Should I put my baby in a stroller seat or car seat?

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Clicking a compatible infant car seat into your stroller is very convenient, especially when your baby is napping during those quick errands! However, when do you stop doing this?

Every situation is unique and it will depend on what stroller you have or if you have a bassinet option. It’s important to note many strollers are not approved for newborns unless you have a bassinet option. If you have a bassinet, it’s always recommended to use the bassinet for longer outings or if you plan for baby to take a nap. Clicking car seats into strollers is a great option to have, but babies should not be in their car seat for long periods of time. It’s better for their developing neck and spine to lie flat like in a bassinet or stroller seat approved for newborns.

Once your baby is old enough for the stroller seats (around 6 months for most), you have the option of having them ride in the seat or clicking their car seat into the stroller. You can decide what works best based on your outing - for example how short or long, where you are, what you’ll be doing, if baby is sleeping, etc.

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Most babies by 6-9 months prefer the stroller seat over the car seat. They are getting more active, sleeping less when out and about, and love interacting with you and the world! At this age, most parents begin leaving the infant car seat in the car and putting their baby right into the stroller seat for outings.

By 12 months many babies outgrow their infant car seat. Convertible car seats - the next step in your child’s car seat safety journey - do not fit on strollers and are meant to stay installed in the car. From then on the child will be in the stroller seat for all outings! 

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*remember you can also mix and match brands if there are adapters*

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