Should I Buy A Single Stroller or A Convertible Stroller for My First?

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If you are planning to have more children, you may opt to purchase a convertible stroller so you don’t need to buy a whole new stroller when baby two comes along. However, whether you should buy a singe or convertible stroller for your first chid is such a personal decision. There are pros and cons to either choice!

For some, it may make more sense to purchase a single stroller for baby one even knowing that in a couple years you may need to purchase a double stroller. For one, you can try to plan when you’re going to have your babies, but it is somewhat out of your control, and many times plans change! Many parents choose to extend the time between kids after they experience one or they experience hardships trying to get pregnant or they decide they’re one and done! There are a variety of reasons that come into play and could change your stroller needs - you may not need a convertible stroller after all.

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Generally single strollers are also significantly lighter and smaller than convertible strollers, and many parents don’t want to have a bigger stroller then they need. Parents may want to opt for a single stroller from the start if they want to have the latest convertible model whenever the time comes. Updates and new products are constantly hitting the market! And for some, like us at Strolleria, baby gear is simply exciting so it’s fun to be able to shop for a new stroller when needed! Plus strollers can be resold, especially in today's world with easy online marketplaces.

For other parents, they just want to get one stroller that will get them through their first baby and any future children. They don’t want the hassle of selling a single stroller, or researching new models or products. They want to invest in a convertible stroller from the start, and have one less thing to worry about in the years to come. If plans do change, they figure they still love their stroller as a single and are happy with their decision.

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Whether you choose a single or convertible stroller from the start is a personal decision - family plans, space constraints, and budget all come into play.

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