SNOO vs mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet | Bassinet Comparison

Mom putting baby in SNOO and mom next to MamaRoo bassinet

The SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet and the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet have a few things in common, but they're also quite different. Both bassinets are approved for overnight sleep from the newborn days to about 6 months old. Both bassinets use movement and sound to soothe baby, as well as an app to control the movement and sounds. However, that's about where the similarities end.

The SNOO is a smart bassinet that actually responds to baby's cries. It gently rocks baby all night, but when baby fusses or cries, the rocking gets quicker and the volume of the white noise gets louder. It works through different stages and if baby resettles, it will resume going slower. If baby does not resettle it alerts the parents that their baby needs them. Another major difference between the two bassinets is the SNOO uses a sleep sack that's attached to the bassinet to prevent the baby from rolling. This keeps baby on his or her back throughout the night - the safest position for babies to sleep. The SNOO app also shows you how the night or nap went, when baby woke up, when the SNOO responded, and when baby was fast asleep, helping to determine daily trends. 

Mom with hand on her happy, smiling baby in the SNOO

The mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet comes at a much lower price point than the SNOO, but still offers the soothing sounds and gentle movement babies love so much. However, with the mamaRoo the baby is not strapped in and it does not respond to your baby's cries. Instead when your baby is fussy, you can adjust the sounds and movement on the bassinet itself or on the 4moms app.

Mom switching the MamaRoo bassinet on

Both the SNOO and mamaRoo are aesthetically pleasing bassinets and offer a way to help soothe your baby back to sleep. 

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