What You Need to Convert the Uppababy Vista to a Double Stroller

UPPAbaby Vista V2 double with two kids in the stroller and a third standing next to it

Yes, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 can be converted from a single to double stroller, and even has room for three by adding a Piggyback board!

This blog post details what adapters you'll need when turning your Vista single stroller into a stroller for two. You may also need to purchase the Vista Rumbleseat V2+, which was redesigned in early 2024. It will fit Vista models from 2015 to present and attaches to the front of your stroller frame.

If you have an older toddler who wants a place to rest their feet but have more independence, add the Piggyback Ride-along board.

Double UPPAbaby Vista V2 with child on the Piggyback Board


All UPPAbaby Vista models from 2015 to present will be able to use the following accessories to become a double stroller:

You may not need every adapter or addition depending on how old your children are and what configurations you'll need. Let's explore the UPPAbaby Vista series configurations for two - or three!


When using the Vista for multiples, you may only need some of the above accessories. Watch this YouTube Video on How to Turn The Vista into a Double Stroller:

Here is a helpful diagram from UPPAbaby demonstrating many of these options:

can the uppababy vista convert to a double


When attaching the Vista Toddler seat and Rumbleseat at the same time, the seats can be forward-facing, parent-facing, or back to back. Although no additional adapters are required (the Rumbleseat comes with the lower adapters with purchase) you will likely want the Upper Adapters to create more space between the seats, especially when forward facing or back to back.

You will always attach the Toddler seat to the upper position on the stroller, and the Rumbleseat always goes in the lower, front position with its included adapters. These seats are not interchangeable. Here is a more detailed comparison of the UPPAbaby Vista Toddler Seat and Rumbleseat.


You can attach up to two infant car seats to the UPPAbaby Vista, so it can accommodate either siblings or twins! When attaching two UPPAbaby infant car seats, you will need the Upper and Lower adapters. You can also attach other compatible infant car seats to the Vista for twins, but will need the car seat adapters in addition to the Upper / Lower adapters. Here you can see what infant car seats are compatible with the UPPAbaby Vista, complete with links to the additional car seat adapters you may need!

When using the included Vista toddler seat plus an infant car seat, the car seat will always go on the lower position, and you will need both the Upper and Lower adapters, plus a car seat adapter if using a compatible infant car seat other than an UPPAbaby car seat model.

If your toddler is within the 40 pound weight limit of the Rumbleseat, you can attach the Rumbleseat to the front of the stroller, and have an infant car seat in the upper position using the Upper Adapters. If using a compatible infant car seat, you'll attach the necessary car seat adapters on top of the Upper Adapter.


The UPPAbaby Vista bassinet can only attach to the stroller in two configurations:

  • Upper position as a single stroller or with Piggyback board
  • Lower position with Lower Adapters, and Toddler Seat, infant car seat, or second bassinet in upper position with Upper Adapters

Due to spacing constraints, the Bassinet cannot be attached to the upper position with the Rumbleseat below.


With the Vista Piggyback Ride-Along Board, your Vista stroller from 2015 to present can accommodate an older toddler, while still carrying one or two stroller seats, bassinets, or infant car seats on the Vista frame.

This is an ideal choice if you have an older toddler who is independent, but might want a place to perch on longer outings. A convenient feature of the Piggyback board is the option to fold it up and out of the way when not in use.

Have a question about UPPAbaby Vista configurations that is not answered on this page? Please contact us by email at customercare@strolleria.com or chat, our experts are always happy to help determine what items you'll need with the Vista for your family's unique needs.