How to link our products on Babylist

Are you an expectant parent who is ready to begin creating a baby registry? There are numerous options available for setting up a baby registry. Strolleria provides a registry option, which can be found here! However, if you have already chosen to create a registry with Babylist, you can effortlessly add products from directly to your Babylist registry!

If you are browsing and want to include a product we offer in your Babylist registry, the process is quick and simple! Below, we have provided a step-by-step guide to help you add a product from Strolleria to your personalized Babylist registry.

1. Log into your Babylist Registry from the homepage. 

Babylist Login

2. On the right, under "Useful Links" you'll see the option to "Get the Babylist Button". By clicking that link, Babylist will redirect you to a new page with directions to add the Babylist Button bookmark to your Bookmark bar. 

Useful Links on Babylist

3. You'll click and drag the "Add to Babylist" button upwards to your Bookmark bar. This will save it to your Bookmarks bar, which is visible no matter what website page you're on. 

*Please note, if you are using Safari, your bookmarks will be to the left of the page, not on top. 

Babylist Button

 4. Once you have the Babylist Button bookmarked, you can go to any product on to quickly add your your registry!

Once you're on the product page for the item you wish to add, click "Add to Babylist". This will open a pop-up on your screen which allows you to edit title, price, quantity, mark it as a must have, add it to a specific category and leave a note about the product. 

The photo displayed should be the same photo as the specific variant selected before you clicked the Babylist button. If for any reason the photo showing is not the color you're asking for, we recommend adding a note to clarify for your gift purchasers which color you're asking for. 

Add to Babylist on Strolleria Product Page

5. Once you've added the product you want using the Babylist Button, you can view it on your registry at! 

Strolleria product on Babylist registry

You're all set! You can now seamlessly add products from Strolleria to your Babylist registry!