Can Baby Carriers Fit Me Being A Plus-Sized Mom?

 Baby Bjorn Harmony hanging on a hanger

Yes! Most carriers are size inclusive and fit women of all different sizes. We have found the BabyBjörn Harmony, Mushie Baby Wrap, Stokke Limas, and the Lalabu Simple Wrap to fit all bodies comfortably and easily. Let’s not forget the men too! Baby carriers are meant to be worn comfortably by moms AND dads!

Baby carriers allow parents to have a physical closeness with their baby, fostering a strong bond. The proximity can be comforting for both the parent and the baby, promoting a sense of security and attachment. Plus, they free up the parent’s hands, allowing them to perform various tasks while still keeping the baby close and comforted! This is especially helpful when you have another child to care for or you have a fussy baby.

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