Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

Nuna's most compact full-featured stroller is getting a facelift - the new Nuna TRIV Next retains everything parents loved about the TRIV, while getting upgraded features from the seat to the frame for the most comfortable, everyday stroller.

Without an increase in price, the $699.95 TRIV Next is lighter weight yet with larger tires and a modernized frame that maneuvers even more smoothly than before.

What exactly is different about the TRIV Next, and how did prior TRIV models compare?

This post compares the TRIV Next with the 2021 TRIV models with magnetic harness buckles.

Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

Nuna TRIV Next Video

Watch the video below for a detailed review of the TRIV Next, including comparisons with the 2021 TRIV model.

Nuna TRIV Next

The TRIV Next is Nuna's most compact stroller to date—weighing less than 20 pounds, or just 14.6 pounds when using only the frame and car seat.

You'll only need one hand to fold the TRIV or to quickly attach a Nuna infant car seat using the included ring adapter (which folds in half, too).

The TRIV offers comfort features like an adjustable footrest and handlebar, a three-position recline, and a breathable merino wool insert that can be removed to reveal a mesh seat back. An extendable, UPF 50+ sun canopy zips off and has built-in mesh ventilation plus a peekaboo window.

Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna TRIV Next Price

No changes have been made to the TRIV stroller's price, continuing at $699.95 for the Nuna TRIV Next.

Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna TRIV Next Weight and Dimensions

In spite of its larger rear tires and widened frame, the Nuna TRIV Next manages to weigh one pound lighter than its predecessor the TRIV.

Because of the wider wheel base and larger rear tires, the TRIV Next is 2.5" wider than the TRIV. However, once folded the TRIV Next measures a little over 10% smaller than the TRIV, with a slender profile when folded that is easier to stand upright and stow out of the way.

Stroller Weight

Please note Nuna measures the product weights without select components of the stroller, in this case without the seat insert, canopy, or bumper bar:

  • TRIV: 19.4 pounds
  • TRIV Next: 18.5 pounds

Weight Capacity

  • TRIV: 50 pounds
  • TRIV Next: 50 pounds


  • TRIV: 30.5-34.5"L x 20"W x 42-43.5"H
  • TRIV Next: 37"L x 22.5"W x 42-43.5"H

Folded Dimensions

  • TRIV: 25.3"L x 21"W x 17.5"H
  • TRIV Next: 24"L x 22.5"W x 15"H

    Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna TRIV Next Wheels and Maneuverability

    One of the most significant changes made to the TRIV Next is its frame design and wheel size to improve maneuverability and handling on and off pavement.

    The original TRIV, including updated versions in 2021 with magnetic harness buckles, all had relatively small wheels (around 7" in diameter for all four tires) and a frame that narrowed and curved inwards at the back. Although stable, strollers with a frame that is narrow in back and wide in the front may feel less easy to control or turn on some surfaces.

    With the TRIV Next, Nuna widened the rear wheel base for an ultra-stable feel, and made the rear tires around 2" larger at 9" in diameter while keeping the all-wheel suspension and under seat spring suspension of previous models.

    The resulting design makes the TRIV Next an all terrain stroller that's ready for the city and some light trails in the park. While it doesn't compare to the extra large tires and responsive suspension seen on the MIXX Next and DEMI Grow, the TRIV Next is a serious contender for parents who prefer a lighter weight stroller but need something that can comfortably handle those every day adventures. 

    Both strollers are built with durable, foam-filled rubber wheels.

    Wheel Size

    • TRIV: 7" front wheels, 7.5" rear wheels
    • TRIV Next: 7" front wheels, 9" rear wheels 

    Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna TRIV Next Seat Features

    Both the TRIV and TRIV Next include removable seat inserts made of a breathable, merino wool blend that's temperature regulating, backed by a mesh back window to provide air flow.

    Nuna released an updated TRIV in 2021 with the MagneTech magnetic harness buckle, which has continued into the TRIV Next with a slight modification. The original TRIV MagneTech buckle had a round shape that was relatively easy to use, but the TRIV Next buckle has a more ergonomic shape that fits easily in parents hands to release and clip in place with little effort.

    As your child grows, the 5 point harness can be modified to a 3 point harness as needed by slipping the shoulder strap loop off of the magnetic clips.

    While the canopy height is not adjustable for either the TRIV or TRIV Next, the TRIV Next canopy is designed to easily zip off from the seat to make space for tall toddlers or to make it easier to clean and maintain the canopy fabrics. Just release the canopy wires at the right and left side of the canopy (release button is highlighted by a circle of stitching) and unzip in one motion to remove the TRIV Next canopy.

    Plus, although not technically a part of the seat, a new footrest is built into the front of the TRIV Next frame to provide an extension of the calf support as your child grows.

    The overall size and shape of the TRIV and TRIV Next seats are virtually identical.

    Seat Size

    • TRIV and TRIV Next: 21" from seat to canopy, 17" from seat to footrest

    Seat Height

    • TRIV and TRIV Next: 20" from floor to seat

    Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TRIV Next Brake

    The original Nuna TRIV brake was designed to step on to lock, then flip up from underneath to release. While easy to use, this style of brake is less comfortable for parents wearing open-toe shoes, and might scuff certain shoe finishes.

    A handy update to the TRIV Next is a flip-flop-friendly brake that lets you step on to lock, but also step on to release.

    Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TRIV Next Handlebar

    In addition to frame changes like a built-in footrest and wider wheel base, the TRIV Next also sees an update to the handlebar itself.

    The original TRIV handlebar is curved in a flattened, oval shape. To improve the handlebar's comfort, Nuna designed the TRIV Next with a rounded, comfortable to grip handle shape that is more ergonomic for all-day outings.

    Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

    How to Fold Nuna TRIV and Nuna TRIV Next

    Nuna has made no changes to the TRIV fold with the TRIV Next. Both strollers are easy to fold and stand when folded for easier pickup and lifting into the car. You can fold the stroller with just one hand, freeing your other arm to hold your baby or car seat. 

    How to Fold Nuna TRIV and TRIV Next

    To fold the Nuna TRIV series strollers, first push the small button at the center of the recline lever, then lift the lever to fold the seat into the frame. It will fold about half way for now, then collapse completely in the next step.

    Simply pull up on the leatherette strap integrated into the frame, and the stroller instantly collapses. The TRIV ring adapter folds in half within the stroller frame, a feature not seen on any other Nuna strollers.

    See this video for a look at folding the Nuna TRIV Next. 

    Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

    Car Seats Compatible with Nuna TRIV and Nuna TRIV Next

    Both the Nuna TRIV and Nuna TRIV Next fit all of the Nuna's PIPA series of infant car seats using the folding ring adapter included with purchase:

    Learn more about the numerous PIPA models in this Nuna PIPA Series comparison, which explains differences in price, features, weight, and more.

    With both the TRIV and TRIV Next, attaching a car seat to the stroller can be done in one quick, easy step. Simply snap the car seat down into the ring adapter to secure, and use one hand to release the car seat by pressing a large button on the back of the car seat itself while lifting up on the handle with your other hand.

    The ring adapter design is unique to Nuna, and no other adapters are available for the TRIV, so like Nuna's other strollers the TRIV and TRIV Next exclusively fit the Nuna PIPA car seats and no other brands.

    Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna TRIV Next Colors and Fabrics

    With material features staying the same from the TRIV to the TRIV Next, the only significant difference is the addition of a new color and more leatherette detailing on the canopy.

    Both the TRIV and TRIV Next are made with soft yet easy to clean fabrics, including UPF 50+ sun canopies that are water repellant.

    In addition to ventilated seats (see Seats section above), both strollers offer additional ventilation on the sides of the canopy extension and a peek-a-boo window.

    The frame color on the TRIV Next is matte black for both fashions, while the prior TRIV paired an aluminum frame with the lighter grey fashion.

    Both strollers are available in neutral colors to fit any palette. 

    The Nuna TRIV was available in these colors:

    • Caviar black
    • Frost grey 

    The Nuna TRIV Next is available in these colors:

    • Caviar black
    • Hazelwood tan

    Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna MIXX Next Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna TRIV Next Benefits and Drawbacks

    So which is better: the Nuna TRIV or the Nuna TRIV Next? Only you can decide which stroller is best for your family, but here are the benefits and drawbacks we see.

    Nuna TRIV


    • Narrower by 2.5"
    • Roomier storage pocket at the back of the seat


    • Smaller wheels and narrow rear wheel base makes steering on rough surfaces more difficult
    • 1 pound heavier than the TRIV Next
    • Brake is not easy to disengage with open-toed shoes

    Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

    Nuna TRIV Next


    • Larger, tougher wheels with all-wheel suspension provide a smoother, easier push over rough terrain
    • Weighs 1 pound less
    • Easy to use brake is sandal-friendly
    • Better for tall toddlers with zip off canopy and built in leg rest on frame


    • Wider wheel base means the stroller's footprint is 2.5" wider

    Nuna TRIV vs. TRIV Next Stroller Comparison


    Since the TRIV Next replaces all prior models of the TRIV, you may not have the option to choose between purchasing one or the other new.

    Thankfully all of the benefits that prior TRIV models had have continued on, or been improved upon in the TRIV Next. Parents looking for a lightweight stroller will find the TRIV Next even lighter, yet with better handling on gravel or grass with the larger rear tires.

    For parents looking for a much lighter or compact stroller, the Nuna TRVL is the ideal option for frequent travelers prioritizing convenience and a smaller footprint, while parents looking for a true all-terrain stroller might compare the TRIV Next with the MIXX Next - or even the single-to-double DEMI Grow.


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