Hospital Bag Checklist!

As you prepare for the exciting arrival of your little one, ensuring a smooth and comfortable hospital experience is essential. Packing a well-thought-out hospital bag with all the necessary items is key! From personal comforts to newborn essentials, here's a comprehensive checklist to help you pack for your hospital stay.

And remember, one item that you cannot forget is a reliable car seat specifically designed for your newborn baby's safe journey home (they will not allow you to leave the hospital without it).

 Jujube diaper bag

1. Personal Identification and Medical Documents:

  • Your ID, insurance card, and any required hospital paperwork.
  • Don't forget to include your birth plan if you have one, outlining your            preferences for your medical team. 

Hospital Bag Checklist

2. Comfortable Clothing:

  • Loose and comfortable outfits suitable for postpartum, including nursing-  friendly tops, pajamas, and robes.
  • Comfortable underwear (many like high waisted) and nursing bras.
  • Non-skid socks or slippers for walking around the hospital. 

3. Toiletries and Personal Care Items:

  • Essential toiletries such as a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hairbrush, hair ties, and headbands.
  • Don't forget body wash, shampoo, and conditioner for a refreshing            shower.
  • Include face wipes, moisturizer, and lip balm for a touch of self-care.          Make-up is personal preference as you will be taking lots of cute photos! 

Hospital Bag Checklist

4. Snacks and Drinks:

  • Pack light and nutritious snacks like granola bars, dried fruits, and nuts to    keep you energized during labor or postpartum.
  • Stay hydrated with bottled water and electrolyte drinks.
  • Consider bringing mints or hard candies to freshen your mouth during      labor or combat any nausea you may experience.

5. Entertainment and Comfort Items:

  • Consider creating a relaxing music playlist and perhaps a portable                speaker.
  • Enhance your comfort with a cozy blanket or pillow from home.
  • A lap top for streaming shows for longer labors or while in postpartum recovery may be nice and relaxing
  • If you find aromatherapy calming, bring essential oils or other soothing scents (check with your healthcare provider first).

 Hospital Bag Checklist

 6. Electronics and Chargers:

  • Don't forget your mobile phone and EXTRA LONG charger to stay connected and capture precious moments.

 7. Baby Essentials, Including a Critical Car Seat:

  • Choose a going home outfit - I’d suggest packing a newborn and 0-3 size since you won’t know baby’s size until after birth
  • A blanket or swaddle to keep your little one cozy
  • Consider props for pictures - an announcement name sign, special blanket or swaddle, special outfit, accessories such as bows or hats.
  • If breastfeeding you may want a breastfeeding pillow like the DockATot La Maman Wedge. Otherwise make sure to ask for extra pillows to help keep you comfortable while feeding!
  • Pacifiers for baby if you plan to introduce one!
  • It is absolutely vital to have a car seat for your baby's safe journey home. Ensure you have either an infant car seat or a convertible car seat suitable for newborns. Note that not all car seats accommodate newborns, so double-check its specifications and ensure it meets safety standards. Or check with us! We are here to make it easier for you!

DockATot La Maman Wedge Pillow

8. Going-Home Outfit for Mama:

  • Select a comfortable outfit for yourself to wear when leaving the hospital. Dresses in the summer or sweat pants and leggings in the other seasons. Many c-section moms prefer flowy clothes while others like the compression high waisted maternity leggings provide. Remember you will be wearing a diaper too just like your baby! :)


Keep in mind, it's important to customize this checklist based on your specific needs and preferences. Some moms prefer less and some want more. Also, all hospitals are different. Most DO provide all you need for baby: diapers, wipes, formula bottles, swaddle blankets, t-shirts, etc. You are also allowed to take home things you open or use, so it’s not a bad idea to have some extra space for these things!

Another item many moms prefer is their own delivery gown. Some hospitals will not allow you to wear your own, so ask before you pack.

I would suggest packing your hospital bag around 35 weeks, however, some do it earlier or later and that’s okay too! If nothing else, make sure you have your car seat ready to go or even better installed in your car prior to little one’s arrival. If you are local to Scottsdale, Arizona, make an appointment with our CPST staff to get your car seat installed!

Babies really do come on their own time and it’s best to be prepared! By knowing you’re well prepared you can focus solely on the exciting moments of welcoming your baby into the world!

Wishing you a wonderful birthing experience filled with happiness and love!

 Hospital Bag Checklist

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