2024 Nuna CUDL Carrier Release Date

2020 nuna cudl release date

Here to check out the 2024 Nuna CUDL?

No changes have been made to the Nuna CUDL in 2022, however an additional carrier model from Nuna - the Nuna CUDL Clik - is now available.

Features that make the CUDL Clik unique include all-over cooling mesh fabrics, a buckled waistband versus the original CUDL's velcro band, and integrated breeze cover shields your child on cool and windy days.

Nuna last redesigned the CUDL carrier earlier in 2020 to make it easier to use and more comfortable for both parent and child. Updates for 2023 are unlikely for the CUDL, but we will update this page if any changes are announced.

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What are the differences between the Nuna CUDL and CUDL Clik?

Both carriers feature breathable mesh fabrics, but the CUDL has warmer lined materials whereas the CUDL Clik is designed for warmer climates. The CUDL waistband secures with a wide velcro band, while the CUDL Clik snaps in place with buckles, and the included storage pocket is removable on the Clik but stitched on for the original CUDL. An additional feature to the Clik, the CUDL Clik's integrated breeze cover provides shelter from the elements.

    The Nuna CUDL and CUDL Clik can be worn on your front from birth (with baby facing the parent or facing forward) or on your back for an older child up to 3 years old. The CUDL offers convenient features like magnetic closures, breathable mesh fabrics, an integrated infant booster, and an extra-thick waist strap that adds back support.