Using the Uppababy Vista with Any Nuna Pipa Car Seat

Using the Uppababy Vista with Any Nuna Pipa Car Seat

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    The UPPAbaby Vista is compatible with all Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat models. 

    There are currently four Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat models. The PIPA RX, PIPA Aire RX, PIPA Aire, and PIPA Urbn.

    See our comparison of all the Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seats to learn more about the differences between the six car seat models. 

    How to use the Nuna PIPA on the UPPAbaby Vista 

    Attach a Nuna infant car seat to your UPPAbaby Vista stroller with the help of an adapter. There are a few different car seat adapters you can use with the Vista and PIPA. The Nuna ring adapter, made specifically for the UPPAbaby Vista/Cruz stroller, allows for an easy one-handed release. With this adapter, the car seat clicks into the stroller instantly and can be removed with only one hand.

    UPPAbaby redesigned their post adapter for 2020, the new Upper Car Seat Adapter is now taller to bring baby closer to you in the Vista. When using the UPPAbaby Vista as a double, the car seat adapter eliminates the need for a separate Upper Adapter—serving to both connect your car seat and create the necessary space to use the car seat in the upper position. 

    UPPAbaby created a Lower Car Seat Adapter for the Vista to be used with your Nuna PIPA. These adapters eliminate the need for a separate Lower Adapter. Your stroller can be folded with any of these car seat adapters still attached.

    Watch our quick video on how to use the Nuna PIPA on the UPPAbaby Vista stroller!

    Using the UPPAbaby Vista as a double or twin stroller with the Nuna PIPA

    UPPAbaby also offers upper and lower adapters that can be used on the Vista to create a double stroller. You'll need the upper adapters and, in some cases, the lower adapters for double configurations involving a car seat or bassinet. The upper adapter is also recommended for allowing more space between the two stroller seats.

    The lower adapter is now the same as the RumbleSeat V2+ adapter - it used to be different, but now the lower adapter will work with the bassinet, UPPAbaby brand car seat, or the RumbleSeat V2+. The lower adapters are included with your purchase of the RumbleSeat V2+, but also can be bought separately. Check out our post which explains which adapters are required for each configuration on the Vista.

    For use with twins, you can choose to use two Nuna ring adapters that click onto the upper and lower adapters, which you would use with the bassinets, or you can use the upper car seat and lower car seat adapters that are listed in the previous section. 

    Watch our quick video on how to use the UPPAbaby Vista as a double stroller, and shop the collection below!


    10 products