Nuna PEPP vs. Nuna PEPP NEXT Stroller Comparison

Nuna PEPP vs. Nuna PEPP NEXT Stroller Comparison

As brands compete to make compact strollers even lighter and smaller, Nuna is headed in a different direction with the Nuna PEPP Next, which debuted in July 2018.

The PEPP Next isn't smaller than Nuna's original compact stroller, the PEPP—but it's nicer with more features. Several upgrades make the PEPP Next a stroller you may want to use every day, not just for travel and quick errands.

The Nuna PEPP Next features a more sophisticated look, with a black leatherette handlebar, high-gloss black frame, upgraded fabrics and silver-accented wheels.

The PEPP Next also includes functional improvements, like added suspension for smoother maneuverability, a zip-out mesh seat for warm weather, a no-rethread harness and a bigger basket.

But in many other ways, the two strollers remain similar, with both featuring car seat compatibility, an adjustable recline and calf support, a "Dream Drape" cover that keeps your child out of the sun, and a one-handed, flat fold.

So which is a better choice: the original Nuna PEPP or Nuna PEPP Next? We'll review the differences in this comparison.

nuna pepp vs pepp next stroller comparison

Nuna PEPP vs. PEPP Next Price

With its premium features, the Nuna PEPP Next costs $100 more than the original PEPP.

However, the PEPP Next includes a child tray, an accessory not included in the purchase of the original PEPP.

  • PEPP: $249.95
  • PEPP Next: $349.95
  • PEPP travel system: $549.95
  • PEPP Next travel system: $669.90

nuna pepp vs pepp next

Nuna PEPP vs. PEPP Next Weight and Dimensions

While the size of the stroller has not changed significantly, the Nuna PEPP Next is slightly larger but lighter than the original PEPP.

Nuna PEPP 

  • Product weight: 20 pounds
  • Dimensions: 31.5"L x 21.7"W x 41.5"H
  • Folded dimensions: 31.3"L x 21.9"W x 11"H
  • Recommended use: Birth to 50 pounds

Nuna PEPP Next

  • Product weight: 16.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 35.6"L x 22"W x 42.5"H
  • Folded dimensions: 36.8"L x 22"W x 18.5"H
  • Recommended use: Birth to 50 pounds

Nuna PEPP vs. PEPP Next Suspension and Maneuverability

There's visible proof that the Nuna PEPP Next offers superior maneuverability than the original: See the springs built into the frame that help the stroller retain a smooth ride over rough surfaces. The original PEPP included only a "shock block" under the seat.

Both strollers offer swiveling front wheels that can be locked for increased stability.


nuna pepp vs pepp next stroller comparison

Nuna PEPP vs. PEPP Next Fabrics and Materials

A few aesthetic upgrades give the Nuna PEPP Next a more premium look and feel.

The PEPP Next pops with silver-accented wheels and a glossy black frame, compared with the matte gray frame and wheels on the PEPP. The fabrics on the PEPP Next are also more luxurious and lighter than on the original.

Both strollers have the Dream Drape cover seen on other Nuna car seats and strollers, which extends from inside the canopy to keep your child from squinting and sweating in the sun.

Nuna PEPP vs. PEPP Next Handlebar

Instead of the plastic handlebar on the PEPP, the PEPP Next includes black leatherette that adds a touch of luxury to the stroller.

Good news for tall parents: The handlebars on the PEPP and PEPP Next are height-adjustable, a rare feature in a compact stroller.

Nuna PEPP vs. PEPP Next Seat

The PEPP Next adds an all-season seat, a feature also seen on the Nuna TAVO as well as the Nuna Demi Grow strollers.

Unzip part of the seat lining to reveal a mesh seat back, which helps prevent the sweaty baby backs often seen in summertime.


nuna pepp vs pepp next stroller comparison

Nuna PEPP vs. PEPP Next Accessories

Your purchase of the Nuna PEPP Next includes one of the most-requested accessories for any stroller: a child tray with space for both snacks and a sippy cup.

For both strollers, the child tray, footmuff, rain cover and wheeled travel bag are available separately for purchase.

Included with either PEPP or PEPP Next are a pair of car seat adapters that allow the stroller to connect with any of Nuna's infant car seats, the PIPA, PIPA Lite or PIPA Lite LX.


nuna pepp vs pepp next stroller comparison

Nuna PEPP vs. PEPP Next Harness

With the Nuna PEPP, some assembly is required as your child grows taller: Parents must unthread the harness from its slots within the seat and re-thread the straps into a higher slot.

In a unique feature, the PEPP Next has a no-rethread harness that simply slides up and down for easy adjustments without the need for disassembly.

Nuna PEPP vs. PEPP Next Basket Size

One of the biggest downsides for any compact stroller is the lack of storage space.

Nuna addresses the problem by enlarging the basket size on the PEPP Next. The basket is now 10 inches wide instead of the 8-inch-wide basket on the PEPP, giving parents a couple extra inches to cram in a diaper bag, toys and other essentials.

Nuna PEPP vs. PEPP Next Fold

Both strollers feature the same, easy fold: Simply pull up on the triggers on the side of the frame and allow the stroller to collapse flat.

The Nuna PEPP and Nuna PEPP Next can both stand when folded, making the strollers easier to lift into the car, and can be trolleyed like luggage to avoid lifting and carrying.

nuna pepp vs pepp next stroller comparison

Car Seats Compatible with Nuna PEPP and PEPP Next

The Nuna PEPP and PEPP Next come with car seat adapters to create a travel system with any Nuna infant car seats. The strollers fold with the adapters attached.

The easiest way to attach a car seat to the PEPP or PEPP Next is by removing the stroller canopy and attaching the car seat on top of the stroller seat. 

But to reduce weight and bulk, parents can also remove all of the seat fabric from the stroller, allowing the PEPP or PEPP Next to function like a car seat frame or "Snap-N-Go."

See both car seat attachment options in the photos below.

nuna pepp vs pepp next stroller comparison

Nuna PEPP vs. PEPP Next Colors

The original Nuna PEPP is available in Graphite Gray, Night Black and Blackberry Purple.

With the PEPP Next, Nuna is simplifying the color options to mirror other strollers in its line, offering Caviar Black and Frost Gray.

All three types of Nuna infant car seats come in black, while the Graphite Gray PIPA or Fog PIPA Lite is the closest match to the Frost color.


Whether you're looking for a lightweight stroller for everyday uses, a travel stroller or simply a stroller frame that accommodates a Nuna car seat, the PEPP and PEPP Next are great options for a small yet full-featured stroller. The PEPP Next builds on the PEPP with style upgrades, as well as functional improvements to the stroller's maneuverability, storage space and all-weather seat.


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