Which Baby/Toddler Mattress Do I Need?

 Baby in crib with Naturepedic mattress

When selecting a baby mattress it’s important to choose one that is very firm. Babies need to sleep on flat, firm mattresses. Beyond that it is really up to you on what mattress you purchase.

Many parents are looking to buy a clean mattress that is free of chemicals and allergens. Naturepedic is a brand we sell that’s devoted to safer, healthier sleep by making mattresses without the use of harmful chemicals often found in conventional mattresses. The use of organic materials free of allergens also makes it a great option for those with allergies or sensitivities. They even offer breathable mattresses!

Another mattress brand we carry is Bundle of Dreams. They also focus on healthier sleep, and offer 100% breathable and non-toxic mattresses plus innovative technology for cooler sleep.

Some mattresses are dual sided with one side being firm for baby and the other being a bit less firm for toddler. Naturepedic and Bundle of Dreams offer this as well! Look for the word “2-stage” if this is an important feature for you!

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