How Long Do Most Babies Stay in SNOO?

 Mom putting baby into SNOO

Most babies transition out of the SNOO around 6 months old. It was designed to hold a baby up to 33 pounds, which is an average 2-3 year old child, so weight is not really a concern. If your baby is comfortable and has room above their head - legs touching the end is no big deal or nothing to worry about - they can stay in the SNOO until about 6 months old.

The SNOO is amazing for helping a baby through the many sleep disruptions that come about in the first 6 months of life. These can include things like sicknesses, teething, growth spurts, and regressions - especially the 4-month sleep regression. Unlike other swaddles, the SNOO and its swaddles are safe to continue to use during this time period because it keeps the baby safely on their back. Once you are ready to begin the transition to the crib, you can do it in a few different methods. Happiest Baby has a recommendation blog post on transitioning out of the SNOO here!

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