Why Do Babies like the mamaRoo Baby Swing?

Baby in mamaRoo having fun with the mobile

Babies love the mamaRoo Baby Swing because it's uniquely designed to mimic your own movements and natural rhythms, providing a familiar and secure space for your baby! The five different motions, speeds, and sounds, help you customize it to your little one's preferences to keep them entertained and content. 

Parents love the mamaRoo too! It's aesthetically pleasing, doesn't take up a huge amount of room like traditional swings, entertains their baby so they can get a break or attend to their tasks, and is easy to use! Plus the mamaRoo can be controlled by your phone on the 4moms app! The new Find Your Roo™ feature on the app even helps to discover the perfect combination of motion and speed that best imitates your own movements. 

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