Is a double stroller needed with a 3+ year old and newborn?

 Double Vista V2

This question does not have a black and white answer. It depends on your child’s personality, temperament, and needs, as well as your lifestyle and outings you regularly do. If you frequently visit amusement parks, for example, you will likely benefit from a double stroller. A convertible stroller - a single stroller that can become a double - is a great option to consider as well since once your older child is done with the stroller you can go back to pushing a single stroller. 

Some 3+ year olds still need or want a stroller seat, making a double stroller necessary if you also have a younger sibling. Other 3+ year olds are done with strollers and a double stroller would be a waste. Then there are others that are mostly done with the stroller, but when a new baby comes they all of a sudden want to be back in the stroller. For this situation, you may be able to get through these few months by baby wearing the newborn until your older child decides they don't want to ride anymore. 

For those wanting an option for their older child, but not a full blown double stroller, many strollers have ride-along boards or can be used with a universal one! This allows the child to stand (or sit on some models) when they need a rest, and they can be put out of the way when the child is walking. These are typically appropriate for children three years and older - although that will vary depending on your child. 

Nuna DEMI Next with rider board

If you have a convertible stroller such as the UPPAbaby Vista V2, you may be able to get by without purchasing a second sibling seat (the Rumble Seat in this case). Your older child can sit in the main stroller seat and you can put the car seat or bassinet in the second position. By the time the baby outgrows those options, your older child may be done with the stroller or may be ready to just use a ride-along board option. 

UPPAbaby Vista V2 with bassinet on bottom, toddler up top

Ultimately, the decision to use a double stroller depends on your family's specific circumstances and preferences. If possible, test different stroller configurations and consider your daily routines to determine what will work best for you and your children!

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