How do I travel with Nuna?

How do I travel with Nuna?

Yes, you can travel with Nuna gear - Nuna makes specialized travel bags that fit any Nuna stroller or car seat, and Nuna's travel bags also offer protection over your gear during air travel.

It is recommended to use a tailored travel bag when traveling with your Nuna stroller or car seat, to provide the best protection while en route to your destination. Nuna's travel and transport bags are durable, adjustable, and portable to keep your hands free from home to the airport and back.

Nuna offers three styles of travel bags at this time: the largest option is the Universal Wheeled Transport Bag, which fits the widest range of Nuna products and has premium details like a telescoping luggage-style carry handle, two wheels, multiple handles for lifting, and extra pockets for toys and essentials. The Universal Wheeled Transport Bag fits the following Nuna products:

  • PIPA series + base
  • RAVA
  • AACE
  • MIXX series frame and seat*
  • MIXX series frame and bassinet/carry cot
  • TAVO series*
  • IVVI series frame and seat*
  • IVVI series frame and bassinet/carry cot
  • DEMI grow frame and seat*
  • PEPP series
  • EXEC
  • REVV
  • TRVL
  • TRIV frame and seat*

*NOT including infant car seat

Nuna also makes two more specialized travel bags that are smaller in size if you don't need the extra spacious Universal bag:

How do I travel with a Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat?

How do I travel with Nuna?

If you are traveling with just your Nuna PIPA infant car seat and base, or want a travel bag for both your car seat and your Nuna stroller (since the Universal bag can't fit both a stroller and a car seat), the PIPA Series Travel Bag is a great choice as it's designed to secure the car seat and base in a smaller design that can be worn as a backpack. The Nuna PIPA Series Travel Bag fits the following Nuna infant car seats and one base:

    • PIPA
    • PIPA RX
    • PIPA Lite
    • PIPA Lite R
    • PIPA Lite LX
    • PIPA Lite RX

How do I travel with a Nuna TRVL Stroller?

How do I travel with Nuna?

Protect your Nuna TRVL stroller on your every adventure using the Nuna TRVL Transport Bag

Lightweight yet durable styling enable the bag to be worn as a backpack or using handles at the top or side for easy transportation.

The TRVL transport bag includes the Nuna Boarding Pass, which offers parents peace of mind with an extended one-year warranty covers travel with your Nuna TRVL stroller

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