Which Bugaboo converts to a double stroller?

which bugaboo converts to a double stroller

Bugaboo makes one stroller that can convert to a double, the Bugaboo Donkey2.

You can order the Donkey2 as a Mono (single) version for one child and purchase a second seat when your family grows, or purchase the Donkey for use for siblings and twins right away in Duo and Twin modes.

To turn your existing Donkey2 from a single to a double, you can purchase the Duo Extension Set Complete for a complete second seat in several pre-set color combinations, or you can built your own custom second seat by purchasing the Duo Extension Set Base, Duo Seat Fabrics, and a second Sun Canopy.

In addition to the convertible Donkey2 model, all other single strollers by Bugaboo can be used for an older toddler and younger sibling with the addition of the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board and adapters if needed.

Can the Bugaboo Fox be a Double?

Bugaboo designed the Fox model to be both light weight and extremely durable, with a sleek frame that is lighter than many full-featured single strollers. Sadly the Fox does not turn into a double stroller and only has space for one seat.

However, if your older child is active but wants a place to rest their feet while you're out and about, add the Comfort Wheeled Board to the back - no adapters needed! This ride-along board also has a unique bicycle-type seat so it can support children older than 18 months that can sit, walk and hold themselves without assistance.

Although the Fox cannot be a double stroller, it can adapt to support your growing family!

Can the Bugaboo Cameleon3 be a Double?

Much like the Bugaboo Fox, the versatile Cameleon3 is designed to be a sturdy but lightweight single stroller that supports one child from birth until they no longer need a stroller!

You can use the Cameleon3 with two children by adding the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board along with the Cameleon3 adapters, as long as your older toddler is over 18 months and can sit, walk and hold themselves up without assistance. It's great for a growing family with a newborn on the way and an older child who is active but wants a place to perch on longer outings.

Can the Bugaboo Bee5 be a Double?

Your Bugaboo Bee5 has the option to add the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled board for an older toddler, and this accessory attaches to your stroller frame without adapters! If you have the prior model, the Bee3, you will need an adapter to attach it to your stroller. The Comfort Wheeled board is intended for use with a child who is at least 18 months and can sit, walk and hold themselves up without assistance.

While the Bee5 is an ultra compact but full-featured single stroller, it has the capacity to carry two children by adding the ride-along board. A second seat cannot be added to the Bugaboo Bee models. 

Can the Bugaboo Ant be a Double?

Bugaboo's smallest stroller, the Ant, is designed to be a convenient and compact travel option for one child. However, just like the Bee5 the Bugaboo Ant can support an older sibling as well on the Comfort Wheeled Board accessory, which attaches to the Ant without use of adapters.

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