UPPAbaby VISTA vs. City Select

Uppababy Vista vs. City Select

By Amy Venzke



The UPPAbaby VISTA and Baby Jogger City Select are so similar that anyone who purchased one stroller probably considered the other, too.

Both are convertible strollers: single strollers that can become double strollers with the addition of a second seat. Both offer reversible seats, multiple seating positions and the ability to attach infant car seats and bassinets. As a result, both are tremendously popular among parents planning for a growing family. 

So which one is better? Only you can decide which stroller you prefer, but we'll try to make the decision easier in this UPPAbaby VISTA vs. City Select comparison.

We'll explain the benefits and drawbacks of each stroller, as well as the differences between the two, like product specifications, configurations, foldability and car seat compatibility.

First, let's take a look at each stroller.



The  UPPAbaby VISTA offers plenty of flexibility. With a dozen configurations, use it with up to two stroller seats, two infant car seats or two bassinets (one bassinet is included with your purchase of the single stroller). Among the stroller's features are all-wheel suspension, a flat seat recline and an oversized storage basket accommodating up to 30 pounds.

In 2017, UPPAbaby released a new VISTA model featuring a slightly reduced size, new colors and leather handlebars on some strollers. As a result, Strolleria is offering the 2015/2016 VISTA at 20% off. See this 2015 UPPAbaby VISTA vs. 2017 UPPAbaby VISTA comparison to understand all of the differences.



Baby Jogger City Select

Kids can face you, face each other or face the world in the  Baby Jogger City Select, the convertible stroller with 16 seating combinations. Its features include a patented quick-fold technology, front-wheel suspension and a hand-operated parking brake.

In summer 2017, Baby Jogger will start offering two versions of this stroller, the City Select and the upgraded City Select LUX. Learn more in this Baby Jogger City Select vs. City Select LUX comparison.




Single stroller price

The VISTA costs about $300 more than the City Select but comes with several accessories, including a bassinet that's approved for overnight use.

  • 2017 VISTA: $839.99 and up (includes stroller frame, seat, bumper bar, rain cover and bug cover; bassinet, bassinet bug cover and bassinet storage bag)
  • 2016 VISTA with 20% off sale: $671.99 (includes all of the above)
  • City Select: $529.99 (includes stroller frame and seat)


Double stroller price

The second seat is sold separately for both strollers. Additional accessories also may be needed: Adapters are required to use an infant car seat or bassinet with the VISTA in double mode, while parents purchasing the City Select may want to purchase bumper bars.

  • 2017 VISTA: $1,009.98 and up (for single stroller and RumbleSeat)
  • 2016 VISTA with 20% off sale: $847.98 and up (for single stroller and RumbleSeat)
  • City Select: $699.94 (for single stroller and second seat kit)


Product weight (single/double)

  • VISTA: 27.5/35 pounds
  • City Select: 28/34 pounds


Weight capacity (primary seat/secondary seat)

The City Select has a higher weight limit for the secondary seat, which will likely be used by the older child when the younger child is in an infant car seat.

  • VISTA: 50/35 pounds
  • City Select: 45/45 pounds


Open dimensions

  • VISTA: 37"L x 26.5"W x 39.5"H
  • City Select: 43.5"L x 25.75"W x 38.5"H


Closed dimensions

  • VISTA: 14"L x 26.5"W x 33"H
  • City Select: 12.5"L x 25.75"W x 32.75"H



  • VISTA: Foot brake
  • City Select: Hand brake



Foam-filled tires and suspension on all wheels give the VISTA an edge in maneuverability.

  • VISTA: 8" foam-filled tires; 11.5" foam-filled rear tires; all-wheel suspension
  • City Select: 8" plastic front wheels; 12" foam-filled rear tires; front-wheel suspension



  • VISTA: 3 years (with product registration)
  • City Select: Lifetime for stroller frame; 1 year for parts



Between the single and double configurations, the VISTA and City Select can each be used in a dozen or more different ways. Both are also compatible with a skateboard-like accessory (the UPPAbaby Piggyback or the Baby Jogger Glider Board)  that can be used by a third child—or a kid who doesn't want to sit but doesn't want to walk, either.

With 16 configurations, the City Select has more seating options than the VISTA. Positioning the City Select's second seat on top of the front wheels creates more space between the two seats—allowing for configurations in which two kids face each other. (Arguably, though, the VISTA offers better maneuverability with its second seat, the RumbleSeat, positioned behind the front wheels.)

Here's a look at the configurations for each stroller.



Uppababy Vista configurations

The VISTA offers these configurations:

  1. One infant car seat
  2. One bassinet
  3. Toddler seat facing parent
  4. Toddler seat facing forward
  5. Toddler seat facing parent, RumbleSeat facing forward
  6. Toddler seat and RumbleSeat facing parent
  7. Toddler seat and RumbleSeat facing forward
  8. Infant car seat and RumbleSeat facing parent
  9. Infant car seat facing parent, RumbleSeat facing forward
  10. Two infant car seats
  11. Bassinet and toddler seat facing parent
  12. Two bassinets


Baby Jogger City Select

City Select configurations

The City Select offers these configurations:

  1. One infant car seat
  2. One bassinet
  3. Toddler seat facing parent
  4. Toddler seat facing forward
  5. Toddler seat and second seat facing forward
  6. Toddler seat and second seat facing parent
  7. Toddler seat and second seat facing each other
  8. Infant car seat and second seat facing parent
  9. Infant car seat facing parent, second seat facing forward
  10. Infant car seat and toddler seat facing parent
  11. Infant car seat facing parent, toddler seat facing forward
  12. Infant car seat and toddler seat facing each other
  13. Bassinet and second seat facing parent
  14. Toddler seat and bassinet facing parent
  15. Two infant car seats
  16. Two bassinets


How It Folds

The VISTA folds with both seats attached—although its bulkiness as a double stroller will likely prevent you from doing so. Otherwise, both the VISTA and the City Select fold easily after you remove the second seat. One perk for the VISTA: It stands on its own when folded to prevent the stroller from getting dirty. Watch the videos to see how it's done.




To start, consider removing the second seat for a more compact fold. Extend the handlebar to its longest height. Pull back on the triggers to fold the stroller, which stands on its own with the handlebar resting on the ground. The stroller locks automatically. Adjust the footrest for a more compact fold.


Baby Jogger City Select


Remove the second seat, then remove the second seat adapters. Lift the triggers on both sides of the strollers for an instant fold. Activate the lock on the side of the stroller.


Car Seat Compatibility

The UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat attaches directly to the frame of the VISTA stroller without the need for car seat adapters, while Baby Jogger's City Go requires adapters to connect with the City Select. With adapters, both strollers are compatible with several other car seats.



With the exception of the UPPAbaby MESA, which connects directly to the frame, the VISTA uses adapters to connect with:


Baby Jogger City Select

With adapters sold separately, the City Select is compatible with:


Pros and Cons

Still don't know which stroller you like better? Let's highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each.



Uppababy Vista vs City Select

All-wheel suspension, foam-filled wheels and a three-year warranty give the VISTA superior maneuverability and quality. An infant car seat attaches directly to the frame, and its included bassinet approved for overnight use is a perk—especially for parents who are already considering a bassinet for travel or the baby's earliest months. But the VISTA is more expensive and offers fewer configurations than the City Select, with a second seat that accommodates less weight.



  • Comes with a bassinet approved for overnight use; bassinet includes a perforated, removable mattress pad and a ventilated base
  • UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat attaches directly to the frame and detaches with the press of a button
  • With Infant SnugSeat accessory, toddler seat can be used from birth
  • All-wheel suspension with sturdy foam-filled wheels
  • Extra-large storage basket with 30-pound weight limit
  • Three-year warranty
  • Can fold with two seats attached
  • Canopies include large, ventilated panels



  • Double stroller costs $300 more than City Select
  • RumbleSeat is smaller than City Select second seat, accommodating 35 pounds instead of 45
  • Seats can't be configured to face each other, as is the case with the City Select
  • Additional adapter pieces required for configurations with an infant car seat or bassinet


Baby Jogger City Select

Uppababy Vista vs City Select 

The City Select is a more affordable choice that offers more configurations than just about any stroller on the market, including positions in which kids can face each other. Its second seat, equal in size to the primary seat, offers more longevity than the VISTA's second seat. But front-wheel-only suspension and plastic front wheels give the City Select reduced maneuverability, and all infant car seats require adapters.



  • Double stroller costs $300 less than VISTA
  • Stroller offers numerous configurations in which kids can face each other
  • Both seats are equal in size and accommodate 45 pounds
  • Works with infant car seats from several manufacturers



  • Adapters required for use with any infant car seat
  • Suspension is front-wheel only, with plastic front wheels
  • Belly bars are not included on stroller seats
  • Parts have a one-year warranty (lifetime warranty for frame)
  • Canopy window panels are not ventilated
  • Stroller is 6" longer than VISTA


Uppababy Vista vs City Select  Uppababy Vista vs City Select


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