How do I make the Bugaboo Donkey into a double or twin stroller?

Bugaboo Donkey5 Double Stroller

The Bugaboo Donkey is one of the most unique strollers on the market because of its ability to expand width wise to hold two children - whether that's a newborn in a bassinet with an older sibling, twins in car seats/bassinets, or two toddlers side-by-side. Because of its versatility and ability for so many configurations, it can also be a bit confusing.

If you're using the Bugaboo Donkey for one child, you are using it in "Mono" mode. This simply means for one child. You can choose to either use the bassinet fabric (included in box with stroller) for a baby under 6 months old, or a compatible car seat. If you're using the Bugaboo Donkey in single mode with a car seat, you'll need a car seat adapter. All compatible car seats require an adapter to be used with the stroller.

The Donkey is so unique because it not only has an under storage basket, but it also comes with a side basket that can be used when the stroller is in Mono mode. This basket is great for holding things that you want quicker and easier access to! 

The great thing about Mono mode is it is ready to expand to "Duo" mode (two riders) whenever you're ready! You can expand the frame to hold the seat PLUS a compatible car seat side-by-side. However, if you want to be able to do any of the other configurations and you did not purchase the Donkey in Duo mode originally, you will need to purchase the Extension Set. The Extension Set Complete includes every component of your second seat to turn your Donkey into a double! It includes: 

  • seat/bassinet frame
  • seat fabric
  • canopy
  • carry handle
  • canopy wires
  • canopy clamps
  • rain cover

What does a Donkey seat/bassinet frame mean? Bugaboo has actually combined both the toddler seat frame and bassinet frame into one! That means that when you are initially pulling your Donkey stroller out of the box, you will have the option to put either the bassinet fabric (if they are newborn to 6 months), or the toddler seat fabric onto the frame (6 months to 50 lbs). Then once baby has grown out of the bassinet, you will swap the fabric on the frame to the toddler seat material for the remaining years.

Bugaboo Donkey in Mono and Double mode

What if you're expecting twins? The amazing thing about the Bugaboo Donkey is two bassinets or two car seats or two regular seats can fit side-by-side as your twins grow from newborn to preschool age! Simply purchase the Donkey Twin stroller and you will have everything you need to stroll from day one! 

But don't fret if you purchased your Donkey a couple years ago and are now expecting twins! You can purchase the Extension Set plus extra bassinet fabric if you only have the Donkey in Mono OR if you have the Duo you would only need to purchase an extra bassinet fabric

*Please note that each Donkey model will require that specific model fabric and frame to be compatible.

In this post, we'll explain in more detail how to expand your Bugaboo Donkey Mono stroller into a double or twin stroller!  

Three Ways to Purchase the Bugaboo Donkey

There are 3 ways to purchase the Bugaboo Donkey stroller. The Mono is the single version, however, the stroller frame is identical and can expand to double at any point down the road. The Duo is meant for a baby and an older child, and the Twin is for twins from birth!

1. Mono (single) includes:

  • side basket
  • 1 seat frame
  • 1 bassinet fabric 
  • 1 seat fabric 
  • 1 canopy 
  • 1 canopy clamps and wires 
  • 1 carry handle (belly bar)
  • understorage basket
  • stroller frame 

2. Duo (double) includes: 

  • side basket
  • 2 seat frames
  • 1 bassinet fabric 
  • 2 seat fabrics 
  • 2 canopies 
  • 2 canopy clamps and wires 
  • 2 carry handles (belly bar)
  • understorage basket
  • stroller frame 

3. Twin includes:

  • side basket
  • 2 seat frames
  • 2 bassinet fabric 
  • 2 seat fabrics 
  • 2 canopies 
  • 2 canopy clamps and wires 
  • 2 carry handles (belly bar)
  • understorage basket
  • stroller frame 

Car Seats Compatible with the Bugaboo Donkey

The Bugaboo Donkey can be used with one or two car seats! You will need to purchase the appropriate adapter for your car seat. To see if you car seat is compatible and for a complete list of compatible car seats, click here


How to Convert the Bugaboo Donkey into a Double Stroller

If you're needing to convert your Bugaboo Donkey Mono (single) stroller into a double, you'll need to purchase the Extension Set. This set comes with everything you need to have two riders. You will now have two seat frames, two canopies (plus their wires and clamps), two carry handles or belly bars, two seat fabrics that attach to the seat frames, and one bassinet fabric that can attach to one of the seat frames. 

Once you get your Extension Set, you will need to choose what kinds of fabrics you want on both seat frames. Do you want one bassinet and one regular seat or two regular seats? Once you have determined that, you will attach the bassinet/seat fabric onto the seat frame as well as the canopies on the canopy frame. After you have finished doing that, you are ready to expand your stroller frame! 

To make your stroller frame a double, first remove the side basket. Then find the three white clips - one on the handlebar, one on the lower back of the frame, and one on the lower front of the frame. Unclip them all, then press the white button on the middle of the bottom of the frame (under the seats) and slide the stroller open to the right. The stroller will grow! Once it's all the way open, snap all the white clips back closed. Now you can put the second seat frame on the stroller in either bassinet or seat mode, or attach a compatible car seat adapter to connect a car seat!

Expanding the Bugaboo Donkey5 Stroller

Configurations in Double Mode for the Bugaboo Donkey

You have so many seating options with the Bugaboo Donkey. One of the reasons it's unique is because you can have both children facing you, both facing the world, or one facing you and one facing the world! The seats recline independently from each other, and can fully recline parent facing or facing out. Space between seats is not an issue like with other doubles, especially tandem double strollers, and each child has the freedom to sit the way they prefer. Both seat frames and seat fabrics are identical, and hold the same weight. 

Many parents complain after trying tandem strollers that they have a hard time with the seating arrangements and that's no problem with the Donkey. No kicking siblings, no fighting over a top and bottom seat, no differing weight limits on seats - all equal. You can easily tend to a newborn while your toddler enjoys the sights! You'll also melt when your toddler peeks over at their baby sibling next to them.

Here's a look at all the Bugaboo Donkey configurations offered:

Bugaboo Donkey5 Configurations

How to Use the Bugaboo Donkey for Twins

The Bugaboo Donkey is a popular double stroller for parents expecting twins, as it is easy to attach two infant car seats, or two bassinets, or later two stroller seats all while enjoying a buttery smooth push!  

The Bugaboo Donkey Twin Complete Stroller comes with everything you need (minus a twin car seat adapter) for your growing family. You begin strolling with your twins in two bassinets side by side. The stroller fits thru all standard doorways when configured this way! It's great because you have eyes on both babies, rather than one baby above and one down below like on popular tandem strollers. 

Once your babies have reached about 6 months you transition them to the regular stroller seats. In order to do this you simply change out the bassinet fabric for the seat fabric (also included with the twin purchase). 

But what if you purchased the Donkey already and now you're expecting twins? Don't worry! If you've never turned your Donkey into a double and purchased it in Mono (single) mode, you'll simply need to purchase the Extension Set and an extra bassinet fabric. If you have the Donkey Duo (the extra seat frame, seat fabric, canopy, etc.) you just need to purchase an extra bassinet fabric

 Bugaboo Donkey5 Twin Stroller

How to Use the Bugaboo Donkey for Three Children 

Not only can the Bugaboo Donkey hold two children in seats/bassinets, it can also hold a third child (up to 44 pounds) with their incredible Comfort Wheeled Board! This board attaches to the Donkey frame with two simple clicks. 

The flexible board positioning—left or right from the center—creates extra walking space. Featuring Bugaboo's signature suspension for a bump-free stroll, the board offers your child the option to stand or sit with an easy-to-attach seat. When not in use, the board can easily be clicked up or detached.

Bugaboo Donkey5 Twin with comfort wheeled board


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