New Brand At Strolleria: Hatch!

 Little girl sleeping with Hatch Rest with it glowing yellow

We’re excited to announce a new brand at Strolleria: Hatch! Hatch brings devices to make your little one (and you!) sleep better!

The popular Hatch Rest Nightlight and Sound Machine is made for littles, and loved by parents. From sounds to soothe your newborn to cues that teach your little kid to stay in bed until a reasonable hour, Rest is the dream machine that helps your child sleep at every age and stage. 

Strolleria also carries the must have Hatch Rest Go Portable Sound Machine! Easily clips onto your stroller for soothing sounds while on the go! The Hatch Rest Go lasts all day with a single charge and has 10 different peaceful sounds. 

And don't forget the parents! Hatch Restore 2 helps you get a restful night sleep! This sunrise alarm clock and sound machine supports your natural sleep patterns, with gentle waking and soothing nature-inspired sounds. Its dimmable clock and compact design make it perfect for your bedside table. Plus, simple controls allow for a phone-free experience. 

Hatch Restore 2 on a nightstand glowing

Hatch doesn't only make sleep products. They also make a smart changing pad, called GrowThis smart changing pad includes a built-in wireless scale and syncs with the Hatch Baby App to easily record health metrics like nursing sessions, sleep, and pumping amounts. It effortlessly helps to keep an eye on your little one's growth.

Baby on Hatch Grow smart scale with parent holding phone connected to app


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