The Agio Z4 and Peg-Perego YPSI strollers are compatible with the Cybex Cloud Q and Aton series infant car seats, using these adapters.

How to use your Cybex Infant car seat on the Agio Z4 or Peg-Perego YPSI

To attach your Cybex Cloud Q or Aton series infant car seat to the Agio Z4 or Peg-Perego YPSI, you will need to purchase these Agio Z4 car seat adapters, sold separately from the stroller. These adapters are a set of two small posts with a glossy button at the front of each used to detach the adapter from the stroller. If using your Z4 or YPSI stroller as a double for twins, you will need to purchase two of these adapters, as well as the Z4 / YPSI Double Adapters, to attach two Cybex car seats at once.

To attach the car seat to your stroller, remove the stroller seat and place the adapters on either side, with the glossy button facing forward. Then lower the Cybex infant car seat onto the adapters so baby is facing the handle of the stroller, until you hear the adapters click into place.

To remove the car seat from the stroller, you will press the small white buttons on either side of the Cybex car seat, located on the car seat near where the car seat handle rotates. While pressing down on these buttons, lift up on the car seat to remove from the stroller! You may find it easier to release one side of the car seat at a time while lifting up on the car seat handle. The adapters can stay on the stroller, but should be removed before attaching a bassinet or the stroller seat; just press the glossy buttons on each adapter and lift up to remove from the frame.