Is the UPPAbaby Vista heavy?

Is the Uppababy Vista heavy?

At 27 pounds, the UPPAbaby Vista is one of the lightest weight convertible strollers available.

Finding a stroller that meets all of your family's needs and grows with your family - yet doesn't also weigh so much that you can't easily get it into your car or travel where you need to go - can definitely be challenging.

UPPAbaby offers a wide range of strollers - most of which are lighter weight than the Vista, though no other UPPAbaby stroller can convert to a double like the Vista can. Read more about which UPPAbaby stroller is right for you in this article. UPPAbaby's heaviest stroller is the Ridge all terrain jogging stroller, and UPPAbaby's lightest stroller is currently the G-Luxe umbrella stroller.

Comparing the UPPAbaby Vista to other comparable strollers that convert to a double, it is among the lightest weight options. Weighing 27 pounds with one seat, it is comparable in weight to the following strollers:

Two convertible strollers that are even lighter weight than the UPPAbaby Vista include the ultra compact 13.6 pound Babyzen YOYO2 and the narrow yet full-sized 22.6 pound Peg Perego YPSI.

Two convertible strollers that are notably heavier than the UPPAbaby Vista include the 28.5 pound Venice Child Maverick and 31 pound Joolz Geo2.

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