How much does the WonderFold wagon weigh?

How much does the WonderFold wagon weigh?

Wonderfold makes a wide range of wagon options for up to four children, which weigh between 34 and 63 pounds depending on whether you get a W series or X series double or quad wagon.

Learn more about how the WonderFold W series and X series stack up in this comparison!

Because they can support more children, the quad models are heavier than their double counterparts. This is largely due to the wider frames. When comparing the W series LUXE and Elite lines, the LUXE models are heavier because they include extra-large all-terrain wheels made with PU tires that provide superior suspension, whereas the Elite line has large EVA tires that reduce some of the stroller's weight.

Double Stroller Wagon Weight

Quad Stroller Wagon Weight

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