap the clip into place. You can also keep the adapters attached when folding the PEPP Next for transport.

    With the post adapters, the PIPA easily clicks on top by inserting the adapters into each side of the car seat's handle, and the car seat will face the parent when attached to the stroller. To detach the car seat, look for the side impact protection (SIP) stickers to locate the grey release buttons—use both hands to press and lift the car seat off.

    Use the Nuna PIPA on the PEPP Next with the stroller seat fabrics attached, or remove them if preffered for a more seamless look. 

    1 product
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