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Baby Gear Used By Our Team (And Why We Love Them!)

As expectant parents embark on their journey into parenthood, the importance of selecting the right baby gear cannot be overstated. Equally crucial is choosing the right partners to guide them along the way. At Strolleria, our mission is to provide families with a unique experience. We go beyond merely "selling" baby gear products; our objective is to furnish parents with indispensable information to make informed decisions and cherish each purchase. Our website features a plethora of educational articles through our blog and research center. Additionally, for those who prefer visual learning, our YouTube channel is an invaluable resource. Furthermore, our presence on social media platforms such as IG and TikTok provides some lighthearted fun while keeping parents updated with the latest and most relevant information in the world of baby gear.

    Why should parents shop with Strolleria?

    Strolleria Team

    Our team of gear experts is conveniently available in-store to assist parents who prefer a hands-on approach before buying. For those unable to visit our store, our customer experience team can be reached via phone, email, and web chat to address any questions before and after purchases. Our commitment to parents extends beyond the sale; they can rely on our ongoing support and guidance throughout the years of using their gear, and as their baby grows and their needs change.

    What truly distinguishes Strolleria is our team! Though small, our collective expertise in baby gear is extensive. We are dedicated to providing the most personalized experiences for each family we serve. As fellow parents, we understand your journey intimately, both now and in the future. Every item in our collection is carefully chosen based on its functionality, quality, and value. We hold our assortment in high regard—so much so that many of the products featured on our website can be found in our team members' homes. In this article, we'll introduce you to the parents on our team, delve into their favorite products, and explore how these items seamlessly integrate into their daily lives with their children!

    Introducing the parents on our team!

    Brandon serves as our CEO, guiding Strolleria with inspiration and leadership, driving us towards growth and an unparalleled commitment to delivering the best customer experiences. As a parent himself, with 3 kiddos under 10 years old, Brandon also has some personal favorites from our assortment!

    Hector, our warehouse manager, has been with Strolleria for over 3 years and plays a pivotal role behind the scenes. He serves as the driving force behind ensuring every order is packed, processed, and shipped with remarkable speed. Hector, is a proud father to his daughter Jazlyn who is 2 years old!

    Jasmin has been an indispensable member of our customer service team for 4 years. Whether you've reached out via phone, visited our store, or chatted with us online, chances are you've interacted with Jasmin. Additionally, Jasmin is currently the star of our TikTok series, BachStroller. Viewers can tune in every week as Jasmin navigates the journey of selecting the perfect stroller for her own newborn baby!

    Kyleyn has been a dedicated member of the Strolleria team for 5 years now! Balancing her busy life as a mom of three kiddos—Everleigh, age 8, August, age 6, and Scarlett, age 3—she brings a wealth of personal experience to her role. Kyleyn focuses on creating informative pages for our website, addressing all of parents' most pressing baby gear questions. Additionally, she provides invaluable support to our customer service efforts. While the rest of our team enjoys lazy Sundays, Kyleyn is tuned in to our webchat and customer service email, ensuring our customers receive the assistance they need.

    Robert has played a crucial role in our warehouse team for over 2 years, offering valuable support to both Hector and our entire team. His dedication ensures that Strolleria operations and shipping run smoothly, contributing significantly to our success. Robert is kept very busy with two kiddos Jericho age 3 and EllaJo age 2.

    Taylor has been an integral part of the Strolleria team for over 4 years now. Her daughter Poppy is almost 1 year old! Taylor holds the role of Strolleria's buyer, making her the perfect person to select all the items added to our assortment. As our leading Mom, she also serves as our brand liaison and manages customer orders with care and expertise.

    Tori has been a valued member of the Strolleria team for over 3 years. With a wide range of responsibilities, Tori's contributions are extensive. She can often be found creating product pages for our website, providing support to our customer service team, and even installing car seats—leveraging her expertise as a certified car seat technician. As a mom of two herself, with Ella at age two and Liam at 6 weeks, Tori brings both professional skill and personal understanding to her role.

    That leads us to me! I'm Stephanie and thrilled to be the newest addition to the Strolleria team. With 8 years of experience in the baby gear industry, I joined Strolleria in 2023. I'm responsible for crafting our blog articles. Parents can reach out to me via phone, webchat, or our customer service email for any questions related to gear or orders, whether past or pending. On a personal note, I'm a proud mom of two daughters, Madysen, who is 13, and Natalie, who is 10. Feel free to get in touch—I'm here to help!

    What car seats are used by the Strolleria team?

    From birth and beyond, our team loves our car seat assortment. As different families have different needs and preferences, our team's vehicles are stocked with a wide variety of car seats!

    Infant Car Seats:

    All of the parents on our team have turned to Nuna for their infant car seat needs!

    Nuna PIPA


    Jasmin is currently using the Nuna PIPA Urbn.

    • "The PIPA Urbn has worked seamlessly in every vehicle my daughter has had to ride in (we knew we’d have a few different family members help with childcare when we went back to work). It’s easy for grandparents and great grandparents to use and figure out. It’s lightweight and we love how secure it is with the pipaFIX rigid latch installation." ~Jasmin


     Kyleyn, Taylor and Tori all opted for the Nuna PIPA RX.


    • "For our last baby we went with the Nuna PIPA RX. My other two kids screamed in the car so much as babies so I was hoping this seat would be more comfortable. I wasn’t disappointed - my third did so well in the car, and looked so cozy. I loved how easy the install was, and got so much use out of the Sky Drape. It was so handy in germy doctor offices, crowded places with nosey people, and for naps on the go! Favorite feature hands down!" ~Kyleyn


    • "The PIPA RX has been our most used baby gear item and I am sad we will be transitioning out of it. The base is extremely easy to install! The materials are also very comfortable and Poppy has been able to take long trips in it and seemed very content. We love the sky drape, which comes in handy when the sun is coming in the car windows or we are out and she is sleeping!" ~Taylor


    Nuna PIPA RX
    • "The PIPA RX has been a perfect car seat for my second baby. He looks so cozy in it and it’s very easy to get him in and adjusted perfectly right from the start. The base is foolproof to install and I feel really confident with the added safety features of the load leg and rebound panel." ~Tori


    Convertible Car Seats:

    Our teams selections for Convertible Car seats is a bit more diverse!

    Kyleyn and Stephanie both LOVE the Clek Foonf!

    Clek Foonf
    • "The Clek Foonf is built like a tank - in the best way! I feel so confident that my daughter is well protected and as safe as can be. Also, we practice extended rear facing and my daughter is 100 percentile in height - she has zero issue rear facing at 3.5 years old! The Foonf definitely gives her the most leg room when rear facing of any car seat we’ve tried. It’s easy to install, has low sides for easy loading and unloading, and is beautiful!" ~Kyleyn


    • "The Clek Foonf was the obvious choice for my little one! As a parent I took a lot of comfort in knowing I was giving my daughter the best protection. Safety aside, the fabric (I opted for Cloud) was life changing for me, it truly is wipe to clean and very low maintenance. Natalie is very tiny and fit comfortably in her Foonf until age 8. She loved that this seat sat her up high and gave her visibility out the windows and the adjustable recline (even when forward facing)." ~Stephanie


    Kyleyn and Taylor both highly recommend the Nuna RAVA.

    Nuna Rava
    • "The RAVA is one of my favorites because it installs very easy and takes the guesswork out of a tight install. The materials are very comfortable and I look forward to using it more!" ~Taylor


    • "The Nuna RAVA has been one of our favorite car seats! I had tried several different car seats before landing on the RAVA, and they were all so hard to get a tight install without completely breaking out in a sweat. I can safely install the RAVA in under two minutes without  asking my husband to do it for me! My kids have been very comfortable in the RAVA as the padding is so plush.. My middle child just outgrew his RAVA at almost 6.5 years old and he’s a big guy. No complaints!" ~Kyleyn


    Taylor also uses the Britax Poplar.

    • "This is the car seat my parents use when they watch Poppy. It installs very easily and I feel comfortable having my parents install it if they ever need to move it. Poppy has already taken a few trips in it and has been very content! It comes with 2 cup holders which I know will be great as she gets older." ~Taylor


    Rotating Car Seats:

    Hector and Tori are both fans of the Nuna REVV.

    • "This car seat has kept me from countless backaches, headaches and stress free! I know there are other car seats that are impossible to configure, strap down, etc. But the Revv’s features are some of the best I’ve ever seen. The fact that it swivels 360 degrees is something that I never thought I would NEED as a parent. Its recline capability and comfortable cushion inserts is just the icing on top! Hands down the most convenient, and easy handling car seat that I’ve ever used! 100/10" ~Hector
    Nuna REVV


    • "I LOVE this car seat. It’s so easy to install and one of the easiest ones to rotate. I love that I can rotate it from the front seat if I need to, like if we’re in a parking lot stopped or getting gas, I can easily flip my daughter around to face me and then back to rear facing when it’s time to drive again." ~Tori
    Nuna REVV


    Booster Car Seats:

    Only three of us parents have kiddos transitioned into booster seats, and collectively we have experience with a few!

    Brandon, Kyleyn and Stephanie all love the Clek Oobr. Kyleyn also has experience with the Nuna AACE and Stephanie also uses the UPPAbaby Alta.

    • "Our 6 year old and loves the Clek Oobr! It's super easy for her to get in and out of herself and she feels like the queen of the castle!" ~Brandon


    • "My two older kids ride in Clek Oobrs in our main car. They love the bright fun colors and comfort, and I love the rigid latch, easy install, and security knowing that they’re safe. The aesthetic is beautiful as well!" ~Kyleyn
    Clek Oobr


    • "When my older daughter transitioned to a booster seat we started with another model and were not happy with it. We quickly transferred to a Clek Oobr because of its ease of use! The Oobr has a very defined belt path that made it easy for Madysen to begin to take on more responsibility by safety strapping herself in! Again, we went with Cloud because this fabric is so easy to keep clean!" ~Stephanie


    • "We LOVE the Nuna AACE! Like all Nuna seats, it’s very plush and comfortable, and easy to install. The depth of the seat bottom is also a great length and fits my children comfortably." ~Kyleyn


    • "My little one is very slim and very active. I opted for the UPPAbaby Alta for her because of its lap belt positioner. This feature ensues a tight fit and keeps her contained!" ~Stephanie


    What strollers are used by the Strolleria team?

    Our team looks to a variety of brands to meet their specific lifestyle needs! 

    Travel Strollers:

    • "The Bugaboo Butterfly is my favorite travel stroller because it’s easy to fold and provides a really large seat, which is important to me having taller kids! It’s plush, easy to clean, and has a great size basket for a travel stroller. It gets the husband stamp of approval too and is his favorite out of all the strollers we’ve had!" ~Kyleyn


    Bugaboo Butterfly
    • "The Nuna TRVL our most used stroller. It’s so lightweight and the fold is not only effortless, but fun. It’s super easy to attach the PIPA RX to for my newborn and I can load it in and out of my car with one arm. Bonus points for it being foolproof for the grandparents to use." ~Tori


    Nuna TRVL
    • "The Silver Cross Jet has been a great stroller for my parents. I love that it comes with a bumper bar and can fold up super compactly if we ever plan to take it on an airplane." ~Taylor

    Single Strollers:

    Both Jasmin and Taylor recommend the Nuna TRIV Next. Jasmin combines it with the Nuna LYTL Bassinet too!

    •  "The TRIV Next is so lightweight and convenient, it literally folds with one hand (and unfolds too with the help of a foot). I sometimes wonder how many people see me in the parking lot and witness the magic of this stroller! The LYTL Bassinet was the perfect accessory to have for longer outings and walks around the neighborhood when our baby was a newborn. We’ve used it for the early months–the quality materials, breathable fabrics, soft mattress, and full coverage canopy made life on-the-go with a newborn so much easier!" ~Jasmin
    Nuna LYTL Bassinet


    • "The TRIV Next has been a great daily stroller that stays in my car. It folds up so easily which makes trips out alone a breeze! It has nice size wheels so if we are in different terrains it still handles it well. The basket is a nice size and can hold a good amount of stuff if I am out shopping! Overall I think it is a great mid size stroller with a lot of full size stroller functions!" ~Taylor


    Nuna Triv Next

     Tori is loving the UPPAbaby Cruz V2.

    • "This is our “out all day” stroller. When my daughter was younger we used it for walks around the neighborhood because it’s SO SMOOTH to push. Now that she’s older , it’s our go to if we’re going to be out all day like at the zoo since there’s the most storage space in the basket and the seat is the most comfortable for her to sit in. I also have the bassinet attachment for my newborn which we use for him to sleep in overnight  (on the stand). Love that I can pop the bassinet on for a walk and then keep him sleeping and put it on the stand when we get home without interrupting any precious sleep." ~Tori
    UPPAbaby Cruz V2


    Convertible Strollers:

    Kyleyn is our resident stroller collector and has both the Bugaboo Donkey5 and the UPPAbaby Vista. Taylor has found her  needs covered by the Donkey5!

    Bugaboo Donkey5
    • "The Donkey has the smoothest ride and lots of storage! We love to take our 2 little yorkies out and they sit in the storage compartment and my daughter will play with them as we stroll! I love the canopy on the seat, it provides lots of coverage from the sun! We hope to expand our family soon and love how easy it can transform into a double stroller if we need it!" ~Taylor
    Bugaboo Donkey


    • "There isn’t a smoother stroller than the Donkey! It effortlessly glides like butter even weighed down with two heavy kids, a third on the rider board, and stuff in the under storage basket. A truly easy push! I loved how my kids had their own space that wasn’t cramped, and that both seats were equal - no one on top and no one on bottom. I loved being able to see my newborn and easily attend to my curious toddler. And Bugaboo accessories are amazing! We loved the breezy canopies and kept them on year round." ~Kyleyn
    UPPAbaby Vista V2


    • "The Vista V2 has the BEST basket ever! With three young kids, it was a game changer for all the things. Plus the seat was so comfortable for my youngest to nap and hang out, and kept the sun out of her face. Even though we mostly used the Vista V2 as a single, we loved using the riding board at Disneyland and other places that required lots of walking. Can’t recommend this stroller enough!" ~Kyleyn


    Stroller Wagons:

    With three kiddos its no surprise that Kyleyn also has a wagon in her stash to manage her tribe!

    Veer Cruiser XL
    • "The Veer Cruiser XL has been one of our family’s favorite products! It has grown with our family and now we mainly use it for our youngest (and anyone else that wants to hop in) to have a spot to eat, play, and hang out during her siblings’ sports practices and games! Mostly it’s just our 3 year old with all our stuff, snacks, and water bottles, but if we take off the tray all my kids (8, 6.5 and 3.5) can still fit and love riding. We love that we can simply hose it off after a muddy day at the fields!" ~Kyleyn
    Veer Cruiser XL


    What baby furniture is used by the Strolleria team?

    Babies require a lot of their own personal pint sized furniture. Our diverse assortment has all of our Strolleria parents covered! 

    Baby Lounger:

    Jasmin, Taylor and Stephanie all have one product in common, the BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss, is a must have!

    Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss
    • "The Bouncer Bliss was one of our favorite baby gear items in those first months! It was a great place to keep Poppy when she was getting fussy, the bouncing motion really kept her comfortable and the toy bar was a great addition that I highly recommend! The materials also remove and wash very easily, which really came in handy whenever we had any kind of accident." ~Taylor
    • "A MUST HAVE! It’s so portable and lightweight! We take it upstairs, downstairs, outside on our back patio while we have morning coffee, to grandparents’ houses. Literally the best and easiest place to keep her safe and entertained. We have the toy bar now, and she LOVES it! The material is breathable and washable, which is a huge plus." ~Jasmin
    Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss


    • "As a first time parent  you never want to take your eyes off your newborn. This portable baby lounger definitely calmed my nerves! I moved it from room to room with me while attending to daily tasks, always keeping my little one within my sight!" ~Stephanie



    Happiest Baby Snoo
    • "We only used the SNOO with our third and last baby and we loved it! It gave us so much peace of mind knowing she was safe and allowed me to let go of some of that anxiety. She loved the motion and noise. I loved checking the app each morning and seeing her trends too!" ~Kyleyn


    • "The dadada Soho Crib was easy to have grandpa put together, and looks perfect in the nursery! A timeless look that matches our home’s aesthetic. I’m excited to use it and have it grow with our little one." ~Jasmin

    Travel Crib/Playard:

    Both Jasmin and Taylor have found a lot of utility in the UPPAbaby Remi!

    • "The Remi has been our bedside sleep solution since Lucy was born. It’s so easy to break down and pack up, if needed, grandparents love it too! We’re still in bassinet mode, but look forward to using it as a portable play space as she grows. The mattress is supportive yet seems to be very comfortable for our baby, and it’s easily wipeable–convenient for those unexpected messes!" ~Jasmin
    • "The Remi has been a great playard for trips! We have already used it a handful of times and Poppy sleeps great in it! Before we had her crib set up we also used it as her daily sleep space. We also have the changer attachment and use that as her changing station downstairs and it has been so convenient! The materials are very comfortable and breathable!" ~Taylor


    High Chairs:

    Our Strolleria parents aren't able to agree on what the best high chair is, Hector uses the Peg Perego Siesta, Kyleyn uses the Stokke Tripp Trapp and Taylor uses the Stokke Clikk.

    • "Jazzy has loved this high chair from the start! From Spaghetti messes to TV & nap time, the Siesta’s recline capabilities, easy adjust-ability and various maneuvers make this high chair one of a kind! It’s also very ideal for an easy cleanup and storage!" ~Hector
    Peg Perego Siesta


    • "My kids still fight over who gets to sit in our Tripp Trapp Chair and they’re 3.5, 6.5 and 8! In fact, sometimes my husband and I will sit on it too - it’s so ergonomic and comfortable! Perfectly boosts them up to the table for mealtime plus crafting, coloring, etc." ~Kyleyn
    Stokke Tripp Trapp


    • "The Clikk is a great simple high chair! My parents and I both have it and it is very easy to set up and use! It folds up very easily and we have taken it with us for family gatherings where there is not a high chair. Baby is able to have a nice place to eat and I can enjoy my meal without having a child on my lap!" ~Taylor
    Stokke Clikk


    Smaller essentials loved by our team:

    Jasmin and Taylor both swear by BIBS!

    • "The BIBS Try-It Collection was great to try out different pacifier styles to see which ones our daughter preferred, especially since all we had were the ones from the hospital. She definitely likes the natural rubber ones over the silicone options! They’re offered in cute colors, but the Try-It Collections come in pretty neutrals, we have the Ivory and Sage ones." ~Jasmin
    • "Poppy loves the round nipples in natural rubber latex. They come in super cute colors and patterns and they are the only pacifiers she will take!" ~Taylor

    Taylor's take on Tushbaby and Slumberpod:

    • "This product has really come in handy as Poppy has gotten bigger! We have the (Tushbaby) hipseat carrier in vegan black leather, so it looks very chic and I always get compliments when I wear it! It makes holding the baby for long periods of time so much easier and also has many compartments to hold my phone and accessories. I do not use any of my other carriers any more." ~Taylor
    • "The Slumberpod has been great on trips where we are sleeping in the same room but we are still awake while the baby sleeps. It pairs great with our playard and has compartments for a fan and sound machine. I think it is a great accessory to bring on trips where parents will be sleeping in the same room as the baby and do not need to worry about having black out blinds or turning lights out before they are ready to go to sleep." ~Taylor

    Jasmin's take on the BabyBjörn Mini and the Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger:

    • "My husband doesn’t like the wrap style carriers, so the BabyBjörn Mini has been the greatest for him! It’s quick and easy to put on, it’s not complicated with a bunch of buckles, and our baby is comfortable while he walks the dogs or does some household chores. She loves to look out at the world when he carries her, and she snuggles up to mom when I wear it." ~Jasmin
    Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger


    • "The Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger has been super handy to use whenever we need a quick place to rest our baby. Whether it’s folding laundry on the bed, eating dinner on the couch in front of the TV, or getting ready for work, when we need both hands free and want a comfy spot for her to lay down, we grab the Snuggle Me!" ~Jasmin

    Kyleyn's take on Hatch:

    • "Our family is a BIG believer in noise machines and we have used Hatch since my first child’s noise machine broke around age 2. Each child has a Hatch and we now have the adult Hatch! We love reading at night to the warm glow, and getting woken up slowly in the morning from the sunrise and birds. My kids have always used red for sleep and green for okay to wake and it has been a lifesaver! They stay in the bed until it’s green. They are easy to travel with too! We are never without our Hatch machines!"  ~Kyleyn

    Taylor and Tori love Mushie toys!

    • "We have a lot of different Mushie products and love them all! The toys all come in aesthetic colors that go well with our decor. Poppy's favorite toys currently are the press pallet and stacking cups. The long sleeve bib has really come in handy lately as we have been trying new foods, which can get very messy!" ~Taylor
    • "Every single Mushie product we’ve purchased has been a hit. I have the silicone bibs for my daughter and they are so easy to clean plus super cute! I’ve found the Mushie toys to be our most lasting ones in terms of how long they get played with. There are toys I bought my daughter when she was under a year that still get picked up now that she’s 2.5 (nesting stars, stacking cups)." ~Tori

     Robert's take on the Doona Liki Trike:

    • "My kids are in LOVE with it! The Liki Trike is hands down the best and easiest bike/trike to use. It's easy fold features and quick set up make it ideal for any use." ~Robert

    Welcome to the Strolleria family!

    Strolleria Team

    We hope you've enjoyed getting to know our Strolleria parents and the products we use and love! Partnering with us makes you part of the family too! We're eager to collaborate with you, discover more about your families, and hear your reviews of the products you've come to love and can't live without!



    Strolleria is dedicated to making the baby gear buying experience less overwhelming for parents. If you have more questions about the products we love free to chat us or email us at customercare@strolleria.com.