The Baby Jogger City Select and City Select Luxare compatible with all Nuna PIPA infant car seat models with the use of a car seat adapter.

See our comparison on the Baby Jogger City Select and City Select Lux Strollers to learn about the differences between the two strollers. 

There are five different Nuna PIPA car seat models, the PIPA, PIPA RXPIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R, and PIPA Lite LX.

Please note only the PIPA and PIPA RX can be installed in a car or airplane without the base. The PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R and PIPA Lite LX have to be installed with the car seat base.

See our comparison on all of the Nuna PIPA Series Infant Car Seats or watch our quick video to learn more about the differences between the five car seat models. 

How to use the Nuna PIPA on the Baby Jogger City Select and City Select Lux

To attach the Nuna PIPA to your Baby Jogger City Select or City Select LUX you will need to purchase this car seat adapter.  

To attach your Nuna PIPA in the upper position you will start by removing the stroller seat and matching the adapters with the right and left sides of the stroller frame. The letters on the adapters will correspond to the respective side when facing the stroller from the front (not from behind near the handlebar); the "L" on the left, and the "R" on the right. You will slide the adapter down until the gray tab clicks into place on the stroller frame. The grey buttons to release the adapters will be on the outside of the stroller. You will repeat the same process for the left side adapter. 

When you have the car seat in the upper position there are safety straps that will attach to the handlebar for increased stability. You will need to extend the handlebar to its highest setting to attach these straps. Please note these straps will not attach to the frame when you have the car seat in the lower position. 

Once you have the adapters attached to the frame you can place your Nuna PIPA (so baby is parent-facing) on the adapters by lining each side of the car seat to the posts and push down until you hear it click into place. You can check if it is secure by pulling up on the car seat handle.

To attach a Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat in the lower position on the City Select Lux you will follow the same process as before but you will attach the adapters to the second seat adapters instead of the stroller frame. Please note the second seat kit for the City Select and City Select Lux will include the second seat adapters. 

You can fold the stroller with the car seat adapters attached in either the upper or lower position but they will stick out slightly from the frame. 

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