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Best Nursery Furniture for Smaller Spaces

Creating a nursery is one of the most exciting endeavors as you await the arrival of your baby. Yet, if space is constrained, the task of figuring out how and where all the essentials will fit can be a challenge. Whether you're designing a nursery in a city apartment, planning to share a bedroom with your little one, or transforming a compact office into your baby's space, we've curated a list of nursery furniture specifically tailored to fit snugly into smaller spaces.

What's the best nursing chair for smaller spaces? Monte Grano Glider vs. Monte Joya Rocker:

Parents-to-be should definitely treat themselves to a comfortable nursing chair! Late-night feedings are inevitable, and a cozy chair is well-deserved. While nursing chairs can be overwhelmingly large, Monte has parents with limited space covered with both a smaller glider and rocker option.

The Monte Grano Glider provides premium comfort with its intuitive recline and pop-up footrest, accompanied by an included lumbar pillow for added support. With the smallest footprint among Monte's glider assortment, measuring just 28 inches wide and an overall stationary depth of 32 inches, the Grano Glider is perfect for spaces with limited room.

If parents prioritize comfort but require the most compact option, the Monte Joya Rocker proves to be the most practical choice, measuring just 26 inches wide with an overall stationary depth of 31 inches. It also comes with an included lumbar pillow for added support. 



What's the best crib for smaller spaces? Stokke Sleepi:

The Stokke Sleepi Crib  is ideal for smaller spaces. Its unique oval design occupies less floor space compared to traditional cribs. Additionally, equipped with wheels, it can be effortlessly moved from room to room, smoothly passing through standard doorways. The Stokke Sleepi is available as the Stokke Sleepi Mini, a petite-sized bassinet perfect for bedside use. Extension pieces can be purchased separately for conversion to a crib. Alternatively, the Sleepi can be bought as a full-size crib, convertible to a toddler bed for use up to 5 years old!

What's the best bedside sleep system for smaller spaces? Nuna COVE Aire Go:

The Nuna COVE Aire Go is a multi-functional unit, serving as a bassinet, travel crib, and playard. It's perfect for smaller bedrooms as a bedside sleeper thanks to its narrow design. While its length aligns with the most popular travel crib/playard models, it stands out by being 6 inches narrower than standard options, making it the optimal choice for families with limited space!

What's the best Playard for smaller space? UPPAbaby Remi

As mentioned earlier, the Nuna COVE Aire Go serves as an excellent bedside sleep system and also functions as a Playard. However, for those preferring a full-size Playard, the UPPAbaby Remi earns its spot on our list for its versatility. The UPPAbaby Remi can be utilized as a bassinet, travel crib, and Playard, but unlike the Nuna COVE Aire Go, it can also be paired with a changing station and a diaper caddy. By combining the Remi with its corresponding accessories, parents can maximize the utility of this system and eliminate the need for additional furniture like a standalone changing station and diaper organizer. UPPAbaby also provides a UV-protected canopy that offers full coverage and mesh netting to keep bugs away—perfect for families who enjoy spending time outdoors!

What's the best baby lounger for smaller spaces? BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss:

The BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss is an essential favorite among parents! Its simple yet intentional design enables babies to self-soothe. Even the slightest movement from baby will prompt the Bouncer Bliss to gently bounce, inducing a sense of calm. This bouncer can be fully collapsed to a flat position for convenient storage under a bed or in a closet. Its portability also proves invaluable for weekend getaways or simply moving from room to room, allowing parents to keep their baby close while attending to daily tasks. Furthermore, its cover can be effortlessly removed for cleaning, offering ultimate convenience for parents. We can't emphasize enough how fantastic this compact piece of baby furniture is!

What's the best high chair for smaller spaces? Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair vs. Peg Perego Siesta vs. guzzie+Guss Perch Portable Hanging High Chair:

Three highchair options have made it onto our list for their unique ability to fit smaller spaces. Let's begin with the Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair. Crafted to allow baby to pull up right to the family dining table, the Tripp Trapp promotes family bonding at mealtime by including baby in every dining experience. When not in use, it can be pushed into the table just like any other chair. The Tripp Trapp also offers longevity; it can be paired with the Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn Set for use from birth as a baby lounger. Additionally, it can serve as a toddler seat and a big kid chair after its use as a highchair, supporting weights of up to 220lbs!

The guzzie+Guss Perch Portable Hanging High Chair is an excellent option for families with smaller dining areas and counter-height tables or those who dine at kitchen islands. This Portable Hanging High Chair easily attaches to tables, counters, and island bars. Additionally, it comes with a travel bag, serving a double-duty utility for frequent travelers.

The Peg Perego Siesta High Chair is a traditional high chair, and although it doesn't have a compact footprint, we've included it on our list because of its foldability. While the Stokke Tripp Trapp is the ideal space-saving high chair for families with standard-height tables, it can't be pulled up to counter-height tables. The previously mentioned guzzie+Guss Perch Portable Hanging High Chair is useful for counter-height tables, but for those who prefer a more traditional approach to baby feeding, the Peg Perego Siesta High Chair is the way to go. It boasts four wheels for smooth sliding from room to room and features a recline mechanism, allowing the high chair to also be used from birth as a baby lounger. When not in use, the Siesta offers a compact fold for space-saving storage!

What's the best changer for smaller spaces? Natart Matty Changer:

The Natart Matty Changer stands out as an ideal option for parents dealing with limited space. This foam changer conveniently fits directly on top of a standard dresser, effectively transforming your clothes storage system into a versatile changing station. Equipped with grips to prevent sliding and a safety harness, the Matty changer ensures security and peace of mind. Moreover, it is easy to wipe clean, adding to its practicality and convenience.

What's the best baby bath for smaller spaces? Stokke Flexibath:

As pint-sized as babies are, their bath tubs can take up a lot of room! This obstacle in your bathroom can be very inconvenient—especially if you only have one shower space! Moving a baby tub in and out as you trade off bathing time with your baby can become a tiresome routine. The Stokke Flexi Bath has the ability to fold and be neatly tucked away in the bathroom. No need to have your bathroom occupied by a bulky tub when it's not baby bath time! Additionally, you can add on the Newborn Support for easy bathing from birth or the Flexi Bath Stand for parents suffering from back pain that prevents them from bending over for extended periods. Bath time should be comfortable for both baby and caregiver!


Regardless of the space available in your home, with smart decisions, parents can ensure that all the essentials fit seamlessly! Families need not compromise on quality, comfort, or convenience and can design a nursery perfectly tailored for their bundles of joy, even within limited space!



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