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Some baby seats bounce, while others rock or swing. But the Nuna Leaf makes a comforting movement familiar to all babies: a side-to-side sway that makes baby feel like she's in your arms.

For years, Nuna has offered the Leaf Curv, a baby seat that sways for two minutes after a gentle nudge. (The Curv refers to its curved base, a change over the original Leaf).

In July 2018, the company introduced an updated version, the Nuna Leaf Grow. While the seat offers the same soothing sway and stylish look, the Leaf Grow adds new colors, a three-position recline, and removable cushions that make it more comfortable for your child to enjoy throughout toddlerhood (and beyond, thanks to the seat's 130-pound weight limit)!

So which is better: the Nuna Leaf Curv or the Nuna Leaf Grow? We'll explain the differences in this comparison.


nuna leaf curv vs nuna leaf grow

Nuna Leaf Curv vs. Nuna Leaf Grow Price

With its additional features, the Nuna Leaf Grow costs $60 more than the Leaf Curv. The Leaf Grow also includes a toy bar, which was sold separately for the Curv. 

  • Leaf Curv: $229.95
  • Leaf Grow: $289.95

Nuna Leaf Curv vs. Nuna Leaf Grow Adjustability

Both the Nuna Leaf Curv and Nuna Leaf Grow can accommodate children from birth all the way to 130 pounds. But as the name suggests, the Nuna Leaf Grow is designed to change alongside the child.

Both seats offer a three-point harness that keeps baby safe and secure. But the harness on the Leaf Curv is not removable, requiring a toddler to sit on top of the harness.

The Nuna Leaf Grow has a removable harness and two removable cushions that make the seat more comfortable for both babies and toddlers.

Stage 1 of the Leaf Grow uses the harness, as well as a comfy infant insert that adds extra support. It's designed to use until the baby can sit up right, push up on hands and knees, or climb out. 

nuna leaf curv vs nuna leaf grow

In stage 2, to be used once the child can walk, the Leaf Grow becomes a harness-free chair where a toddler can enjoy a book or watch TV. 

nuna leaf curv vs nuna leaf grow

For both the Leaf Curv and Leaf Grow, the seat pad can be removed for a mesh seat back that keeps your child comfortable in warm weather.

nuna leaf curv vs nuna leaf grow

While the cushions for the Leaf Curv and Leaf Grow are both made with organic cotton, the Leaf Grow insert goes a step beyond with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification on the inserts, as well as the dye.

The infant insert, seat pad and toddler seat are removable and machine-washable for easy cleaning.

nuna leaf curv vs nuna leaf grow

Nuna Leaf Curv vs. Nuna Leaf Grow Recline

Because the Leaf Curv has only one recline position, it may not be reclined enough for a sleeping infant—or it may be too reclined for a toddler who wants to sit more upright.

The Nuna Leaf Grow has an adjustable recline, with three positions that keep your child comfortable at any age.


nuna leaf curv vs nuna leaf grow

Nuna Leaf Curv vs. Nuna Leaf Grow Motor

For some parents, a selling point of the Nuna Leaf Curv was the Wind, sold separately for $99.95. The small motor attaches to the base of the Leaf Curv to keep the seat swaying without you.

In the biggest downside of the new Leaf Grow, the Wind motor is no longer compatible with the redesigned seat.

nuna leaf curv vs nuna leaf grow


Nuna Leaf Curv vs. Nuna Leaf Grow Colors

The Nuna Leaf Curv was available in a single color, Cinder Gray.

The Nuna Leaf Grow accommodates a wider range of palettes with three color options: Champagne, Iron and Blush.

nuna leaf curv vs nuna leaf grow


The Nuna Leaf Grow adds new features to Nuna's long-popular swaying baby seat, like new colors, a three-position recline and two stages of cushions that make the seat more comfortable for both an infant and a toddler. 

While the Nuna Leaf Curv can be used for the same duration, it's more limited in its features, with one exception: It's compatible with the Wind motor, which keeps the seat swaying while you step away, while the redesigned Leaf Grow does not work with the motor.

With either choice, you're investing in a seat that will be a comfortable resting place for your child for years to come.


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Amy Venzke
Amy Venzke

Amy Venzke is the co-owner of Strolleria, along with her husband. Together, they have a mission to make the gear-buying experience easier on parents. Contact the Strolleria team with questions at or 480-442-9433.