Does the UPPAbaby RumbleSeat recline?

Does Uppababy RumbleSeat recline

Yes, the UPPAbaby RumbleSeat can be reclined on the Vista stroller.

The RumbleSeat attaches to the front of the UPPAbaby Vista stroller and is compatible with all Vista models from 2015 to present using the included RumbleSeat adapters.

The Vista double stroller consists of two different seats: the Toddler Seat, which only fits on the upper position, and the smaller RumbleSeat, which only fits on the lower position. See this Toddler Seat vs. RumbleSeat comparison to learn more.

How to Recline the UPPAbaby RumbleSeat

When you attach the RumbleSeat forward-facing and have a Toddler Seat or infant car seat in the upper position, there will be a small amount of room for the RumbleSeat to recline.

There is space for the RumbleSeat to fully recline if both seats are facing the parent. The configuration shown below, featuring the Toddler Seat in the upper position and RumbleSeat in the lower position, is best for nap time or using the RumbleSeat with a smaller baby.

UPPAbaby Vista toddler and rumbleseat parent facing double configuration

The UPPAbaby Vista requires the purchase of upper adapters and, in some cases, lower adapters if you're using the double stroller with an infant car seat or bassinet.

Upper adapters are also recommended for using the Toddler Seat and RumbleSeat together, as they create more space between the two seats. See this post to learn what adapters you'll need for the UPPAbaby Vista, depending on the configurations you plan to use with your family.

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