Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna MIXX2 Stroller Comparison

Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna MIXX2 Stroller Comparison

First came the Nuna MIXX, a luxurious yet affordable stroller with must-have features like a reversible seat, simple fold and easy car seat compatibility.

Then came the Nuna MIXX2, a new version with stylish upgrades like a leather handlebar and chrome-accented wheels.

And now, for the 2019 model, Nuna is going back to the MIXX.

But despite the retro name, the Nuna MIXX is actually an upgraded version of the MIXX2 that includes a redesigned seat and new colors.

In this comparison, we'll review the differences between the Nuna MIXX (the model for 2019-2020) and the Nuna MIXX2 (the previous model).

In late 2020, Nuna released a new version of the stroller, the MIXX Next. Learn more in this Nuna MIXX Next vs. Nuna MIXX comparison. The MIXX has since been discontinued.

Nuna MIXX Review

See the video below for a look at the Nuna MIXX released in 2019. In this video, we showcase the new colors and features for the MIXX, as well as cover frequently-asked questions like configurations and compatible car seats.

Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna MIXX2 Price

The price of the Nuna MIXX has increased by $50 to $649.95, as it comes with a free ring adapter, previously sold separately. The ring adapter allows parents to quickly attach and detach the car seat with only one hand, making the MIXX travel system one of the easiest to use.

The MIXX can be paired with any of Nuna's five infant car seats. See our Nuna PIPA comparison for the differences between them.

Here are the prices for each model.

    2019 Nuna MIXX vs. 2018 Nuna MIXX2 Stroller Comparison

    Nuna MIXX vs. Nuna MIXX2 Seat and Harness

    The primary difference between the Nuna MIXX and the Nuna MIXX2 is the seat of the stroller. For 2019, Nuna has redesigned the seat of the stroller to include a mesh back and a no-rethread harness, as well as lengthened the seat by 1.3 inches.

    All-Season Seat

    The 2019 edition of the MIXX features Nuna's unique all-season seat, in which the seat liner can be removed to reveal a mesh seat back. The mesh helps alleviate one of a parent's top summertime concerns: a kid who's getting too hot and unhappy for strolling. 

    The same type of seat is also seen on the latest versions of Nuna's other stroller models, the Demi Grow, TAVO and PEPP Next.

    The 2019 MIXX seat also includes an insert made of bamboo, a natural fiber that wicks moisture away from your child to keep her cool and comfortable.

    2019 Nuna MIXX vs. 2018 Nuna MIXX2 Stroller Comparison

    No-Rethread Harness

    Another advantage of the 2019 seat: The no-rethread harness means you won't have to insert the harness through slots to adjust it, as you will on the 2018 model. That means easier, faster adjustments as your child grows with the 2019 MIXX.

    2019 Nuna MIXX vs. 2018 Nuna MIXX2 Stroller Comparison

    Seat Height

    The seat height on the 2019 MIXX has been raised by 1.3 inches (to 45.6 inches), providing a little extra space for a growing child.

    Seat Pocket

    One drawback of the redesigned seat: Now that the seatback is mesh, there is no longer a storage pocket on the back of the seat. The MIXX2 features a pocket on the back of the seat for stashing your phone and other small accessories.

    2019 Nuna MIXX vs. 2018 Nuna MIXX2 Colors

    The 2019 Nuna MIXX is available in five new colors. Granite, Birch and Caviar are sold as standalone strollers and include brown leatherette details.

    • Caviar Black
    • Granite Gray
    • Birch, featuring a beige canopy and gray seat
    2019 Nuna MIXX vs. 2018 Nuna MIXX2 Stroller Comparison

    Two additional colors, Bleu and Verona, are sold in the same box as a matching PIPA Lite LX car seat. Both include a herringbone pattern intertwined with tweed, as well as black leatherette details.

    2019 Nuna MIXX vs. 2018 Nuna MIXX2 Stroller Comparison

    The Nuna MIXX2 can be paired with a PIPA, PIPA Lite or PIPA Lite LX car seat of your choosing.

    The 2018 MIXX2 is available in these colors:

    • Indigo Blue
    • Caviar Black
    • Berry Red
    2019 nuna mixx vs 2018 nuna mixx2 stroller comparison

      2019 Nuna MIXX vs. 2018 Nuna MIXX2 Accessories

      The 2019 Nuna MIXX is sold with an extra accessory not included with the 2018 MIXX2: the ring adapter that simplifies the use of a car seat on the stroller. Sold separately, the ring adapter is $49.95.

      The 2018 MIXX2 includes a set of car seat adapters shaped like two posts. The car seat clicks onto the adapters when you align each side of the seat onto the adapters and clicks off by pressing two buttons on the side of the car seat. For both attaching and detaching the car seat, two hands are required.

      The 2019 MIXX includes a ring-shaped adapter that makes the process one-handed. Simply drop the car seat on top of the adapter for an instant click, then release it by pressing one large button on the back of the car seat. 

      Many new parents struggle with attaching the car seat to the stroller—especially when there's a crying (and heavy!) baby inside. The ring adapter is an item that makes a new parent's life just a little bit easier.

      2019 Nuna MIXX Stroller Side View

      For 2019, Nuna is no longer including a rain cover with your purchase of the MIXX stroller—it's now sold separately for $39.95. The 2018 MIXX2 includes a rain cover with purchase.


      Although Nuna dropped the MIXX2 name from the Nuna MIXX, the latest version includes more features than before. The 2019 model includes a removable seat fabric for a mesh backing on warm days, as well as a bamboo insert that helps keep your child comfortable, a no-rethread harness, and an included ring car seat adapter.

      Otherwise, the 2019 version has all the same great features that have made the Nuna MIXX2 one of our most popular strollers.


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