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With its ability to convert from a single stroller into a double, the Baby Jogger City Select was already one of the most popular strollers on the market. In 2017, Baby Jogger one-upped its best seller by introducing a new-and-improved version: the City Select LUX.

The City Select LUX builds on the features of the City Select by adding new colors and fabrics, all-wheel suspension, four new configurations, new accessories and more. Plus, the City Select LUX manages to fold 30 percent smaller than its predecessor.

The City Select LUX isn't replacing the City Select: Both strollers will be available indefinitely. So is it worth upgrading to the LUX for an extra $100+? 

Decide which stroller is right for you in our Baby Jogger City Select vs. City Select LUX stroller comparison.

Colors and fabrics

Baby Jogger City Select vs. City Select Lux Stroller Comparison

Softer, higher-quality fabrics in five new colors give the City Select LUX a more modern, sophisticated look and feel: port, indigo (only available in specialty stores like Strolleria), slate, taupe and graphite.

The original City Select fabric has a bit more of a vinyl feel. It comes in nine colors: quartz tan, onyx blank, teal blue, amethyst purple, ruby red, titanium, silver, red and black (not pictured).


Baby Jogger City Select vs City Select Lux Stroller Comparison

Stroller fold

Baby Jogger City Select vs City Select Lux Stroller Comparison

Good looks aside, one major selling point for the City Select LUX is its ability to fold 30 percent smaller than the City Select. How? Folding on folding. Both seats on the City Select fold in half, unlike the original seats that can't be changed.

When folded, the length of the City Select is 45.5 inches. The folded LUX length is more than a foot shorter, at 31" inches.

Overall, both strollers are easy to fold: Simply pull up on two handles and the stroller instantly collapses.


The original City Select is $529.99 as a single stroller. With its upgrades, the City Select LUX costs $100 more: $629.99 for a single stroller.

As a double stroller, the City Select costs $699.94. You'll pay $130 more for the City Select LUX as a double, which is priced at $829.98. 

Use the promo code STROLLERIA20 to save 20% on the City Select and City Select LUX for a limited time!


Baby Jogger City Select vs City Select Lux Stroller Comparison

The City Select offers 16 seating configurations, making it one of the most versatile strollers around. But thanks to a new bench seat accessory, the City Select LUX adds four more configurations.

With the bench seat, which accommodates kids up to 65 pounds, the City Select LUX features 20 configurations:

  1. One infant car seat
  2. One bassinet
  3. Toddler seat facing parent
  4. Toddler seat facing forward
  5. Toddler seat and second seat facing forward
  6. Toddler seat and second seat facing parent
  7. Toddler seat and second seat facing each other
  8. Infant car seat and second seat facing parent
  9. Infant car seat facing parent, second seat facing forward
  10. Infant car seat and toddler seat facing parent
  11. Infant car seat facing parent, toddler seat facing forward
  12. Infant car seat and toddler seat facing each other
  13. Bassinet and second seat facing parent
  14. Toddler seat and bassinet facing parent
  15. Two infant car seats
  16. Two bassinets
  17. Bench seat and second seat facing forward
  18. Bench seat and second seat facing parent
  19. Bench seat and infant car seat
  20. Bench seat and bassinet

New LUX accessories

Baby Jogger City Select vs City Select Lux Stroller Comparison

Baby Jogger released three new accessories for the City Select LUX: 

  • A shopping tote, providing 10 pounds of extra storage capacity, can be added to the stroller in one of three places: the front or rear mounts (in place of a seat) or onto the back of the stroller.
  • The new bench seat for the City Select LUX holds 65 pounds, allowing the stroller to accommodate kids who have outgrown the second seat's 45-pound weight capacity. Now, older siblings can ride along by sitting on the bench seat, which includes a three-point harness and a footrest. 
  • A cup holder, which expands via elastic to hold a Venti-sized Starbucks cup, attaches to the side of the stroller instead of the handlebar.

Interchangeable accessories

Most of the original City Select accessories will also work on the City Select LUX, with a few exceptions.

These accessories are interchangeable between the City Select and City Select LUX:

  • Shopping tote
  • Weather shield
  • Bug canopy
  • Glider board
  • Most car seat adapters (see next section)
  • Parent console
  • Cooler bag
  • Handmuff
  • Carry bag
  • Deluxe Pram
  • Bassinet kit
  • Second seat kit

These City Select accessories will not fit the LUX. The City Premier accessories can be used for the LUX instead:

  • Child tray
  • Belly bar

These City Select LUX accessories will not fit the City Select:

  • Bench seat
  • LUX cupholder
  • LUX second seat adapters

Car seat adapters for City Select and City Select LUX 

All of the car seat adapters available for the City Select will also work on the LUX, with the exception of the adapter for the Nuna PIPA. Baby Jogger produced a new Maxi Cosi/Cybex/Nuna adapter specifically for the LUX.

Suspension and wheels

Baby Jogger City Select vs City Select Lux Stroller Comparison

With upgraded foam-filled wheels and all-wheel suspension, the City Select LUX has better maneuverability than the original City Select, which has only front-wheel suspension and plastic front wheels.

When strolling over uneven surfaces like brick roads, gravel paths and grass, the City Select LUX will perform better—especially when you're toting two kids.

Ease of use

Baby Jogger City Select vs City Select Lux stroller comparison

The City Select LUX features a few design upgrades intended to make the stroller easier to use. Instead of the manual lock found on the City Select, the City Select LUX auto-locks and has better access to the cross-bar for carrying.

The revised design of the LUX makes it easier to access the basket and recline the stroller seat. Plus, the LUX has integrated storage compartments on the back of the seat instead of the City Select's single storage back-of-seat storage pocket.


Baby Jogger City Select vs City Select Lux Stroller Comparison

Both strollers include a handbrake, but the City Select LUX includes two brakes in one. Activate the brake completely for parking, or touch it more lightly to decelerate when going down on a hill, just as you would on a bike.


Both the City Select and City Select LUX are great convertible strollers that will grow with your family from one kid to two (and even three, if you attach a glider board). While the essential functionality of the stroller hasn't changed, the City Select LUX comes with several upgrades—like better fabrics, suspension, accessories and brakes—that may justify the $100 price difference for some parents. 

Have more questions?

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Amy Venzke
Amy Venzke

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17 Responses

Meghan Haggerty
Meghan Haggerty

March 01, 2018

I want to upgrade my stroller. Can I use the original citi select seats with the Lux base?


November 28, 2017

Being on the tall side (6’2"), my biggest complaint with our City Select is that the handle bar doesn’t extend quite as far (high) as I would like to make it comfortable. Does the LUX extend any further (higher) than the original?


November 15, 2017

As asked by Kristen but never answered…are the seats on the Lux shorter? It seems like the canopy/seat on the Lux is shorter for my 3yr old as opposed to the canopy/seat on the city select


November 05, 2017

Are the seats on the lux shorter than the 2016 model? I noticed a height limit of 40 inches on the lux but could not find the height limit on the 2016 seats.

Amy Venzke
Amy Venzke

October 19, 2017

Hi Michelle! No, both strollers have foam-filled tires, so they won’t go flat like air-filled tires do.

Michelle Poirier
Michelle Poirier

October 18, 2017

Are they air filled tires?

Amy Venzke
Amy Venzke

June 23, 2017

Hi Klara,
The handlebar height for both strollers is the same. I’m 5’4" and the shortest handlebar position is comfortable for me.

Amy Venzke
Amy Venzke

June 23, 2017

Hi Alyssa,
Yes, you can use the City Select Lux seats on your City Select frame. You just can’t use the Lux adapters on the City Select, so you would attach the Lux seats using your City Select adapters.


June 23, 2017

I keep hearing that the handlebars are super high on the Lux. Not great if you are under 5’5". Can you tell me what the lowest handle adjustment is on the Lux vs the original? I’m not sure which to purchase as I am short!


June 20, 2017

Hi will the lux seats fit into the original stroller? I love the navy blue but already have a 2015 model stroller. Can I buy the lux seat on its own to use?


June 05, 2017

Can I purchase two new Lux seats and use them on my 2016 city select frame? I like the folding feature of the new seats

Amy Venzke
Amy Venzke

May 04, 2017

Hi Emily! The Deluxe Pram is bigger and features more plush fabric. It can be used for several Baby Jogger strollers and includes the canopy. With the City Select LUX Pram Kit, you turn the seat and canopy from your stroller into the bassinet. Also, the City Select LUX colors are only available with the LUX Pram Kit.

Emily Kemp
Emily Kemp

April 26, 2017

Hi :)
Super excited about the city select lux. I’m looking to get a bassinet to attach to it and was wondering what the difference between the city select luxe bassinet ($109) and the more expensive $199 bassinet are?
Thanks so much!

Amy Venzke
Amy Venzke

April 20, 2017

Hi Brittany, yes, you can repurpose your old City Select accessories! The fabrics won’t match, but the bassinet and second seat/second seat kit will fit on the City Select Lux.


April 20, 2017

I have the old City Select but would like to upgrade to the LUX for the sit and stand option. Could I get away with just buying the single and bench seat and use my old bassinet, car seat adaptor and second seat? I’m assuming I will need to buy the new second seat adaptors since the made improvements to it.

Amy Venzke
Amy Venzke

April 07, 2017

Hi Kristen, yes! All of the car seat adapters that work for the original City Select will fit the City Select Lux. The only exception was the adapter for the Nuna Pipa. A new adapter for that car seat and the Lux will be out in May.


April 04, 2017

Will all the old car seat adapters work on the new Lux version?

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