What to look for when buying a jogging stroller?

Woman jogging with a Bumbleride jogging stroller

When buying a jogging stroller, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Here's a checklist of what to look for:

  • Safety Features: Safety should be top priority. Look for a jogging stroller with a secure, adjustable harness to keep your child safely strapped in and ensure it has a wrist strap or safety tether to prevent the stroller from getting away from you while jogging, especially while jogging hills.
  • Wheel Size and Configuration: Opt for a stroller with larger, air-filled tires, as they provide better shock absorption and a smoother ride. A three-wheel configuration with a lockable front wheel is ideal for stability during jogging, but it should be able to swivel for maneuverability when walking.
  • Suspension System: Check if the stroller has a suspension system, as it helps absorb shocks and vibrations, providing a more comfortable ride for your child, especially on uneven terrain.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: An adjustable handlebar accommodates parents of different heights and ensures a comfortable push.
  • Reclining Seat: A multi-position reclining seat allows your child to sit up or take a nap comfortably during longer outings.
  • Canopy: Ensure the stroller has a large, extendable canopy with UPF sun protection to shield your child from the sun and elements.
  • Folding Mechanism: Look for a stroller with a user-friendly folding mechanism, as you'll want it to be easy to fold and transport.
  • Brakes: Check for reliable brakes, both handbrakes for jogging and foot brakes for when you come to a stop.
  • Storage Space: Consider the stroller's storage capacity, including under-seat baskets, pockets, and compartments for your essentials.
  • Travel System Compatibility: If you plan to use the stroller with an infant car seat, ensure it's compatible with your car seat brand and model. 
  • Weight and Size: Consider the stroller's weight and dimensions, especially if you have limited storage space or need to transport it frequently.
  • Price and Budget: Determine your budget and look for a stroller that offers the features you need within your price range.
  • Brand Reputation: Research the brand's reputation, read reviews, and seek recommendations from other parents to ensure you're choosing a trusted and reliable product.

These are all features to look into when buying a jogging stroller! Some may not be as important to you as others, but they're good to consider. 

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