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For many parents, the Nuna MIXX and Nuna TAVO offer everything they're looking for in a stroller.

They're sturdy, but not too heavy. They're easy to use, especially when folding and unfolding the stroller. They're compatible with one of the safest car seats on the market, the Nuna PIPA. And they offer a luxurious look and feel—without the highest price tag.

So which is better: the Nuna MIXX or the Nuna TAVO?

The MIXX is the higher-end stroller, featuring more premium materials and a reversible seat that can be removed and replaced with a bassinet or car seat. But while the TAVO's seat is not removable, it still offers features the MIXX doesn't have, like an adapter-free car seat connection and a larger ventilation panel.

In this post, we'll explain the differences, benefits and drawbacks of the Nuna MIXX and Nuna TAVO. First, let's take a look at each stroller.

Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison


The versatile MIXX is our most popular Nuna stroller, a stylish yet durable stroller that offers a smooth ride no matter where you're strolling.

In 2019, Nuna released an updated version of the MIXX and changed the name of the stroller previously known as the MIXX2.

Both MIXX and MIXX2 models are available at Strolleria (and the 2018 MIXX2 is $150 off while inventory lasts!). The 2019 model includes new colors and a redesigned seat with a no-rethread harness and ventilated seat back. See this comparison for more details of what's new for 2019.

Compared with the TAVO, the MIXX offers more rugged wheels that make it a good match for families looking to venture onto dirt, gravel and grass.

For your newborn, remove the stroller seat and attach a car seat or overnight-approved bassinet in its place—or recline the seat to its true-flat position. A reversible seat allows your child to face you when she's napping or face forward once she's old enough to explore the world.


While being a more budget-friendly option, the Nuna TAVO doesn't skimp on features. The 2019 TAVO includes a brown leatherette handlebar, upgraded fabrics, a shiny black frame, and a ventilated seat back to keep your child comfortable in the heat.

Unlike the MIXX, no adapters are required to turn the TAVO into a travel system: Simply place the car seat between the back of the seat and the bumper bar, and the car seat safely locks into place.

The video below shows the previous version of the TAVO; the stroller is the same functionally for 2019 but has updated fabrics and details.

Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Price

With its extra features like a removable seat, upgraded wheels and fabrics, and bassinet compatibility, the Nuna MIXX costs $300 more than the Nuna TAVO.

The previous model, the MIXX2, remains available at Strolleria and costs $50 less than the 2019 version. That's mainly because a ring adapter—a convenient accessory that allows for one-handed attachment of the car seat—is now included with the 2019 model.

Whie inventory lasts, the Indigo and Berry colors of the MIXX2 are $150 off at Strolleria!

Nuna allows retailers to discount TAVO travel systems by $50 when the stroller is paired with the PIPA Lite or PIPA Lite LX, making these travel systems the best value.

Nuna TAVO Travel System Prices

A $50 discount is also achieved when you purchase the Bleu or Verona colors of the 2019 MIXX and PIPA Lite LX travel system, which are packaged in the same box.

For all other colors of the 2019 and 2018 MIXX travel systems, the stroller and car seat are packaged separately, so no cost savings are achieved by purchasing the stroller and a Nuna car seat together as a travel system. (Strolleria sells all products at the lowest prices allowed by our manufacturers). 

2019 Nuna MIXX Travel System Prices

2018 Nuna MIXX2 Travel System Prices

Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison

    Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Weight and Dimensions

    Size isn't much of a differentiating feature between the Nuna MIXX and Nuna TAVO. The strollers are similar in size and can be used for the same duration. Because of its larger, more robust wheels, the MIXX is 2.5 pounds heavier than the TAVO.


    For both models, Nuna weighs the products without the inclusion of the canopy or arm bar.

    • MIXX: 26.8 pounds
    • TAVO: 24.3 pounds

    Weight Limit

    • MIXX: Birth to 50 pounds
    • TAVO: Birth to 50 pounds


    • MIXX: 44"H x 23.5"W x 37"L
    • TAVO: 42.5"H x 22"W x 35.6"L

    Folded Dimensions

    • MIXX (folded): 34"L x 23.5"W x 18"H
    • TAVO (folded): 18.5"H x 22"W x 35.6"L

    Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Configurations and Bassinet

    The Nuna MIXX offers more configurations than the Nuna TAVO because its seat can face either direction, while the TAVO seat only faces forward.

    Additionally, only the MIXX can be used with the MIXX bassinet. Why is a bassinet necessary when an infant can ride in a car seat? A bassinet allows your baby to lie flat, which is better for her neck and spine than the slightly upright position of the car seat. The MIXX bassinet also offers far more ventilation than a car seat, which, with its protective foam, tends to make babies sweaty.

    Plus, the MIXX bassinet is approved safe to use overnight when placed on the MIXX stand or any flat surface. Many families use the MIXX bassinet as baby's first bed, or at least for travel and naps at Grandma's house.

    Nuna car seats attach to both strollers, but in different ways—see the car seat compatibility section for details.

    The photo below shows all the configurations of the MIXX.

    Nuna MIXX2 vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison

    See the available configurations for the TAVO below.

    Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison

    Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Fabrics and Materials

    High-quality materials are used on both the Nuna MIXX and TAVO. The MIXX features a leatherette handlebar and bumper bar, while the TAVO features a leatherette handlebar and a fabric-covered bumper bar.

    Both strollers include a seat insert that can be removed to reveal a mesh seat back, which helps cool off your child in warm temperatures.

    See the all-weather seat on the MIXX below, as well as the ventilation panel on the back of the canopy.

    Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison

    The back of the TAVO canopy can be unzipped to open a large ventilated window. See the all-weather seat and the "Sky Smart" window in the photos below.

    Nuna MIXX2 vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison

    Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Fold

    The Nuna MIXX and Nuna TAVO fold similarly: Pull up on the triggers integrated into the frame, and the stroller instantly folds in half. For the MIXX, the seat must also be folded with the press of a button on the back of the seat.

    Both strollers lock when folded and can be trolleyed like a suitcase, making the strollers easy to transport when not in use.

    Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison

    Car Seats Compatible with Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO

    The Nuna MIXX and Nuna TAVO are designed to pair with the Nuna PIPA series of infant car seats: the PIPA, PIPA Lite and PIPA Lite LX. (See our comparison for the differences between the three seats.) The difference lies in how the car seats are used on each stroller. 

    Nuna MIXX2 vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison

    The stroller seat is removable on the MIXX, allowing you to attach a car seat in its place. The 2019 MIXX comes with the ring adapter, which makes the car seat faster and easier to snap in and out of the stroller.

    With the ring adapter, the maneuver becomes one-handed, while the post adapters included with the 2018 MIXX2 require two hands. Both types of adapters fold with the stroller. See the ring adapter in the photos below.

    Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison

    No car seat adapters are required for the Nuna TAVO: The car seat simply snaps into the seat, secured by the bumper bar. But because the seat on the TAVO is not removable, the car seat sits on top of the stroller seat, which adds bulkiness and weight. The canopy of the stroller can either be removed for a cleaner look or used in combination with the car seat canopy to create a full-coverage cocoon for your baby.

    nuna mixx2 vs nuna tavo stroller comparison

    Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna TAVO Accessories

    More accessories are available for the Nuna MIXX than for the Nuna TAVO, making the MIXX a more versatile stroller. The MIXX can be paired with a bassinet approved for overnight sleeping, and it offers every parent's favorite accessory: a cup holder for Mom and Dad.

    Nuna offers the following accessories for the MIXX:

    For the TAVO, the following accessories are sold separately:

    Nuna MIXX2 vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison

    Benefits and Drawbacks

    So which stroller is better: the Nuna MIXX or the Nuna TAVO? Only you can decide which is best for your family, but here are the benefits and drawbacks we see.



    • Seat is removable, allowing car seat or bassinet to attach in its place
    • Reversible seat allows baby to face you or face forward
    • Bassinet offers roomy, ventilated place for baby to sleep while strolling or overnight (with or without bassinet stand)
    • Larger back wheels with superior tread handle rougher terrain better than TAVO
    • Accessories such as cup holder and bassinet allow you to customize your stroller
    • Includes leatherette handlebar and bumper bar (compared with leatherette handlebar only for TAVO)
    • Storage basket has divided components to organize your belongings


    • Costs $300 more than TAVO
    • Requires adapters (included with purchase) to attach car seat
    • Weighs 2.5 pounds more than TAVO

    Nuna MIXX2 vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison



    • Costs $300 less than MIXX
    • Nuna car seat connects to stroller instantly without adapters
    • Back of canopy can be zipped open, offering more ventilation than MIXX
    • Bundled PIPA Lite and PIPA Lite LX travel systems are a better value than MIXX travel systems, representing a cost savings of $50 over buying products separately


    • Seat is not removable, which adds bulk and weight to the travel system
    • Seat is not reversible to allow parents to watch over a younger child
    • Wheels are smaller and not as rugged as the MIXX, making the stroller less maneuverable on rougher terrain
    • Accessories such as a bassinet and cup holder are not available for the TAVO
    • Seat fabric is not tailored to back of seat, like MIXX, causing extra fabric to bunch up
    • Bumper bar is fabric-covered instead of leatherette

    Nuna MIXX2 vs. Nuna TAVO Stroller Comparison


    Both the Nuna MIXX and Nuna TAVO are excellent choices for families looking for a stroller that's easy to use, durable and stylish.

    The removable seat gives the MIXX more versatility, as the stroller seat can face either direction and be replaced with a car seat or bassinet. 

    Cost-conscious parents may opt for the Nuna TAVO, which costs $300 less but still offers a number of desirable features, like easy car seat compatibility and an all-weather seat.


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