2019 Nuna PIPA vs. 2018 Nuna PIPA Car Seat Comparison

2019 Nuna PIPA vs. 2018 Nuna PIPA Car Seat Comparison

In 2019, Nuna added one more reason to choose its best-selling Nuna PIPA infant car seat.

In addition to being ultra-safe, stylish and compatible with a wide variety of strollers, the 2019 Nuna PIPA is one of the few that's also free of flame-retardant chemicals.

No changes were made to the Nuna PIPA Lite or Nuna PIPA Lite LX in 2019, aside for a few additional colors.

Read on to learn more differences between the 2019 Nuna PIPA and the 2018 Nuna PIPA.

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2019 Nuna PIPA vs. 2018 Nuna PIPA Car Seat Comparison

2019 Nuna PIPA vs. 2018 Nuna PIPA Colors and Fabrics

For 2019, Nuna is streamlining its color palette across its line of strollers, car seats and in-home gear. You'll find neutral colors such as Caviar Black, Frost and Granite Gray, and Aspen Blue on most of Nuna's 2019 products.

Each car seat in the 2019 Nuna line will come in new colors designed to match with the Nuna MIXX, TAVO, DEMI Grow and PEPP Next strollers. 

Plus, every color of the 2019 Nuna PIPA now features a brown leatherette handle instead of the previous plastic handle.

The 2019 Nuna PIPA is available in these colors:

  • Birch, an off-white with gray seat
  • Caviar Black
  • Frost, a lighter gray
  • Granite, a darker gray 

2019 Nuna PIPA Color Options

The Nuna PIPA Lite is currently available in these colors, with new colors coming later in 2019 at an undetermined date:

  • Aspen Blue
  • Ebony Black (transitioning to Caviar Black with brown handle later in 2019)
  • Granite Gray
  • Sage Green (coming later in 2019)

Nuna PIPA Lite in Ebony, Fog, and Aspen

The PIPA Lite LX is available in these colors:

  • Aspen Blue 
  • Caviar Black
  • Granite Gray 
  • Frost Gray
  • Birch 

Nuna PIPA Lite LX Full Color Options

2019 Nuna PIPA vs. 2018 Nuna PIPA Fabrics

New for the 2019 model, the Nuna PIPA is free of flame retardant chemicals, as the PIPA Lite and Lite LX models already were. 

While exposure to flame retardants has not been directly correlated with health conditions, some experts are concerned that chemicals in car seats can break down and allow children to touch or inhale harmful toxins.  

According to a 2018 study by the nonprofit Ecology Center's Healthy Stuff program, 80 percent of the car seats tested contained chemical additives that have been associated with a range of health effects and environmental concerns.

Previous Nuna PIPA models do not have flame retardants in materials that touch the baby, only in the foam of the car seat. The 2019 PIPA has no flame retardants in the foam of the car seat.

The materials used for the PIPA Lite and Lite LX are not changing for 2019. While the PIPA Lite uses a soft, jersey-like polyester, the PIPA Lite LX is made with merino wool, which is hypoallergenic and helps regulate the baby's body temperature.

2019 Nuna PIPA vs. 2018 Nuna PIPA Price

Prices are not changing for the Nuna PIPA series in 2019. The car seats are sold at these prices:

  • Nuna PIPA: $299.95
  • Nuna PIPA Lite: $349.95
  • Nuna PIPA Lite LX: $399.95


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