Will I need another seat before a booster after the Nuna REVV?

Nuna REVV with toddler in it turned towards the door and Dad

Yes, you will most likely need another seat after the Nuna REVV before your child is ready for a booster seat. The lower height and weight limit of the Nuna REVV is one of the only negatives about the seat.

The REVV is outgrown when your child is either 43 inches or 40 pounds - whatever comes first. That is an average four-year-old. At four-years-old, a child is not ready for a booster seat. A child must be 40 pounds to ride in a booster seat. However, they are much more ready for a booster seat between 5 to 6 years old when they can be mature enough to sit the correct way in the seat the entire ride without leaning forward, slouching, playing with the shoulder belt, goofing off, etc. They should be able to stay awake, and if they do need to fall asleep, they should know how to fall asleep without slouching over. Booster readiness is more about maturity than age/weight (as long as they meet the minimum requirements). Remember when your child is in a harnessed seat, it’s your job to keep them safe, but when they are in a booster seat, it’s their responsibility to keep themselves safe!

Since the REVV is outgrown earlier than other convertible car seats, you will want to transition your child to another harnessed seat - preferably one that becomes a booster seat later on.

Girl in Nuna EXEC booster mode next to forward facing Nuna EXEC in harness mode next to baby in Nuna EXEC rear facing

If you want to stick with Nuna, we recommend the Nuna EXEC as it becomes a booster seat too. Another great more affordable option is the Britax Grow With You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat. This seat is great because you are not paying for a mode you will not use (rear-facing). This combination seat is only forward-facing and becomes a booster when your child is mature and ready!

Two kids side by side in Britax Grow With You seat - one in harness mode, one in booster

It may seem like the Nuna REVV is outgrown pretty early, but you can always reuse the seat for a younger sibling as the REVV has a 10-year expiration date! It’s most helpful for loading children in rear-facing mode so most parents don’t miss the rotation feature once their children are forward facing and able to get in on their own.

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